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What is the "Mizuko Curse"?

Hi. I was watching an anime (I don't wanna say which casue I don't want people to tell me that I spoiled it for them) and in the anime a dude gets cursed or something like that... so he starts saying that his shoulder hurts and other friends of his tell him that maybe it's the Mizuko Curse, to which he replies: "I already told you! I'm a virgin!"

My question is the same as the title of this blog: What is the "Mizuko Curse"?... Maybe its something out of Japan and folk over there or I don't know what. I tried searching it on the web but couldn't find anything. So if someone out there konws and could give me a clue or explanation to what this curse is I would be inmeansly grateful :D.

Sorry for the inconvinience but thanks for the help.

I'm on the fence with T-Pain

I really don't know what to do... I'm trying to decide weather I like or not T-Pain's music.

I'm confused cause his music sounds nice and I like the whole techno sounds he does with his voice while singing... but after a minute of hearing a song of his it really bores me, I mean yeah! somebody did you wrong and you love a sketchy job lady but come on! just get on with it. Its nice that you're going original with the thmes of your songs but it really bores me and hurts me at the same time cuase I've heard an interview of his on Howard Stern and he seems like a cool dude.

Would like some feed back here, please. Is their a song I need to listen or can I get more chicks if I play his music or maybe I'm just to empty of a person to understand the depth of his lyrics :? ... I don't know. Holla Back!

Wow! Weird MGS4 Acid Flashback

Well not really acid flashback because I'm 23 so don't have enough life experience for a flashback and I've never done acid cause I literally once saw the brain of some dude in a science expo in a college who spent just some time of his life doing LSD and it was not pretty... or maybe they were lying to me, either way LSD frightens me for some reason.

Ok but from what I've gotten from seeing tv and other A.V. mediums of entertainment... I think I can describe it.

***The Following Contains Huge Story SPOILERS on MGS4 (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots)***

So I've been for quite some hours in front of the PC and its about 4 am on this Saturday morning. Just some minutes ago as I had woken up from my like 15 minutes dozing off in front of the PC since I'm bored out of my mind waiting for The Dark Knight to finish downloading.

Anyways, I just dozed off from what I feel was 2 minutes time and in those 2 minutes I saw the last and real ending... and just as Big Boss is telling Snake that he is gonna take Zero back to nothing to end the cycle and start something new... I see Big Boss walking slowly towards Zero and the exact scene as in the game with the soft intense music score as the game and as Big Boss positions himself behind Zero and is turning the valve on his [Zero] oxygen tank he [Big Boss] says these exact very serious words:

"I'm taking Zero back to nothing" ... (3 second pause) ... "I'm bringing sexy back"

ALL OF THE SUDDEN the BGM has faded into a low volume playing of the Justin Timberlake song "Sexy Back"... and as Zero is sufficating and all I kept see was a semi wide shot but still keeping Big Boss, Zero and Snake in frame as Snake and B. Boss nodded their heads to the song but keeping a straight face.


UPDATE : Finished downloading and watching The Dark Knight as of 7:20 am and I only have one thing to say:


Man was that a great movie and Heath Ledgers performance was so friggin surreal and just genious that its scary how it all folded out in his life and so so so so so so so so so sad after you finish seeing the movie. Some parts that were in the trailers weren't in the movie, specially since I downloaded a video camera version of the movie (when someone with a camera goes into the theater, places it on the top center seat and films the whole movie)... so I guess I'll probably see that part in the DVD version, which I am so going to obtain, somehow.


Finally... some vacations. What does that mean? P1

I don't know but over here its hot as hell because it summer time and I live near the ocean and that means that its hot at night as well as during the daytime.

Lets me try to recap my last 3 months of my 3rd Cycle B of the Systems and Information career.

The Rules Have Been Set

Well basically my first and second cycles of the career, also commonly known as "General Year" where like kinda going back to high school. Other then a few new subjects, I felt my first year as a breeze or some what of a warm up. I will say I got a bit cocky after starting the 3rd cycle A and thinking to mysel: "Bah! This will probably be more of the same"; little did I know that this was the time when serious programming and deep software insidness was about to come... so much that I almost flunked one of my subjects, ALMOST!

So after learning that tough lesson, I went on to my the 3rd cycle B with a new state of mind and knowing that my real studies have started and will continue to go from now on. Basically, I'm playing by a new set of rules, but been the rascal that I am I always try to bend them some what in my favor. NO! I don't bribe anyone! I just try to befriend teaches kinda like how Master Roshi was Goku and Krillin's teacher but also their friend. I hope you get what I'm trying to say. :P


I had heard about these type of teachers before but little did I know they would soon come to look for me. Everything was going fine, starting my 3B cycle.

Compitent Netbeans/Java teacher? Checked

Compitent Linux/Operating Systems teacher? Checked

Compitent Systems Analisis teacher? !

And here is where the sh!t hit the fan big time. OK, I don't know if theirs this same saying in other parts of the world but in Spanish I've hear the saying: "Por cualquier camino llegas a Roma" which means "By any way you reach Rome". This means that no matter which road or way you take, as long as you reach Rome you are on the right way. Same thing applies to programming and analysing, as long as you reach to your objective or the real objective... it doesn't matter what road you take or how many lines of programming you type, your real objective to creating something isn't to make it perfect from the beginning but to make it and then perfect it as you go on elaborating within it, just first get what ever you are creating to work. (I guess you can apply it to other field of study too)

Getting all the jibber jabber out of the way. This "woman" or whatever she can be called made me really hate the subject because everything you did was wrong. So basically if you didn't think exactly as she did you were dead wrong. Man, we [my c.lass] gave that b**** rope and she used it to hang us all with it.

We first tried to talk to her like reasonable human beings and how her learning method isn't really working with us and frankly how we have gotten second opinions on the course and that frankly her teaching could be a bit "crooked" (to not say complete dog sh!t). Well that didn't work and so we went to the principals office and to the dude who oversees this career department and they talked to her and she talked to us and why didn't we try to reason with her before talking to the overseer dude and I was thinking: "What the @#$% did you think we were trying to do for the past weeks you @##~€€¬&%$$ !!!", and all sort of other nasty stuff but I calmed down and went with the flow.

So she tried to do better to some extent but their was already problems because she was whyning to us how this c-lass should be a 3 hour c-lass and we only had 1:30 hrs per c.lass, to which she had already missed 5 c.lasses almost straight. So she complained on how short time we got per c.lass but she basically never came... hmm :? .

Anywho she quit teaching the subject about two weeks ago but not before leaving us with a little gift. She apparently quit and complained on how the c.lass' level was very low and how it wasn't her fault (you know to cover her a$$). So then this a$$ who oversees the career came and told us that they were switching teachers (as if he had come to that conclusion on his own or something) and that since its so close to finals then they are taking away those recuporatory exams from us... basically we were f'ed no matter what we did. What could we do?... the college was covering its a$$ and kinda seemed like they cared for the alumni. Bastards.

The bright part of all this turmoil is that the teacher substituting was a capable and reasonable, one which I have great faith in. Also, just a few hours ago I took this subjects final exam and although I know that basically the college wants to screw me and my c.lass over so that we can pay to take the course again... I have faith in the teachers judgement more then in any other teacher. Although, non in the c.lass expects to aprove this subject at least we didn't go down without a fight. Hey who knows, maybe we did approve or maybe not. Theirs really not much to say about this other then F*** It!


I still got some more things to write about but its very late and I'll do it tommorow I guess.

See Ya in P2.

Happy New Year Y2K9

Yup another of those protocle blogs. I guess the meaning is what counts. I saw lots of fireworks last night... man, was that really noisy but very pretty. :D

Merry Christmas!

Well as protocol being in any blogsite community... a Merry Christmas blog is in order. Hope you all got wat you wished for and had a nice time with those that mean something to you.

My gift to the community? An anime gif. (Can't say of who or whom but those who are up to date with a certain manga know who I'm talking about... and know this gif is friggin SWEET!)

Enjoy ;)

Fan Or Fraud? I Give It My Best Old Snake Impression.

So? What do you think? Am I a fraud or a fan of MGS4? (Click to Enlarge)

SM2099 doing his best Old Snake impression.

Putting an end to my MGS4 wait // moustache days. The razor was just half an inch away before I taught of taking the pic. Appreciate s***!

Give me your feedback. If you like the pic give me a comment high five. XD


From Shania Twain To Kevin Little... Weird Message From The Cosmos

Yeah so as I'm surfing a little something known as the Internet... I kinda like to here my Mp3's on my PC on Winamp (my personal best choice for this task, unless you know of one better) and by the "Shuffle" option, because I have alot of variation on my Mp3 list.

So the shuffle began on Shania Twain - You're Still The One (FYI: I'm not gay I just heard it around the time I was in sixth grade when Shania Twain was popular and it got stuck in my mind) and as the song went on and I uncounciously started to listen to the lyrics... I think I went a little gay for a couple of seconds and taught to myself: "Wow... thats a nice message... I wonder what it's like to have a person like that in your life".

So right there and then as The Cosmos//Universe//God//Gantz taugth I was crossing over to the other side a bit too much, it reeled me back and as soon as the song ended it began playing Kevin Little - Turn Me On and it began talking about a girl telling the dude to "push it harder back on me" and I taught: "F*** Shania Twain! This sounds so much better! :D".

Just when you think you're maturing... you realize you're still a horny teenager inside. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Im Annoyed By Beggers On The Bus

Hey guys. Its  been quite some time since I last blogged and well... basically their is nothing game related so far as to new releases. I'm a bit sad to not feel that last year hype whe everybody and their mothers where coming out with incredible game after incredible game and hearing on the web and podcasts how 2007 is probably the new 1999 of video game history blah blah blah. I mean, personally I think that last statement was bit upheld, 2007 was a very good year for games but it was no revolution like 1999.

Well I guess theirs always 2009. So to what the title of this blog comes to. So  I was on the bus coming back from school // college in the afternoon because I went to finish a homework I had to present at night (when I have c.lasses). So generally, bus rides are kinda boring and as long as you mind you buisness nothing really exiting happen. 

*Before I continue, some people from more advanced city might think I'm inventing some things or BS'ing but for those that come from developing or rural areas where basically one only big bus company dont exist. Their are no bus passes and you have to give you money to a lady//dude who goes by the Coaster bus recollecting the toll. Also from time to time people will get on the bus to sell you candy, mini staplers, keychains, etc. 

Just letting you know.*

So for some time now I've seen this dude come on the bus and trying get some handouts from people, only instead of selling stuff he tries to play jokes on himself saying that he wasn't a product of love from his parents but rather hatred from his father (it makes more sense in Spanish). He starts then to try and pull form yanks on people saying like stuff about them. So up to now I've seen him say exactly the same things over the first two times. What changed the third time is that almost everything he said I kinda felt like he was trying to mock me. He always mentions someone who had his hair cut by pencil sharpener (I had just gave myself a John Cena like very short haircut, specially cause its summer hear), he then spoke about how concentrated and serious a young man was (I had just come from programming and was very taughtful of the programming code I had just typed). So when the dude started to come my way asking for cash I was think to myself: "Yeah b!tch, just try to ask me for cash".. so when he came to my seat, all of the sudden I went blank minded and just staired at the dude like for a minute. After that minute the dude taught I was the weird one and stepped away from me like very slowly, as if a Rottwailer was showing his teeth or something at him.

Man what a weird bus drive, I dont remember ever going blank like that, or at least going blank like that doesnt allow you to remember stuff like that. I bet I will see that dude on some bus ride again. Awkward!