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Fate/Stay Night closure

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I finish the game about a month ago and I'm still not sure how to sum up my feelings about the game. Ambivalent would be how I can describe myself. So instead of doing a review, I'll just say its really good maybe one of the best vns I've seen. So I moved on started playing Borderlands dlc and have Red Dead for a week before I have to return it. Red Dead is great but I find times where I get too frustrated and have to put down the controller, mostly ackward movement and controls. I just love the environment and makes me feel like I just step into my backyard in California. Saw dejuva the other day driving on the freeway and saw tumbleweeds running across the street. Wasn't too sure if I was driving or had a controller in my hands so I had to look at my hands.

Fate/Stay tiny update

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I am almost done with the game and have clocked almost 2 days worth of playing. I went ahead and did all the routes and on the last day for Heaven's Feel. With the awesome games that came out in january and february and started playing WOW in March, I am happy I came back to it.

Fate/Stay Night Early Impressions

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After finishing Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, and partly of Melty Blood; I have finally gotten around to starting Fate/Stay Night and its sequel with the help of Lost Odyssey to get me into the mood of a visual novel. The game is broken down into three paths; Fate where you romantic interest is Saber, your servant. Unlimited Blade Works where you pursue the tsudere Tosaka Rin. Heaven's Feel involving the quiet, pure Mato Sakura who is abused by her brother. Having seen the anime awhile back which followed the main routine Fate. I never really liked the fighting chicken Saber a whole lot, and later into the series that date episode was unwatchable for me. With this resurgence of my love of anything Type-Moon related sparked from the Kara No Kyoukai ~Garden of Sinners movies really made me to give it a chance. Luckily I pick the game up at AnimeExp last year and there is a patch with voice acting that was ripped from the PS2 version of the game with the same voice actors as the anime.

I believe the game spans between the time of 30 days with a prologue of 3 days previously. I am only at day 5 but there is an insane amount of dialog with the prologue which took me a week to get through. Its rough and its not told from the main character Emiya Shiro view. On top of that there is a boring amount of text explaining the rules to the Holy Gail War and the lore behind it. Off the bat I already knew I wanted to do the Unlimited Blade Works route because of my love of tsunderes Tosaka = Akiha from Tsukihime - anger - brother complex. And the constant jokes on 4 chan about unlimited blades. I am annoyed at the main character Shiro for being very wishing washing but its not even involving the cliche anime harem attitude of being nice to everyone but have a neutral state. He is constantly contradicting himself whether to treat Saber as a girl or a Servant to helping random people out. Also this might have span from childhood trauma but I hate American super hero comics, the vigilante ****of fight crime cause of some childhood trauma and doing so in some stupid looking spandex tights. But Shiro says the when he grows up that he wants to be a super hero. Maybe not the American superhero ****but still in the same vein without the stupid costume. But I do like the he is a lone wolf, always analysing the everything, and when he does make a joke here and there.

Tosaka, I really like. She can see through Shiro and is always poking fun of Shiro. Reserved and elegant but not lacking the semi common sense of grounded in reality. She also like to argue. Its a stark comparison to Akiha who was over compulsive with her love with her brother Shiki but in alot of ways are carbon copies of having similar backgrounds. The dialog between Shiro and Tosaka is really interesting.

The fights in the anime were rather anti climax in a way. The visual novel has the luxury of having as much internal dialog as it wants and it definitely makes the fights more like extravagant epic fights between these spirits that are heroes from the past in depth. Describing how beautiful the way Lancer rotated his spear in words instead of watching awkward animations from the anime. Describing Shiro's actions during the fight while pointing out the he can not move while Servants are fighting because he knows he will die if he makes one step.

Summary is that this game is not recommend to people new to visual novels. There is alot of boring and mediocre text. I do not like the main character. Sub characters make up for that and the battle scenes are truly interesting. This is whats pulling me through what I would consider as a weak or medocre storyline and will definitely get me through the game. I will mostly play again to go down the Heaven's Feel route which involves Sakura and the Servant Rider.

Trying to stay positive; quick look at Lost Odyssey

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With the completion of Mass Effect 2, I have been longing for another game with a deep involving storyline. I really like Mass Effect 2. Strangely I think the story for this impossible mission isn't well fleshed out but I felt so overly connected with my character. This isn't going to be a rant about Mass Effect surprisingly but another well overshadowed rpg called Lost Odyssey. Looking at my stash of games I look at all the rpgs and I haven't gotten even half way through Lost Odyssey. I think its the second best Jrpg out for the 360 with the best being Tales of Vesperia.

The story about Kaim is so interesting is that he is an immortal how has lived for more than a thousand years and probably the only rpg where you have been married twice and have grandchildren. Unsurprisingly in typical Jrpg fashion you have amnesia. But unlike the norm, you begin to remember stuff pretty rapidly and quickly as a way to introduce Lost Odyssey's greatest, compeling feature; its dream sequences. They are short visual stories about Kaim's many journey's of his immortality. He moves from town to town reflecting on conflicts of people he meets often commenting that a journey is a trip to where you have a home to go back to. Kaim not having any family, or hometown refers himself as not a traveler but a wanderer. These stories I think are really well written, I am sure some English major will come and say they are crap but I am a simpleton. I am easily entertained with cheap entertainment.

I started a new game like always and get to the point where are you about to meet Gongora at his manor. Between that span you encounter 4 dream sequences. The stories usually involve death and how quick life stops but not always. One story is about a bed ridden girl who is near death. Kaim who frequently stop be the village, told her many stories. He came back to the village when he heard she was going to die. Kaim described that he has seen many people die and that the first to go is their sight, then their voice, and last their hearing. So Kaim is telling her the good stories he had when he was a mercenary. He reflects by choosing the good stories over the bad ones not because she was naive or he wanted to protect her purity but to reaffirm himself that he hadn't given up on life. I found it rather deep and not the Japanese term of deep which is making emo kids cry alot.I am cringing over Final Fantasy XIII cause lately that is the path Square has taken.

Speaking about Japanese, this game was made by a Japanese studio but a studio that consisted alot of Korean people which explains why there is Korean voice work in there. The game's combat is slow and its hard to get anywhere in the game which is why I have not ever beaten this game. But its these short stories that really tug at my heart or whats left of it gets me coming back to this game. And this game has had a impact on me for it got me into visual novels. Since I am a simpleton, I do not have the patience or imagination to read books. Give me pictures and some text and I am good to go. Which is why with the past year or two I have really gotten into manga. I probably will stop playing Lost Odyssey ironically because I feel like if I don't give this game the right amount of time. I will not be giving it proper justice for this unique game. I didn't even mean to talk this much about it either.

Unhealthy Rant about MAG

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I'm saying this up front that I hate this game. Whats bad is that I haven't really given this game a good shake but I had the worst three game match experiences. What turned me onto MAG was its overly similarities to that of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Bleedout, big teams, and objective base gameplay. After playing it, the shooting reminds me alot of that game but the biggest problem with this game is the inherit imbalance in this game. Wolfenstein teams were broken down into teams, soldier, special ops, medic, engineer, and field captain. Choose soldier to use machine guns, turret guns, rpgs, and flamethrowers, medic if you want to heal, engineer was needed to complete objectives, special ops to snipe and to disguise yourself, and field captain for replenish your team's ammo. What was great about this system is that you knew what your role was, maybe not the objectives or where to go but none other the less knew what your suppose to do.

MAG feels like something between Wolfenstein and Modern Warfare 2, where you have to put permanent points to perks on what you want. Resulting in a soldier of all trade, so you can focus on to make like hybrid sniper/healer or what not. Wolfenstein when you get into a game, there is only a few slots in the different areas which prevents unbalancing. So there would be a max on 4 soldiers out of a 32 player match and it scaled. This what brings me to my HUGE grep with this game is that you should never be facing a team of 32 players which half of them have sniper rifles. After reading reviews, people say that the levels are well balance but in my experience of 2 and of half games a quarter to half of the team were snipers. Wolfenstein solved this problem by limiting the team to a certain amount, Halo limits it by the time the sniper rifles respawns. But when I take a few steps after I respawn in MAG, I get sniped in the head because a group of people have entrenched themselves to the corners of the map.

Bring me to the second thing I hater is that I played 2 and 1/2 matches of Suppression. Out of that 2 and 1/2 games, the random map selector choose the same map 2 and 1/2 times. Choose the map with the trainyard with the building in the center. When having a limited amount of maps and you are playing against a different faction, the developers shouldn't lazily rely on random map selector. You might say I'm retarded because every game has random map selector. This game is alittle bit different, there is no team swapping so you can't just jump ships to the winning team and maps can take some time. This isn't like MW2 when matches last 5 to 10 minutes. The game should of put you into a campaign that cycles through the maps and a specific order. So if there is a specific map that I like, when I jump into a game I can see if the map was already skip or if its coming up soon. Which is was Wolfenstein did. One thing that Wolfenstein did better is that it mapped which team won on which map. So I have really good karma on finding every guild and party that has mics in any multi player game, so when I see this guild is mopping up the other team I get the hell out of there.

Granted I only played 2 and 1/2 matches of this game and its really unfair to just stop like I did. I only played one map and probably the worst map. I only played one mode, and it wasn't even the objective based one too. I only leveled my character to 4. I acknowledge that I didn't get too deep into this game. But those three matches of frustration and anger on the same map will last a lifetime. I never want to be initially frustrated at a game, Bayonetta also did this to me. I do not want to be frustrated when I play a game. Its fine for matches here and there but MAG throws you into a map of people of all different levels. At the very least MW2 and Halo have training modes for low rank to get grounding and understanding of the game. People who are also trying to learn the level like I am.

Seriously I don't care anymore

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I'm so behind in Melty Blood, I should of finished it a long time ago. Its not even that long of a game but I've just couldn't stop playing Borderlands. I hundred percent got the achievements in that game, then Dragon Age came out and playing like I'm the second coming of Christ in this dark times with the darkspawn taking villages and the civil war. I forgive anyone I come across and let them in my team. Because I sweet talk to everyone I can at least maintain neutral relationship with everyone. Its just I need more women in my army, there is not enough women. Second coming of Christ demands more women. I managed to play alittle on the xbox and promptly took it back and bought the PC version. The PS3 and 360 look like butt compared to the PC. This has been the first time I finally had a reason to use my graphics card in my PC.

Played a little bit of Modern Warfare 2 and put it back down. I'm ok with slaughtering innocent Russian civilians and blowing up Russian anti riot police squads so long as the story and the message that they are trying to convey is equal to its magnitude. Needless to say Modern Warfare 2's storyline rivals that of the brofest Army of Two. I wasn't offended by the content but the people who made the game and thought it was a good idea and Activision who would say no period but gave a green light for it. The storyline feels like a bunch of college frat boys came up with this just so that you can see all of Washington DC on fire. The game might be the greatest game of all time but even that won't get me play it when it has this truly ugly and distasteful event they put in there.

Guess what to end this all off, I started playing Fallout 3 again now with the extra content. As much as I want to get started on Clannad, Fate Stay Night, and finish off Melty Blood; I'm playing these daisy combo chain of awesome games that been coming out. When AssASSin's Creed comes out, I'll definitely want to play that and then its all downhill until next year thankfully.


Uncharted 2 Story Impressions

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I much enjoyed Uncharted 2, its good and I'm glad I got to play it. Got it two days ago and played it nonstop when I finished it yesterday. The problem that I have right now is that I'm very mixed on the storyline. What got me through the first Uncharted was that very excellent story and how like able Nathan Drake is. He is not like the ultra quiet and kind of creepy Nathan Hale is from Resistance and not a total dick wad like Cole with a douchebag girlfriend was from Infamous. Drake is awesome that he has a chivalrous attitude while plundering ruins who doesn't think ahead but has some really witty comments. From the first Uncharted my only beef story wise was when you solve the puzzle in the library which leads to an underground passage is that you find enemies down there that was suppose to be some secret passage way. That was my only problem with Uncharted storywise.

When coming to Uncharted 2, it starts on really strong. You heist an museum with a guy with a British accent called Flynn that you know he is going to betray you and this girl name Chloe. You know its coming, one thing you learn from movies is that when you are doing anything illegal never trust a guy with a British accent. But even knowing this. I love this first part. You will get pretty much get this map to a (I think its an island) area in the Malaysia Indonesia region only to have the map taken from you and then left to only be put in jail. Which Sullivan spends a good amount of money to get him out. Then you are instantly teleported to the island that beautiful, looks alot like the island from Uncharted 1. You go through the jungle, you get information from the guy Flynn is working with by going through his stuff to find were the treasure is which you solve in a minute where its taken Flynn more than 3 months. You head to the point of interest and is filled with a bunch of dead bodies (I'm lovin it) to find yet another map and a key. At this point is where I start disliking the game but this was all 1-2 hours into the game.

I won't be describing the story anymore but start nitpicking at it cause I think the story and how it was executed fails. You are yet again teleported to a city in Tibet where the treasure is located and is in a middle of a civil war. Civil war in Tibet really? Come on nothing ever happens in Tibet or Mongollia. Another thing is Sullivan **** out on you saying its too hot. If he spends large amount of his money to get Drake out, he should have been more aggressive on trying to get the treasure. You find the temple that suppose to have the treasure but guess what your treasure is in another castle. One thing that made the first Uncharted good was that most of it was centered on the island El Dorado was at. You were with Drake the moment he is on the plane heading to the island to when he leaves it. It has continuity which Uncharted 2 lacks and alot of movies as well lack (Mummy 2 and National Treasure 2 for example). Its too all over the place, not as bad as say Gears of War 2 but pretty close.

I have a huge problem when you are sent from Schäfer to the ruins of his expedition is that you are in this cold mountainous town no snow and then subzero climate. It irritates me because I have to go through hell frozen over through cliffs, canyons, yetis, and a temple with no floor to only find Nazis with holes in their heads (geez you could of just told me you capped your own men and waste this entire time that I could use to get the Cintamani Stone. This temple is also bull, cause its on this bottomless pit, all the walls are there just no floor. When the Tibetans or whoever built it came to this subzero mountain and stared at this cavern and think lets build a temple here. It doesn't make any sense you always build on solid rock which there is alot of because its a frickin mountain.

The game also throws a very cliched thing of the enemy forcing Drake to solve the puzzles while they threaten to shoot the girls. Really you could of thought something more inventive than something used from most adventure movies. I thought Uncharted was amazing because it felt fresh, it was something I never seen before. In this game every time you solve a puzzle, it feels like your only having it ripped from your hands. Its very unrewarding also its only helping the enemy. You would think that if the treasure is going to super power Zoran's army to this invincible force, you wouldn't solve the puzzle but obstruct and destroy all the clues. You have the key to the treasure throw it away where they can't get it.

Flynn is a douche. He has zero purpose after the heist. He is constantly failing. It was 3 months for looking for a place and Drake solved it in 5 minutes. He managed to capture Drake several times only to immediately escape from him. He can't even solve a dumb puzzle like put the weird items on the stone circles. He is an idiot and yet Zoran keeps him around for no reason. He caps his own men from stealing a tiny artifact, yet he is all forgiving for major blunders. Zoran is also dumb is that Drake is easily solving these problems and he says you out live your usefulness. Why doesn't he just hire Drake, I know Drake would just refuse but he is a lot more useful than Flynn. The worst thing about it is that they comment on Flynn, when Flynn is pointing the gun on Drake, Drake comments on why you haven't been shot yet and he gives no reply. The last douche thing about Flynn is that he is betrayed and shot in the heart when Zoran finds the treasure but for dramatic purposes Flynn can stay conscience enough to wait for Drake and try to blow Drake up with himself with a grenade. Flynn didn't have any deep hatred toward Drake and it isn't going to benefit him in anyway blowing Drake up. Why didn't he use the grenade on Zoran who shot him. I don't understand.

The last thing I have a problem is the ending that when you find Shambhala, its drop dead gorgous. Absolutely stuning, and you spend the least amount of time there. Its like its own world alot like when you find the city in the first Uncharted you want to look around go through it but it literally water slides you through it really fast. This is where most of the game should of been; in an uncharted place. It was a great miss oportunity.

This is a personal grep that only me personally is going to have this problem but I have a huge fetish for World War II guns. I love them absolutely love them. When they fit Nazis in the first Uncharted I was ecstatic, and they had MP40s laying everywhere. In this one they even had Lugers in it, got my gears going. When you stump on Schäfer's men. MP40s and Lugers everywhere and I was getting a hard on. But you only get to use it on the Yetis and don't even need to kill the Yetis. When you escape from the Yetis your MP40 turns into a AK-47 and your Luger turns into that pistol (how they get these weapons is not explained) so you never get to use them on people. The Luger is disappointing is that its makes the same sound as the other pistols but has a slower rate of fire. When in Shambhala, you will find a bunch of dead people and Drake will comment that they have been dead for more than 70 years. Drake finds a Luger and the punk gives it to Elena, **** Also the guns the rest of the soldiers have are AKs and pistols. No MP40s or Lugers to be found. If the bodies have been dead for 70 years that was before the AK was even made. There is no reason why they should of had AKs.

Conclusion is that I will probably never will play this game again. I like the first Uncharted solely on its story. I find the game play to be adequate much how Half-life 2 is an adequate shooter. They guns are a little under powering when shooting with the sound and I hate being about to see the bullets. That is not how a really gun shoots. Games that also does this is Gears of War, Agent Under Fire, and the biggest offender in it is the first Resistance. It doesn't even feel like I'm shooting a gun but more like a belt-gun or paint balls. It will take a lot from to want to play the coop and I rather play COD or Halo online. I understand how people can like it as a whole but I never really like Uncharted as a whole, only for its unique story the game shines for me. I still think the first Uncharted is the greatest game for the PS3. I would equal it to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was a crappy story but it still had Indiana Jones in it which made it good and with Uncharted 2 it still had Drake.

My summary of Kagetsu Tohya

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I'm still making my way through Kagetsu Tohya but I finished the main storyline. I still need to go through the 10 extra side stories the game has before I'm done. I kind of stalled since this week was so heavy on games. I beat Halo ODST, I bought Magna Carta 2, renting IL 2 Stumovik and Demon Souls. I will also be borrowing Uncharted 2 from a friend on monday so I'm going a bit crazy here on games. But since I finished the story in Kagetsu Tohya, I might as well talk about it. The story definitely wore off on me especially later when you are skipping large amount of texts since it already happen before no need to read it. The gist of it is the Tohno Shiki (the main character) is in a repeating dream that you don't know why he is there only that at the end of the day when he sleeps he forgots everything but before he go to sleep he usually will see the destruction of the world or his own death. There is also a string of murders happening as well. So the game goes into a simple formula of a nice day with usually a cute story or something you didn't know about the characters and at the end of the day you either given the option of reflecting on the murders, the destruction of the world, or this repeating dream. In order to proceed you have to solve the murders first, so it is usually Shki goes into the city at night looking for the murder who he finds out its his fear or his own demon but is more like an alter ego call Nanaya Shiki. Which you will have alot of fights with him that will usually result in you getting you head twisted off and your spine snaking out and then you wake up again when it resets. The game doesn't go too indepth about Nanaya Shiki and even less on death.

Eventually as you progress you will see a reoccuring black cat and a little girl *pic on top called Len the will show up which you realize is the dream demon who has put you into this dream. Shiki doesn't understand why he is in this repeating dream but is slowly explain that he was in a sever car accident and that if he woke up he would die. Of course Len can't explain it because she cannot talk because she is a spirit that was combine from a dead cat and a dead human's soul. After some drama you defeat Nanaya Shiki and presents Shiki's representation of death. Once you conquer death itsself (this ain't no Bleach) you will be confused why you can't wake up and Len doesn't understand either. Len fancy Shiki, and Shiki realized that this isn't his dream but hers. So in order to wake up he makes Len his familiar and how? Not by writting a contract, giving blood, or anything like that but its to have sex with her and here is where I have a major problem with this game.

I have watched enough anime to realized that Japan has this pedophilia thing that kind has its way to work in everything but I found it disturbing reading this sex scene as it describes how Shiki is parking his beef bus in tuna town. So do I like this game, absolutely but its not for the faint of heart or easily offended no.

Much about nothing Togetsu Tohya

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I have started Togetsu Tohya which is the a sort of sequel to Tsukihime, more like Tsukihime 1.5 really. It takes on after a year in Tsukihime with Arcuied's Good Ending which kind of got me on surprise because its not the True Ending. But to make things flexible and none of the characters died in the Good Ending, I like it. The game centers around a day which is a dream that loops its self. Choosing different options will result in different outcomes naturally but what makes a spin on the normal visual novel or dating sim is that the choices will dramatically changes not the outcome but the day its self. For example the first option you get when you wake up is go to school or stay home. If you go to school, you go to school like its a normal day of school but if you choose to stay home, the day is now a holiday with no school. Because its all a dream, the choices will compensate with the environment. I might be making this more extravagant than it really is but its really interesting because you are repeating the same day but not. The other really cool thing is that certain choices will take on as if it took place after one of the other endings in Tsukihime. If you went the Akiha (your step sister) route in the first game, she transferred to your school to be closer to you but in all the other endings she didn't do that. But since you choose to got to school with her, she is now a enrolled student. But if you were to choose to leave her behind, she won't be enrolled. So in someways you can see a sequel to all the ending in Tsukihime without it not making sense with the exception of Ciel who got hosed because they ran out of time and budget for her short story (they straight up said that in the game). Last thing I will say is that the game is not about getting an ending with anyone which is something I haven't heard of in a visual novel with exception of Higurashi no Naka Ni and its sequel Umineko. So as you make it through the day, its like its own short story about the daily life of Tohno Shiki, the more times you repeat the day the more options become available. Eventually all the options will lead to the ending which you get out of the dream. When I read the premise of this game on Wikipedia, I was immediately turned off by it (also read that you have to redo the day at least 43 times) but after playing it I am really glad I didn't skip it. I am finding myself enjoying it more than Tsukihime which is surprising no shocking. Granted I've only done 11 days so far so I'll hold my tongue on which is better but not like anyone cares about visual novels.

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