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Wii! Please?

Some people worry about feeding their family, Others worry about their own or other's health. Some even worry about having roof over their heads.

I worry about getting a Wii on launch-day. Woe is me :o

Before you go screaming "Welcome to two weeks ago", let me just say I live in Lillehammer, a small town in Norway. Launch hasn't happened yet. In fact, it's still over ten days left. And for each passing day, more reports are surfacing about Wii-shortages in Norwegian retail stores. So now I'm wondering, will I be able to snag one at launch?

My plan has always been to pre-order one at a small shop in town, where I have always bought my consoles. I'm a good customer there, so it's a good plan. At least it looked like a good plan a couple of months ago.

The week after Nintendo revealed their launch-plans, I went to that store to pre-order. The owner told me he didn't know how many units he would get, and wouldn't take any pre-orders until he knew. So he told me to come back at the end of October.
A month later, I returned. He still hadn't heard anything, and told me to come back in two weeks. See where this is going?

Two weeks later, he still hasn't heard anything. He tells me that his ebst customers will get the consoles he gets in, and that there is one customer that he 'ranks' higher than me (haha). So what he's basically saying, is that he has pre-orders for the pre-orders. And that if he only get's 1 console to sell, that other customer will get it. Not me.

So now it's ten days until launch, and he still hasn't heard anything about unit allotment. If he get's more than one, I should get one. If he get's only one, I'm screwed.
Since I've placed all my hope on that store, I haven't pre-ordered anywhere else. They are now sold out everywhere. My only hope is the largest electronic retail-chain in Scandinavia, since they don't take pre-orders at all. They will get 25 units at my local outlet, and I hope I will be able to get one of those. My only question is how early I have to camp out to get one of them.

Woe is me.