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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 is my favourite game of all time. Reason? It's story was very powerful. It sturred a lot of different emotions throughout the game. The game made me angry, sad, cheerful, laugh, serious, confused. And by confused, i mean totally WTF IS GOING ON type confused. Besides the story, its selection of characters were very deep and varied. Their characteristics were so diverese and so unique. You had the evil, insane, and powerful, Sephiroth. You had the lovable character who was always optimistic, and puts a smile on your face, Aerith. You had the hot, caring, BUT WILL WOOP YOUR ASS if your not careful, Tifa. You had the Calm, Cool, and collected badass with a magnum, Vincent. You had the trashtalkin', bad mouthin', brave mofo, Cid. You had the supportive, badass with a machine gun, never backing down attitude of Barret. You had the cute, lovable, immature, Yuffie. You had Red, a character I felt sympathy for. You even had a character that was random and attacked with a phone, Caith Sith. AANNDD ofcourse, the ever so treasured, troubled, iconic figure Cloud.

Not only are the story and characters amazing, but the audio and gameplay as well. I mean, like the themesongs of a select of the characters are soo memorable that when you hear it you know instantly that its is theirs. For instance, Sephiroth's "One Winged Angel" - Seepphhiirrootth! !. Aha. Cloud's theme was nice too. And you cant forget about Tifa's and Aerith's! Whenever I hear them it still warms me up. Plus Cid's Highwind! So cheerful. The gameplay, Active turn based, is what really propelled the Final Fantasy franchise and RPGs in general. Almost every game nowadays has not if one, plenty of elements from that game.

The graphics, at its time, was unheard of. Very advanced for its time. Its like comparing hdtv bluray 1080p output to standard definition 480i/p dvd resolution. Yes, it was that revolutionary. Bottom line, the guys at Square Soft (then, Square Enix now) really did make a great game that will stand the test of time.

Socom 2

First of, I would like to say that Socom 2 was by far my favourite game of all time for the PS2, 3rd overall behind FF VII and FF X. I remember when I doing clan battles on Gamebattles. By the way, Socom was the most popular section on Gamebattles at its time. Surprisingly I still remember the most kills i got in that game. It was on Sandstorm Terrorists, I had 34 kills. And there was this other time on Nighstalker Seals I my 7 teammates were dead so it was 1v8 and I miracously killed all 8 of them! That M4A1 SD is legendary. I still cant believe I remember most of the names of the guns. I played the classic Socom in the clan (Silent But Deadly) and my clan in Socom 2 was [*iK] (Impulse Killaz) Our highest rank was 15, 50 wins and around 12 losses i believe.

Socom 2 for the PS2 was revolutionary. The game was very addicting. Reason? It had a very large fan base and very loyal players. It was by far the best online service available for any game on the ps2. It was user friendly, it supported a friends list, a clan menu, a stat sheet that was so detailed. The game recorded everything from Kills, Deaths, Suicides, Bombs planted, Bombs defused, Accuracy, Rank, Rank Icon. The gameplay was intense. A lot of tactics were involved. Such as knowing how to counter a rush or escorting VIPs succesfully or killing of a team when you are outnumbered using an SD. Good old memories.

All i can say is that Zipper made a really good game. Though Zipper is not behind Socom Confrontation, they are however making Socom 4 and will most likely be out sometime in 2009. I cant wait to get back into Socom!