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Raptr and GameSpot

I sincerely feel bad for not being active as I used to (or if anyone still bothers to check on my profile), but I still play games to some extent, as my Raptr tends to remind me every time I check on my email. I do miss reviews, and I have over a dozen to review (and dozens of games that I still haven't played, and games that are on PlayStation + tends to make that a bit aggravating!), either way I wonder if I should "cut" one of the other, or simply place this rare hobby or somewhat aspect that I used to do regularly, instead of the occasional homework assignment. Good times.

Xbox Live Account

Speaking of getting a new Xbox, I also have my (once very dormant) account, and I haven't played on it for about two to three years (and when I used to own my previous Xbox, I could only play it on every other weekend), so I couldn't do much, let alone take advantage of my console and fully enjoy Xbox Live (unless some people enjoy using their three-month gold card while only going online for less than an actual month, haha). Either way, I have been friends with several people via Gamespot (most, if not all of them are quite awesome by the way), and I haven't befriended/played with them via PSN (although due to a fellow gamer's ignorance, I tend on playing offline). What I trying to say here is that if anyone would like a friend to play online (please check my game list, some of which I will have to buy again, blame lovely people who like to steal), or simply do whatever on Xbox Live, that's all, and thanks for reading.

Further concluding this message, if anyone has any games worth recommending, please inform me of them. :)

Trying to get back into this...

I haven't been on in a while, and that has been obvious, along with the fact that games are starting to lose my interest as of late. I recently bought a new Xbox (finally) and have been slowly rebuilding my old library for the console, along with newer games that I have been interested in playing. I'm hoping that I can continue doing a few reviews, or at least make relevant statements in the hopes that I continue playing games, as there are many that I still love playing, and not because that they're "current". If anyone is reading this, you get the point, and I will try to keep playing and reviewing games again (unless TESV: Skyrim keeps me from doing that!)


I'm back, despite the fact that my activity has become less and less frequent, although I hope that changes soon enough...

I hope to do a review of the HD Remasters of Jak I - 3, I finished playing Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and have started playing Jak II, I intend on doing reviews by tomorrow, among other games for PC that I have, I'll list them in due time.

I have not been around in a while...

It's been a while since I've posted any reviews, which kind of saddens me, yet I unfortunately do not have the time to do so usually. I've wanted to do something other than serious things and play video games while staring at a large screen, which is quite enjoyable, yet I am kind of busy sometimes, or at least playing new games, or at least other games in general. So, I will likely not play any games for a while now, if I can I will, but otherwise, I'll just occasionally run along on-line when I can, if some minds want to contact me, just send me a message, thanks.

New Computer

I now possess a new computer, to which it's properties will enable me to play more games at my disposal (without much lag, crash, and otherwise).

And that is awesome!

Passion for gaming returned!

Ever since some certain financial issues, along with losing another system really bummed out my love for video games. Although now that I am playing a few more again (along with the wonderful 'Mass Effect 2') I seem to remember why I played them in the first place...because they're just so great to play!

Also, this helps especially.

That is all, thanks for reading. I should expect to do a few more reviews afterward.

Reviewing Again.

I guess I'm back to reviewing a few games, and fortunately I am now playing games in HD (I finally received an HDMI cable), and a few games so far to review. Unfortunately, I will be focusing only on PlayStation titles, since my PC cannot run games well, and I no longer have any consoles in my possession that either work properly, and or were illegally taken from me.

I haven't been on in a while...

It's been a while since I've been online, mainly due to several distractions and issues I've been unfortunately dealing with, and also unfortunate to say that my entire summer is wasted once again, along with going back to school [Senior Year], and more difficult issues with family, I haven't had much time with video games, and it is highly unlikely that I will be playing any games, especially current games and review them, at least for this time being.

Are Some Things Worth It?

Hello those who are reading this. This new entry is an expression of a more serious attitude than other entries in the past (or at least intro-to-entries, haha.). This entry is about the worthiness of video games, and the fact that I have heard of stories of people becoming obsessed with video games, even staring hours and hours on end and not taking breaks, and they even become a teenager named Daniel Petric, who shot his parents (killing his mother) because they taken away his copy of the video game Halo 3. At first they forbid him from buying (and eventually playing) the game, as they considered it too violent (Daniel's father was a minister at the "New Life Assembly Of God" in Wellington, Ohio). That wouldn't matter either way, as one of Daniel's friends had the game and he had access to play it, then he himself bought the game without his parents consent. Daniel allegedly played Halo 3 sometimes eighteen hours without taking a break, and eventually his parents found out about him buying the game and taken it away from him and had it in a lock-box, along with the nine millimeter handgun.

Unfortunately, Daniel would swipe the key from his father to the box and take the video game, along with the handgun, and went behind his parents and said "Would you close your eyes, I have a surprise for you." Daniel then shot both of his parents, killing his mother and wounding his father, and then handed the gun back to his father, saying "Hey dad, here's your gun. Take it." Approximately a few minutes afterward, Daniel's sister and her husband arrived to watch a football game, although Daniel kept telling them that they shouldn't come in, claiming their parents were having an argument, only to hear their father groaning and they pushed Daniel aside, his sister called the police, and also noticing Daniel in the "family van", with Halo 3 in the passenger's seat.

Daniel was of course arrested and put on trial on December fifteenth, two-thousand eight, no jury. Daniel's defense attorney claimed that the game had not had Daniel in the right state of mind, and didn't understand and exact action of what harm he caused to his parents, also stating that playing Halo 3 so long had misguided his judgement of real-life killing was permanent. The prosecuting attorney disagreed, saying that Daniel shown no remorse in the shooting of his parents and the idea of suicide (giving the gun back to his father).

The judge sentenced Daniel to twenty-three years in prison (because of his age at the time, Daniel wasn't allowed to be tried for the death penalty, although he could have recieved life in prison). He is said to be eligible for parole in the year twenty-thirty, while the rest of his family stated that they have forgiven Daniel for his actions, also claiming that the only way they can heal is by having Daniel released so they can be a family again.

Either way, I am aware of the date of when this had happened, but the extent of when, it confuses me that someone could have been so immersed into a video game and supposedly go homicidal by it...I'll never know fortunately, but it's unfortunate that someone would be driven by a video game to ruin his or her own life, like a father killing his infant child because she accidentally knocked over an Xbox, having it break (all for the excuse that the father couldn't afford to repay the person loaning him the Xbox, which this unfortunately happened prior to Daniel Petric's shooting). Another thing I should say is that video games are software meant to be played with and enjoyed, not to be taken so seriously to the point of shooting your family and or friends, or anyone in particular, there is not excuse for it.

Thank you for those who have read this large entry (my largest so far I believe), but this is an issue that I hate, because out in the world some people go insane for a mere video game, despite the obvious difference between reality and fantasy, it is just a shame that some people would go beyond both...which brings too many consequences.