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8.0 for Bioshock 2

I really enjoyed playing the story line of Bioshock 2. I personally feel dumb because it seems every time I play Bioshock I get tricked into believing something that isn't true. Which is incredible on the design aspect that they are able to that every time. The reason I didn't give it a higher score than just 8.0 is because of the multiplayer aspect of the game. I find it very annoying waiting such a long time to respawned. The free for all games only go to 20 and I don't have time to wait 10 seconds or so every time I die. I'm not saying that Bioshock 2 isn't worth the money, the game itself is quite amazing and the story is unbelievable! I just think that there needs to be an update towards the multiplayer part of the game.


Undecided Purchase

So I went into my local EB Games/Gamestop and pre ordered my own special edition of Bioshock 2. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to stick with my decision to get the special edition because it was quite expensive and I personally don't see anything in the special edition that really makes me want it other then the game of course. So I'm probably going to go back and just change it into just the game itself. But then again I'm still undecided because what did I really use out of the special edition Assassin's Creed 2 I got and I love? Oh well I'm just really stoked to play the game I have like two days to make my final decision.:D

I Just Can't Do It Anymore

I recently, finally purchased my Xbox life 12 month account! :) Over the past day or two I`ve managed to play some Dirt 2 online and some NHL 10 online. The reason for blog title is because of NHL 10. I understand that I gave it a 7.5 on my review but it`s because I based that score on the regular play of it the game like Be a Pro and Be a GM. (Please don't take that wrong the graphics and most of the gameplay is fantastic!) I`ve probably played about 10 - 15 games online. I also probably played around 150 online on NHL 09 and I really had my hopes up for NHL 10. I just don`t think I can do it anymore because the online play is to frustrating and too unrealistic for me. I can play a far game and try and play with hockey knowledge, such as running plays and understanding where and to shoot. Then there`s my opponent who might understand hockey but most definitly understands "glitch goals" So I can play 3 straight periods with around 25 or more good shots my opponent will have 10 and be beating me by 5. I`m just of tired of trying to be a fair gamer and not cheat to get my wins and good stats. I`m also tired of the fact that my stats are affected by something I have no control over. I mean you could say I should be good enough to keep him from even getting the chance to get the goals but it is a hockey game each team will get there chances sometime. So I think I`m going to stick to Dirt 2 online at least until Bioshock 2 comes out! At least in Dirt 2 If I lose a race it`s because I was beaten by my opponent because they were the better driver or I messed up either way at least it`s fair competition.

Anyway thanks for reading!


Schooling in Canada vs Europe

So it's exam time at the old high school, just finished writing my english exam and the topic for the essay on it was if Canadian schooling should be more like European schooling. It said on the exam that schooling in Europe you choose what you want to be in grade nine and then they teach those skills for the rest of your remaining years, where as here in Canada you choose what you want to be after high school and then we get training in the field we wish once were in college or university. So I understand that some of my friends on here are from Europe and I was just wondering your opinion on the topic.

I personally said that school in Canada should be changed to that similar to Europe.:)report card

Did You Hear It?

During the last level of Halo 3 ODST when you are driving your scorpion down the highway while defending VRGL when one of the big ships flies by (sorry forget the name) Buck says "This is just like REACH all over again!" I'm guessing in reach there is a mass of destruction, and as previously said, you are placed in the past not the future. I hope that i don't sound like an idiot saying this and being the only one not to know about this.

The Final Level of ODST


Nice hat:!:

F my life!

Great ran into a wonderful rock today n now i get to pay for the damages to my car, that means no more shopping for other people, and pretty much no boxing day shopping this christmas! ****

Assassin's Creed 2

Today, i got assassin's creed 2 the bonus addition for xbox 360, Two days ago my xbox broke and the store im gettin a new one in from doesn't have any at the moment, Yay! So im stuck starring at this amazing game with and xbox that doesn't even turn on.....

Fallout 3's insane gameplay

This is probably about the 2nd week i've been playing Fallout 3 and i must say that i am totally impressed in the amount of space you have. I'm walking through the game wondering how and group/ team of people could possibly build such a huge and amazing game. Hats of to the makers of Fallout 3 it's one heck of a game;)