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Blog # 78 I'm back.

Was suspeneded again for posting a picture with a beep word in it. Gamespot said 3 days but suspened me for 4 again.

Anyway it's now my summer holidays so will be on here alot more. Also i'v started to using off-topic alot.

Well thats it.


Blog # 77 The Vuvuzela Song

My english teacher showed are class this today and though it was hilarious.

Also i think i have lost exp, because i had 98% on some level which i think was 19 but now i'v got 8%

Blog # 75 New Level/Day of gaming

Well i'v just went up a level to 11.

Today at school we basically played game for 6 hours (minus lunch and break).

Had both PS3's AND Xbox 360's.

I won every game of fifa 10 on the xbox i played. But i was horrible at pes 10 on the ps3 mainly because i didn't have a clue about the buttons and it was the first time i have played the ps3. Also won every game of cod 6 on the xbox and ps3.

Well thats all

Blog# 73 Mountain Dew

Just had this stuff at lunch.

It's amazing, like sprite but better.

Anyone else tried this stuff (The uk stuff, if it taste any diffrent)

Blog# 72 Crank 2 High Voltage

Has anyone else seen this film?

I think it's the funniest, weirdest, unrealistic, stupidst film ever.

I love it :P

If it was any other film though i think it would completly fail.

If u haven't seen it or the first one go watch them now, u'll understand what i mean

Just watchin gone in 60 seconds (2000) mainly for the 67' GT-500 or eleanor.

Blog #71 Long weekend

Sorry for nost posting a blog in a while nothing really to post about.

Anyway my schools of friday and monday meaning it's a long weeekend for me, gonna try and complete the godfather 2 if i can be bothered.

We're also starting look at work experience at school. Me and a mate are trying to get into the police. There's only 12 places for the whole of are council area thing (bout 10 schools). I have to write 150 words saying why i should get accepted and why i want to do it etc.

Well that's it another short blog.

Gonna go on the xbox or watch rise of the foot solider.


Blog # 70 new emblem and the return of the mad sqwad

Got a new emblem just noticed. I personally think it look's quite smart.Furthest on the right on my emblems.

And I'll Form the Head

No, I will!If it takes five lions to form a sweet giant robot, it stands to reason that more lions can form an even sweeter one, 'cause that's how things work, right? These GameSpot Fuse members have more than ten other Fuse friends and can materialize a blazing swordwhenever they want.

Also got ultimate team for Fifa 10.My team's called Mad Sqwad (s-k-wad).My team is 4 and 3/4 of a star. 80 rating. Can't remeber ay of the players except anderson. Got 2 84's up front.

Blog # 69 Better late than never.. (Plus new sig)

Well i finally completed 1 season on manager mode in fifa 10.Got the treble :D. Most my mates have already done like 2 manager modes (5 in each so about 10 seasons'). I was tottenham as you might have guessed.

Also got me self a new sig.

I'm also making myself another sig. Does anyone know how to put multiple images in one picture?