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That new control system really bothers me and i 100% agree with ya'll where the hack is execution ? this is how i feel ~ am i freaking playing call of duty on gears ? on multiplay mode how come i can't use locust (besides overrun) ?

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Yes, i also realize that she look younger in RE6 ! Thats just dont add up, I guess too many Botox ! :)

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@fasteddy_1, correction the actress who play as Ada in the new resident evil movie is actually Chinese.

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@ImpoliteSlush, totally agree with you ! the camera is way TOO close to the character's shoulder and it kind of make me dizzy after playing the demo. but one of the Resident Evil 6 buddy from FB told me that capcom fix the camera issue so we'll see about that when the game release !! YES there is an option you can choose with the straight laser sign aiming, is in the game setting manu !

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find a friend who has dragon's dogma (the copy with the early access code) ask him to download it and transfer to a USB then give it to you. In my case, Im happen to be that person so my friend is playing it now !!

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I've heard of this and i saw someone even post a thread about it, is actually a bug with the game tho. ppl suggest the only solution is to delete the save and start a game game save since you r not far from begining !

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Im sorry to hear that I guess someone got it before you do so and I dont have any extra anymore sorry :)

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Hi everyone, recently I found a code that I apply long time ago which I havnt use; Ezio's Turkish Armor. This is for xbox360. about the armor I wouldnt say is cool or whatnot but hey is free tho ! redeem in the game manu where it says exclusive content ! here is the code: 36M-AJLF-7NPX-4HDD-V6FU


Enjoy :)

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gotcha thanks ya'll ! now i have idea what should i buy ! thankz a lot
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okay thanks everyone ! i think i will get the HDD one ! oh by the way i hard like if you want to go online you have pay like 5 dollars a momth after the frist 30 day, but does that mean when you download a demo you have to pay extra just like cell phone's ring tone...? or for free if you want to download anything as long as you have the online service....?