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I have learned how to make gifs!!

So prepare for some next gen extravaganza!








This mother fracking mess!

If the Democrats and Obama dont grow some balls in the next couple of days, we are all f***ed! I never knew Obama would turn out to be such a p****! I bet he's not even half black.

God Of War Ghost of Sparta Impressions

I was gonna make an impressions thread in GGD, but then i realized i'm probably the only PSP owner left in GGD.

So far, the game does suffer from not being able to match the insanely high expectations GoW3 has set in terms of epicness. That said, it's still very action packed and there's hardly any down time after around 2 hours of gameplay. Kratos is always moving forward, the enviornments are pretty impressive with flowing lava and Uncharted2-styIe bridge collapses. They feel a lot more alive than Castlevania's kind of stagnant enviornments.

That said, the enviornments have been a bit too dark and grey for my taste. I have been to three different areas now, and haven't seen much if any sunlight in the game. It's a pretty decent looking game, probably the best looking PS2 game if it came out right now, but the dark look definitely feels samey.

Most of the enemies so far have been different than what we have come to expect from Santa Monica's games, so that's a nice change of pace. I've fought three different mini bosses already and while they are variants of the console GOWs, they have their own unique fight styIe.

I also like how Ready At Dawn incoorporates their own little changes to the GoW combat. Last time, it was the Guantlet of Zeus which completely changed the gameplay making it a lot more upclose and personal. (Kind of disappointed it didn't make it in this game.) This time around they have added Rage of the Gods/Titans to the weapons meter from GoW3. So now you dont have to rely on magic alone to unleash heavy damage, just wait till your weapons meter recharges and you are good to go.

Really like the new magic power, it feel like a turret from a Halo game, it's awesome. What i dont like is how it's mapped to the D-Pad. It just feels awkward to press a Directional button everytime you have to activate magic. I dont think i will get used to it, which sucks.

Also like the story so far, but there hasn't been much of it yet.

MAG! Dont leave home without it.

I was a bit pissed when Zipper announced they were making MAG instead of a next gen Socom. Then I got to see some screens and vids, and I got even more pissed at how generic it looked.

But looks can be deceiving.


I am having so much fun with this game that it made me write a blog. I dont even think anyone reads my blog, but who cares, this game is phenomenal, and I need to let it out. It's MASSIVE in scale. It's like Battlefield on steroids. Yes, you dont have all 256 players at once on the screen or even in the same area. Each of the thee maps in domination is divided into two seperate zones, so you dont really get to see what's happening on that side of the map. But you do hear what they're doing and which bases they're capturing, see them parachuting down, sirens going off everywhere, it all makes it clear that you are just a small part of a huge war.

But that's not why I love the game. First of all, the shooting mechaincs are PERFECT. They aren't as tight as the KZ2 or Battlefield controls, and they aren't as loose as MW2. The machine gun is fun to shoot with the iron sights AND from the hip. You hear this really cool sound effect of bullets penetrating the body everytime your bullets make contact, ending with a splash sound if you get a headshot. I dont know why, but it's AWESOME.

So this how MAG works. Say you're defending. You have Anti-Aircraft Batteries that take out any incoming bombers, helicopters and planes with airbornes, but you cant get to the AA Batteries until you take out the bunkers which work as spawn points for the defending team. The bunkers are heavily guarded with blockades and turrets, and taking them requires alot of teamwork and guts. Once you do take down the bunkers, you go for the AA batteries, and now you can parchute down to the middle of the map, pushing back the defending team all the way to their spawn point. Now the fun really begins. There are mortor and sensory batteries that you can take out, which leaves the defending team helpless since they cant call in mortor attacks or stay in contact with each other. Now you're free to go for the last objective with all your bombers, choppers, UAVs, air drops at your disposal....unless the defending team fixes those AA, mortor and sesory batteries. It's all very methodical.

Another thing that seperates MAG from every other shooter out there is the chain of command system. Every squad of 8 has a squad leader who can set Frago points (locations where you get double the XP) call in air strikes and UAVs. Then for every four Squads, you have a Platoon leader who stays in contact with all four squad leaders, and has access to more lethal air strikes like strafing runs among other things. Then finally the officer in command controls all 128 players with his own super powers. :P He can repair any bunkers automatically among other things, but I haven't unlocked the ability to become an OIC so I cant comment much on that.

Of course, the game has its problems. SVER, one of the three factions, was supposed to have easier maps to defend since their weaponary is low tech, but all three factions have about the same weapon accuracy which means SVER has the easiest time defending their maps. I have only beaten them once on their map so far, and that was today, after putting in close to 30 hours in the game. You can still get some pretty hefty points for each match if you stick by your Frago points, but winning a game against SVER on their map is almost impossible.

Then there are times where you get stuck with a bad team, or bad squad leaders who sit on their ass and dont call in air strikes, and teammates who camp instead of rushing to capture the base. It can get very frustrating. Still, when it works, and it often does, you feel like a badass soldier conquering one enemy base after another, destroying all their assests, leaving them helpess. There is nothing quite like it.

But the real reason why i made this blog is because last night it was because of my amazing Squad leading skills :P that my team won my first match on a SVER map. Instead of sending my team to die trying to attack a SVER bunker, I sent in my squad to attack a different squad's target bunker overrunning the defending team at that bunker. Then I had them go to the AA batteries next to it to destroy it, then immediately called in airstrikes bombed the **** out of my original target bunker pushing SVER all the way back to their base. Soon, we had people parachuting down, choppers dropping off soldiers, all running towards the objective. I had my squad take out their Sensory and mortor batteries, then took out their vehicles spawn facility myself. We won quite easily at the end. All this while being a Squad leader. Imagine what I can do with the Platoon leader's abilities or when I become the Officer in charge. :D :P

E3 2009 Cinematic Montage

Just a minute long E3 cinematic montage I made using footage from games like Halo Reach, Uncharted 2, GOW 3, FFXIII, Mass Effect etc.


I feel it's my best one yet, but I'm not getting the views I was looking to get with this vid which is surprising because my last two vids reached 5000 views in just a couple of days. I made the mistake of uploading it in the middle of the night so it probably didnt get featured becuase no one watched it that late.

Still, it's kinda cool so i hope you enjoy it. :)

P.S Can you guess which movie the audio is taken from? ;)

Joker becomes President.

I dont really blog, but i dont know anyone who didnt like THe Dark knight and who likes George Bush so i know people will at least enjoy it.

Dont know if you everyone knows, but W. is a movie by oliver stone on George W.Bush. here's the trailer for it:


he recently started this contest thing on youtube asking everyone to submit their own W. Trailer mashups. so i decided to make a funnier version of the trailer using the Joker as pre-president bush. this is what came out:


make sure you watch the original trailer first, because i basically parodied(sp?) it. hope you enjoy it.

p.s the youtube vid has an audio delay which ruins all the extra effort i put into the editing. but it's minor.

MLB 07: The Show **** balls. Devs need to get fired.

This game is so bad, It made me write a blog.

I am a MVP series player, have been since 2003. This year after playing the college world series, I wanted to play as a real major league team so I had my brother who works at blockbuster rent it for free. I played a good 30 some games and then I realized if I played some more, I'd probably go on a killing spree. it was that frustrating. the retarded part on me was that a month later, I bought the game thinking I could work around the frustrating game design but ten games later I had it enough.............. again. Now I am trying to trade it in.

as for whats wrong with the game. I will start with baserunning. The "classic" baserunning controls are tougher to pull than a Devil May Cry combo. The "new" baserunning controls are even more retarded because they have you "select" the runner with your left analog stick and THEN send him to the appropriate base. It might sound simple to some, but its virtually impossible to control multiple baserunners because they never advance on their own and "selecting" and routing each runner gives you no time to advance the other. the devs are either retards or pot heads for screwing up such an integral part of the game.

Then comes the pitching, also a very important part of a baseball game which is pretty obvious, no? well not for the devs. because in trying to make pitching more "realistic" they fudged it up instead, and boy did they fudge it up good! how you ask? well, they have this meter for every type of pitch in the arsenal, which loses its effectiveness if you throw balls with that certain pitch. sounds pretty intriguing, right? well, they screw that up too. how? well, every time you throw a ball, the meter goes a quarter of a way down. oh and did i mention the pitch almost NEVER ends up where you want it to. yeah, its supposed to be realistic.............. if done right. Give me the control, if I screw up with the pitching meter, by all means let the pitch end up where ever you want, but not when I ace the meter. oh, and the breaking balls will end up being balls 80% of the time, no matter what. oh and they end up on the dirt 50% of the time and 90% of the time, it goes by the catcher. Umpires are way too inconsistent, they will screw up a corner call 60% of the time.

Also forget about pitching with your no.4 and no.5 starter because their "stuff' and thier stamina is "supposed" to be really low. so they will only last you 4 innings 90% of the time and the rest of the time they will only go 3.

the feilding is ok, but diving for balls is done very poorly. you can only press down to dive, you cant press left or right, but down. does that make sense to you?

hitting is ok, but boring. Also, the guess a pitch or locating meter absolutely kills the online play since all people do is guess location and pitch before every single pitch, and just like that your pitch is given away. wow, that is realistic, only if you dont know jach sh$t about baseball. The devs need to get fired. I want my f***king money back!!!!

I would like to mention the good things now, there are some.
graphics while not mind blowing do the job, great ballpark models. awesome crowd. a lot of modes to keep you busy. great commentary. slick menus. a lot of stats. but see, most of these things are superficial and since the gameplay is unplayable, you cant really enjoy these things.

P.S. each game takes 45-50 minutes to complete. by comparison, MVP 05 games took 25-30 minutes.