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Gamespot's Now Playing RE Operation Raccoon City comment which wouldn't fit

I understand that developer's may trust different studio's to help develop title's so that developer's can concentrate on other major project's but if a franchise isn't broken or is doing fine but only need's fundamental change's like Resident Evil 5, it was more focused on action than survival horror where it's just you and you alone, I understand why they're letting Resident Evil go down this route of cooperative gameplay but at the same time it's messing with the formula with what made Resident "thee" survival horror series in the first place, look at RE1, 2, 3 and then 4, each game took the survival horror level and cranked it up (yes I know many people don't think 3 did this but don't tell me having Nemesis chasing you through the police station or anywhere didn't make your heart pound at least once. Resident Evil 5 was Resident evil 4 (gameplay wise) with co op but lacked real zombies and tension that you get when you play the original game's. This game is basically a third person Left 4 Dead 2, fun cooperative action in Raccoon City, that's what it is, gamer's should allow developer's to try something new but what they need to learn is that developer's are entrusting their brands or franchises to people who may like the game's but compared to hardcore gamer's they depend on fan feedback and input to improve the game. What does that tell you, that fan's know more about how to create a better experience than the developer's who create these games? or is it that developer try to create the best experience for gamer's but try to make the game's different to what fan's are used and therefore try to create these game's for fan's but to different gamer's with different player's like how do you see this game as? A third person cooperative shooter with zombie's or a third person socom game in the world of resident evil. Me personally i'll give it the benefit of the doubt but I have a feeling this may tarnish the Resident Evil name if not executed correctly come launch but if its fun and stick to the source material without going overboard then it should be good. Sorry most of this probably won't make sense as I type as I think rather than the other way around.