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Two weird dreams coming right at me.

Last night I had a couple of weird dreams.  Not often I get back to back weird dreams, but last night was one of those nights. So I thought I share them with you guys.  Unless you're not the type to listen, or read about these kinds of things then that's fine.

Dream #1: This dream started off in a town with all of the building having a bright white color to them. And the sky was dark blue, even though it wasn't night time.  Made me think this is the new look for the movie Sin City. Anyway I was at a night club with my oldest niece, who brought along someone she just met. She introduce me to the person, who kind of looks like George Michael when he was young. Then she said that she dumped her boyfriend over for this fellow chap, because he's a vampire.  And they plan on getting married. I was fine with the idea it's her life after all. The GM look alike said he has no desire on tainting my niece, because she's precious to him when he lay eyes on her. He also wanted to call me uncle now that we got acquainted. I said, "Well okay, I guess."  After the small talk the two love birds (well bird & bat) went off to the dance floor to get their groove on. Over the course of the dream the vampire kept nagging about me not liking that he wants to call me uncle. I did say I'm fine with it, but he said, "But your heart and soul say otherwise. And I'll not give up until you "fully" agree to allow me to call you uncle! And after that me and my precious will get married!~~<3<3<3" What is this a ritual? What kind of a ritual involves a vampire requesting a family member to "completely" allowing him/her to call them by their title in order to marry a blood relative of theirs. It's like some FF XIV Online player deciding to defeat the most powerful boss in the game by him/herself, and then marrying another player, who they have never before online, as a celebration. I did say I'm okay with the idea of them getting married, but that doesn't seem the case for him. Besides he should be asking her father for her hand in marriage, not

Fast forwarding in the dream I was leaving my room, and was about to go out. However Mr. GM vampire was sitting on a bar counter chair in the center of the living room basement, arms folded, and waiting for my response. I was thinking to myself, ":evil:How the hell am I gonna get rid of this guy?! He's blocking my way! And he's not gonna let me through, until I "fully" allow him to call me uncle! Damn it the stake is upstairs and he knows about it! If I try to make up an excuse just to get it, he gonna go up there immediately and destroy it! I gotta find some way to distract him... Oh that's right! I have THAT!" I rushed back into my room to grab a spray can full of holy water. BTW the cover of the spray can look like it was made by the Assassin's Creed, since the can is white and had red lines on it. Anyway I went up to him and said, "There's something wrong with your hair, so I want to fix it for ya." He was checking his hair and said to me, "There's nothing with it.:|  I styled it earlier." I grab is shoulder with this response, "I sorry I didn't mean your hair.  What I meant to say is... YOUR FACE!:twisted:" I spray his face at full force, and he was screaming in pain. Again I was thinking to myself, "Okay once I melt off his eyeballs I'll run upstairs, grab the stake, come back down, stab him in the heart, and go out for the rest of the day!:cool:" But for some odd reason he was enjoying it as he was yelling, "The Pain!:twisted:  THe PaiN!!:twisted::D  THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!:twisted::lol:" All of a sudden he transformed right in front of me! His face was a crossover between the Hobbit Bilbo's scary face!

With this monster's eyes and hair (longer than in the pic) from Where The Wild Things Are!

And his hands were huge with his skin being chocolate chip colored. His finger nails are 20 inches long, teardrop shape, and pitch black! As shocked as I was by his appearance I kept my composure, while spraying him in the face. Unfortunately he was grinning while screaming as the pain got him all worked up. And the spray can was over half empty. I didn't give up no matter what as I kept on spraying him! The scenario went on and on and on... until I woke up.

That was the first weird dream. I decided to stay up for a little bit, before I went back to sleep for...

Dream #2: This dream started off at a high school gymnasium, where a concert was taken place. A friend of mine informed me on short notice that I'm performing with him. I panic for a bit, but as the same time got excited by the the fact I was performing on stage. I told him I need to get ready, and he said that we'll be next shortly. So I went back to the dressing room, which ironically is in the same room where the live performances were held (of course there were curtains surrounding it), to put on a jacket and some wrist bands I made for myself. As I went out of the curtains I saw my friend already doing his performance with one of my high school classmates, and a bunch of little kids all of them dressed up in cowboy outfits, while dancing to the song Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex. It only took me 30 seconds to get ready, and the song is already at the half mark. While I was upset that I ditched for someone else I couldn't ignore the fact the performance was awesome, since the crowd was getting into it. As I was watching the performance I notice something weird was happening. And as I was trying to talk I notice my voice sounded like a kid. Then I realized that I turned back into a 8 year old kid!:shock:  What even weirder is that I got transported from the concert to a giant superstore that was in it's final sales event.

I was wondering around the giant store looking around. The place was almost completely empty, and all that left was stuff you can get at a dollar store. Then a kid showed up next to me and he was following me around the place. I didn't mind, but the feeling did irritate me a bit. A couple of parent saw us and the mom said, "Are you two lost? Where are your parents?" I got angry and said to her, "I AM NOT A KID!!:evil: And I don't who this person is!" The mother was shocked by my response and nod in disappointment. "Oh my temper temper young man!~" The husband told her, "I think he's trying too hard to be a man at a early age dear." Well "I'm sorry" that I'm like this ma'am & sir, if it wasn't for that hill billy house club song from 1994, and a bunch of kids in cowboy outfits dancing to it! After the parents left I turn to the kid and said to him, "Why don't you go with them?! They'll be good parents to ya! Just stop following me already!" The entire time the kid had a straight face like he was under hypnosis, but he spoke to me with these words, "I know how you can go back to normal.0_0" All this time the kid following me around had to say that! I didn't get mad at him and I told him to lead the way.

The kid lead me all the way to a nice beautiful house with a fence surrounding one side of the house, while the other side had a drive way. There is a front door, but there's no knob to open it. An old lady walked up to us and said, "So you're here to get the antidote little on. The only way you can get into the house is climb this part of the house, get over it and into the small window that leads to the basement." She even shows me a map of the place. The window has a small pavement that is surrounded by clean cut grass. I asked her if I can just go to the other side of the house. She said to me, "Well deary those who have turn back into a child must earn the antidote... the hard way.:) And my husband doesn't like people walking on his grass.:) He like to roll around on it.:)" So I had no choice but to climb the weird looking arc ladder. Kind of reminds me of a jungle gym ladders that are connected to a circle shape ladder in the center to climb down. Anyway as I was climbing the old granny kept saying that I should be careful not to fall, and making all these scared expressions. When I made it to the top of the house I looked down, and saw an old man (her husband) sleeping on the grass in an odd position making him look like he wants his belly rubbed... like a dog. I made it down to the window with no problem and as I got inside there was a bright white room that look like someone's art studio. On a cube shape table I saw a plate of nachos and cheese dip, a napkin, and a lid white candle. I didn't think for a second as I started munching away. A few seconds later a half corpse swam zombie appeared in the room, and it was crawling it's way towards me. Either I fell for a trap, or it's POed that I ate it's nachos and cheese dip. Besides do swam zombies even eat nachos and cheese dip?:p Anyway I grab the lid candle and tossed it at the zombie. It got set on fire and I used the table as a platform to jump over it to get out of the room. I entered a hallway filled with tainted ghosts. As I ran pass them and turned a corner I saw a old vampire, who look like Albert Einstein, standing in my way and he said to me, "Are you here to see Master Robocop?:twisted:" I ran away and kept going regardless passing by ghost, zombies, giant spiders, and so on... until I woke up.

After that dream I decided to stay awake, go finish off my shift, come back home and write this blog. So if you enjoyed reading this, then good. Glad that my weird dreams entertained you. Anyway that is all hope you all hago! Later!

First Time Blogging in a Long While.

I haven't blogged on GS for quite sometime now. Even though I'm writing this blog I doubt anyone will read this, since a lot of users who I've talked to over the years on this site have moved on. Hell I haven't been on here much either.

Anyway over the past few years since I lived here in Vancouver some good things have happen to me. Mainly meeting new people who have smilar common interest. I have gotting along with some of those people really well. Everyone of them having different characterisics, which is cool. Everyone should be different, becuase if we're all the same type of person, then this world will really be boring to live in. Second I started going to anime & cosplay conventions over a year ago. I got to say cons are very fun to go to! Tons of cosplayers walking around showing off their costumes they've put a lot of effrot into, and getting their pics taken. There's also vendors stuff to look at and buy, art dealers showing off their creative work, cool panels to go check out, contests, etc. And if some of you are wondering if I'd cosplayed no I haven't, but it looks fun to do! I want to give it a try one of these days.

Third I went to a few voice over workshops, since I originally came to Vancouver to become a voice actor. The workshops were a blast. I had fun voicing characters, especially getting to voice L Lawliet from Death Note as apart of the experince. Of course I heard that getting into the acting business is tough, and over time I had less interest on trying to become a voice actor. Don't get me wrong the idea is still there in my head. I would like to do it as a side job more, than pursuing it as a career. So the idea is sitting on the "shelf" for the time being as I became more interested in guitar play.

As of late 2011 I've listen to tons, and I mean TONS of Joe Satriani's music. If some of you who don't know who Joe Satriani is, he's one of the best guitar soloist on the face of this Earth. He has some of the best tracks he's made throughout his music carrer such as Surfing with An Alien, Flying a Blue Dream, Always With You & Always With Me, and Crystal Planet. I also like the guitar he uses the Ibanez. The sound of the riffs and the different types of melodies it can make I couldn't get enough of it. It's a guitar that's brings out that jazz element, while playing a rock song. Just listening to his music so much made me feel like I want to play a guitar! So I decided to make it a life's goal to learn how to play a guitar.

As for gaming I got myself a 3DS! It's a really cool gaming handheld. I like the Street Pass feature that allows you to meet other 3DS user's Miis and you get to play with them in Mii games. I also like that the Nintendo e-shop is added to the handheld, so that I can get DLC for the games that I own. And of course the games that I look forward and playing on the 3DS. Currently I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei IV, and I'm already loving it! Speaking of Nintendo games I have been playing more NES & SNES games as of late, since there are some games that I never got to play as a kid, or that I haven't played in a long time and/or never beaten them. Besides my PS3 is completely dead after repairing it so much that the solder on the motherboard degraded over time. So yeah I get to play more Nintendo games!:D Oh and my roommate/closest friend's friend sold us is Xbox 360 recently, since he doesn't play it much. I'm not a fan of Xbox, but there are some games that look interesting to play like GTA IV, Far Cry 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 just to name a few. I'll play some of them if I'm in the mood.

Well that's it for the good stuff. Of course there were some downsides for the past few years, but I don't want to get into that. Regardless of the downsides I still love Vancouver and I think of the city as my second hometown.:) Anyway it feels good to write a blog again. I want to try getting back into blogging. It's kind of funny (to me) that some things in my past are resurfacing in the present. One of them is getting back into wrestling. Next thing you know I'll be watching anime again, since I stop watching anime for quite a long while. I guess there are some things that I don't want to let go of in my life, while at the same time try out new things in the process.

Well that's all I have to say on this blog. Hope you enjoy reading it, if anyone is still around on GS that is...:| Anyway you all hago and take care.

My PS3 died and other stuff.

Last Thursday my 60 GB PS3 had the YLOD, and it sucks. What's even worse is that one of my games, Final Fantasy VII, is stuck inside. I tried the YLOD eject method, but it didn't work. Wanted to try using a hair dryer, but I didn't bother since one of my roommates wouldn't allow me to use it, and I don't think generates enough heat. I don't feel like I want to buy a PS3 Slim yet, mainly because the slim version don't feature backwards compatibility. So now I'm just bored without my PS3. I still got my DS, PSP, and the old SNES with me, but I still don't feel like playing any other games entirely, except for Final Fantasy VII. Yes I got into Final Fantasy VII a few weeks ago, and I can definitely say that it's an awesome RPG game. The gameplay, the storyline, the characters, and the music what is there to complain about FFVII, besides minor flaws. I wish I can play more of it, but for now it'll have to wait.

Anyway I recently got an actual job working at a retail store, and what can I say it's better than working at temp jobs, even though it's graveyard shifts. At least I got the days to myself when I'm off of work. So it's not bad at all. What else I got into toy model kits a few months ago, and it's a pretty cool hobby to have. I mostly build Gundams, since I'm a huge fan of mechs. And finally while I has visiting my family back at my hometown for a little while, I got a couple of Christmas presents like this one.

That's right I got an ipod touch for Christmas, and I got to say it's an awesome handheld to have, even better than my Nano I must say. There are a lot of things you can do on a ipod touch like, take pictures, talk to people, check e-mail, etc. The only bad part about the ipod touch is that I can't transfer my mp3 files from my nano over to my ipod touch, which sucks. Oh well at least it's still a cool present to have overall. I also got this editing animation program from my second oldest sister. She told me that I can create animated video flick of my gundams fighting each other, which I thought it's an interesting idea. So until I can get my own PC and a few more gundam MKs, then I'll play with it.

So that's about it for me. Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas this year. You guys have a good one and take care.

A blog and a birthday

It's been months since I wrote a blog so I'm writing one now just to let you guys know what's been going on with me lately. As I mentioned in my past couple of blog that I wanted to go see the city of Vancouver to see if it was appealing or not. Well back in the end of August me and my two roommates, who I've lived with a couple years ago, decided to move here immediately. And on the same day that we arrived in Vancouver we found a place on the internet that wasn't too bad on rent, utilities and other things too like cable and internet. Since then we have been looking for work. One of my roommates has two jobs right now, one being a gas station, and the other is a EB Games store. My other roommate is working temp jobs for a temp agency, while trying to get back into school in order to get his GED. As for me I'm doing temp jobs as well, but for a different temp agency. Right now I have a temp job is gonna last for about 3-4 months. Maybe more depending on the company's situation. So while I have this job I'll take this opportunity to look for a steady job during the weekends.

Other than that here in Vancouver is a beautiful city. Nice fresh air, clean water, good scenery, good food, and lots more to go with it. Stanley Park is a huge park with nothing but ocean, forest, couple of beaches (well there is a swimming pool there too), and a couple of picnic places here and there with a accessory store nearby. I walked around the whole thing during a night, and I felt relaxed while enjoying the scenery around me. Grandville Island is another good place to go to. It has a public market where you can pretty much get anything you want from a grocery store with the exception of some art and accessories stores, and it also has a mini food court, but none of them are fast food restaurants. Other than that there's a art museum, bunch of good family restaurants and produce markets. There are a bunch of other places that I want to go see here in Vancouver, but I don't have the time right now. Eventually I'll get to see everything.

Well tomorrow I'll be a quarter of a century year old (25 years), but I have to work on my birthday. So yesterday I did my birthday shopping and I got myself Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney: Investigation and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the DS, and Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 for the PS3, and Grandia for the PS1 via PSN Store. My roommate, who works at EB Games, got me Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks also for the DS. Talk about a lot of good games that I got eh. Too bad that I didn't find Yakuza 1 & 2, but oh well another day. Don't wanna blow all my money, since I got rent and bills to pay off for next month, which I'm good on. Well that about wraps it up for this blog hope I didn't over do it on this blog for you guys to read, unlike a "certain blog" I wrote almost a year ago. Well you guys have a good one and take care. Now back to playing Final Fantasy V.

The Results

Today I got the results of myoverall marks from my upgrading semester, and here they are.

Math 30A - 80%
English 30A - 80%
Biology 30 - 80%

For some odd reason I feel like these marks that I got don't look right, unless I gotthese marksdue to the rushed schedule of the second half of the semester, then yeah that would make sence. But still I feel like my English mark was a bit higher than 80. Mind you I don't know what I got on my English and Biology Final. I'll have to see my English and Bio. Instructors and ask about them. Anyway these are the marks I've got, and I'm happy overall. I should be able to qualify for college or university (well depending on with one) that I go to. So yep that all I have to say for now. Have a good one.

It's over

Well I'm finished with my upgrading. Now I just have wait for the results to come in. Now I just have to help with the renovations at my mom's place, seeing her move back with a smile, seeing that the other house gets sold, and move on with my future plans. One of them being is taking a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Ever since my conversation with one of my best friends a few months ago, I had this sudden affixation about Vancouver and I have been asking people what it's like over there, and they gave me some good and bad opinions about the city. Good being beautiful sceneries, an amazing park, and what so ever. Bad being that the crime rate is really bad, and I mean really bad. What else the price of living there is expensive and not a lot of job are available. Anyway I'm just planning to checkout the city, just to see if it appeals to me or not, but I bet it will. Hell I might even live there if it really appeals to me, but who knows. If that doesn't work, then I'll move to Calgary, Alberta with my second oldest sister. Well hopefully everything will go well, and no screw ups along the way. Well that's all for now, take care and have a good one.

Thoughts about E3 2009

Edit: I originally posted this blog about a couple weeks ago, then a day later I deleted it because it was too big. I'm posting it up again due to some request from other users.Sorry that I wrote this huge blog, but I just had to get it out of me. So here it is... again.

So yes I'm glad that the old E3 is back, and while it's not the best E3 out of them all, E3 2009 went out with a bang. There are so many games that I'm looking forward to in the future. So I'm gonna tell you some of them, along with the press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Konami. EA and Ubisoft, not really interested to what they have to say, since I'm not a fan of both of them. Square Enix was mainly about Final Fantasy XIV.

Microsoft- usually Microsoft's P.C.s are not that interesting to me, but this year I'm impressed on what they presented. While they did present some good stuff such as Beatles Rock Star and two new Halo games, and add on features to Xbox Live like free music downloads from over 30, 000 music artistes (gold members only), and movies that you can watch online in full 1080p; there are a few things that interest me.

Alan Wake- a new game that have been in development for quite sometime now. The game is a 3rd person action, adventure genre that focuses on the main character Alan Wake, who is searching for his missing wife and fighting off these in-human beings that appear out of nowhere. This game reminds a little bit of Resident Evil 4, but I know it's mostly similar to Siren and Alone in the Dark.

Metal Gear Solid Rising- I was somewhat surprised about this announcement, but it was to be expected. Not much about the game is known, expect that it's gonna be for the Xbox 360, and later confirmed to be released for the PS3 and PC as well... oh and the main character is Raiden.

Project Natal (currently a code name)- this is the main reason that Microsoft's P.C. caught my attention. It's a motion sensor camera that uses "YOU" as the controller. There's no accessories needed for Natal, just you. You can pretend to drive in a racing game, play soccer, fight bad guy and so on. You can even paint in the game by using your hands to splash color on the virtual canvas. Need some color just say the name. The camera also feature a recognition scanner that can scan item like a book for example, and puts that item into the game. Plus it also scans facial expression too. What else online video chat, customizing your avatar with clothes and stuff, and a game that is exclusively for Natal... Milo. Milo is an artificial, emotional, and intelligent character you can communicate with, and give things to him via recognition scanner. Overall I am looking forward to seeing how Natal will revolutionize the gaming industry.

Nintendo- Nintendo's P.C. was a bit disappointing this year, since they were talking about the sells success of the Wii, DS, and DSi, but who could blame them, since they want to make enjoyable fun game for us gamers. Anyway at least they got a good line-up for this year and next year.

Nintendo Wii

New Super Mario Bros.- a remake of the classic NES game with next-gen graphics, more playable characters (just the Toads), simultaneous multiplayer and more.

Super Mario Galaxy 2- takes place after the prequel with a lot more new levels, power-ups, and Yoshi.

New Zelda game- not much is known about the new entry, except for this artwork.

Nintendo DS

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga 3: Bowser's Inside Story- the third entry of the Superstar Saga series where you once again play as Mario, Luigi, and this time... Bowser.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days- the game focuses on the main character Roxas and Organization XIII, where you can play as anyone of the members, and go to fight Heartless monsters in different Disney worlds.

Golden Sun DS- to be honest I just started playing the first GS game recently, and I'm already enjoying the game. It's a good thing that GS DS isn't gonna be coming out for a while, so I got time to catch up.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks- a new Zelda game is always refreshing as you get to control a Phantom from Phantom Hourglass, and a steam train with a mounted cannon.

Sony- as expected Sony has done it again by presenting some awesome games, the PSP Go, and it's very own motion sensor product, which involves two remote sticks similar to the Nintendo Wii Remote, but the design is different since they have flashing color balls at the end of the controller acting as the sensors. Anyway I'm not fond of FF XIV of being an online RPG game. Not that I don't mind MMORPGs, it that I would get too addicted into these types of game causing me to focus less on other things. Anyway here are some of the games that I'm looking forward to.


Final Fantasy XIII- what can I say it's a FF game, and so far it looks good. Pretty amazing graphics, I don't mind having the Active Time Battle System back in FF XIII, pretty good storyline, and some pretty cool characters too. What more do I have to say about this game.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker- as stated by Hideo Kojima, this new entry is a true sequel in the MGS series, as the plot is set ten years after MGS3 explaining the birth and uprising of Outer Heaven. Big Boss is the main protagonist once more, and in the E3 2009 trailer shows multiple Big Bosses fighting a Metal Gear. Will this game feature wi-fi co-op mode? Who knows.

Resident Evil Portable- the first RE game coming to the PSP. No additional details have been made, but definitely looking forward to what the game will feature in the future.

Konami- well there wasn't anything new, since some of Konami's most anticipated game were announced in the Sony and Microsoft P.C.s, besides the other announcements of games like Saw, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolutions, and other games that didn't appeal to me, besides the MGS games... except for one game, and this game involves a mask.

L Mask

Yes this mask, and it's been acting as a countdown teaser for a couple of weeks before E3 2009. Well during Konami's P.C. the mask revealed itself to the audience as another anticipated game. What is this game you ask? Well here it is!

D Mask

:shock:Oops wrong picture my bad. :?Did it scare you? :(I'm sorry... :twisted:hehehe. :POkay enough fooling around here it is for real...

Castlevania: LoS

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- yep that's right Casltevania is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360! It is definitely the game I'll be looking forward to the most. Originally this game was called "Lords of Shadow" before the Castlevania title was announced. To be honest I find it odd that this Castlevania feels more like a movie, than an actual game after watch the E3 2009 trailer. Well I guess it's because Hideo Kojima announced that he's involved with the development, and that some movie star actors and actresses are lending their voice in the game such as Patrick Stewart. Overall I'm definitely looking forward to the new Castlevania game, and I hope it keeps some of that Castlevania atmosphere, despite the few changes it's going through.

Well that's all I have to say about E3 2009. Once again I'm glad that the old E3 is back. Man I feel like I want to go to E3 in person after watch the live P.C.s, and reading the constant update articles on GS. So I'm gonna try going Los Angeles, California next year, but for the time being I going to make preparations like finding a job to earn and save some money, getting a passport, and so on. Well that's it for now, have a good one guys. :)

Gonna be off-line for a while.

There are some things that I need to take care of a couple of week, due to finalsand fewremaining assignments. So I won't be on for a while. Take care and talk to you guys later.

I got tagged

About a week ago I got tagged by BladeDynasty777. So I gotta tell a little bit about myself. Here are ten thing about me.

1. I'm a student who is upgrading right now

2. I am a fan of mythology

3. I am an uncle of three little monsters (Two nieces and a nephew)

4. I'm into Japanese culture

5. I listen to rock, alternative, metal, techno, trance, guitar play, Jpop and Jrock music.

6. I beat Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat 1 without taking a single hit in two straight rounds at the age of 8 or 9 (Somewhere around there)

7. I use to be a fan of wrestling, 2D and 3D fighting games, Dragon Ball series and Pokemon, but not anymore

8. At the age of 5 or 6, I was afraid of this pinball game at a airport that had this freaky looking phantom of the opera cover. When the game was over, you will hear the sound of a woman screaming as she gets murdered, and a female opera singer singing a long note after that. I balled by eyes out for an hour or two, because I couldn't stand those horrifying sounds. You can thank my oldest cousin for bringing me near it.

9. I'm mostly an RPG nut, though I do play other types of genre games, except for sports and racing games.

10. And I am Canadian

Well that is all. Later

This year my birthday... is a blast!

Yes today I'm 24. Usually I don't find my birthday to be "special", but this year for my birthday I decided to do something to celebrate it by going shopping yesterday.

Let's see yesterday I bought Sonic's Ultimate Sega Collection for the PS3. I gotta say it's by far the best Sega Collection fight now having almost all the old Sonic game, all the Streets of Rage titles, Golden Axe, Vector Man 1 + 2, and many many more. I also got Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 for the DS, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii, a DualShock 3 controllor with the rumble feature, and Resident Evil 5! I've looking forward to getting RE5 for while, but now I got it! Can't wait to play it, but first I gotta deal with some assignments and study for TWO tests tomorrow.

But that's not all I bought for myself, I got this

I wanted to get an Ipod for myself for quite some time now. So I thought getting it yesterday would be the perfect opportunity. Yes I am happy that I got an Ipod, it's a 8GB Black Nano that can hold up to 2,000 songs, 7,000 pictures and 8 hours of video footages in total. I wanted to get an Ipod with a menu feature, because I don't like the 1GB Ipod that shuffle your songs ramdomly. It'll drive you nuts trying to find the song you are looking for, and it doesn't have a menu feature. Anyway if you are wondering why the picture looks so 3Dish, it's because the picture was taken underneath the sunlight on the stove. Me and my oldest sister were trying to find a good spot in order to get a picture with good quality, and no red and pink spots and lines, even though there is one at the top of thephoto. So yeah I can listen to my own music where ever I go, and without disturbance.

Oh and I also want to show cool birthday card that one of my friend on GS posted for me. Unfortunately the stupid errors keep popping up no matter how may times I tried to fix it. So here's the link to it.

Thank you matcio, I really like it. I set it as my desktop background. It's so cool!

(sigh) Well looks like I gotta get cracking into the books right now, but yesterday was a blast. Have a good one guys. Later