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I really should be more consistent on here....

And back like a herpes outbreak before the best date of your life is me!!!!!!!! How's everyone doing? I'm pretty well actually considering the fact that I normally have more drama then an episode of the Kardashians on any given day. I'm sitting in a hotel right now too anxious to go to sleep waiting for my 4 am wake up call for meps. If all goes correctly, tomorrow I take the oath and become an official member of the United States Navy. I have way too much to talk about in this sitting but I promise I'll have a legit update soon. In the meantime, how have you all been? I'd love to catch up with everyone so if you're feeling bored post what you've been up to in the comments. I know I'm not the only one with epic stories to share so don't be scared.


Ohayoo Gozaimasu. Watashi wa Ryuojinn desu.

Sorry. Just finished a 9 hour bender of reading manga (Japanese Comic Books) on my phone. My findings can be summed up into basically 2 conclusions: 1) The iPhone 4 battery is impeccable. 2) In Japan, a home-made Obentou (Lunch box composed of varies meats and vegetables) is the equivalent of Crack-Cocaine in the U.S. and for a male to receive one from a female is not only a confession of love, which can be stolen and eaten by the others around you if you're not careful, but can also signify a females ownership over the male as blitz attack toward other females.

But enough about that. I guess I'll do bullet points for today's bad news/good news section.

Bad News

- Lost Job

- Got Denied For Unemployment

- Car Got Towed (again. F*** the city of Chicago. Most corrupt m*********s on the face of the planet.

- Daughter Chewed through the speaker on my phone

- Signed over parental rights for said daughter for the sake of the Armed Forces

- Xbox Broke

- I, like aforementioned Xbox, am broke

- Suicide dream 2 nights ago

- Heavy symptoms of depression

- Bulls Lost

- 2k11 Bulls traded my My Player to Milwaukee

- Team I was coaching only won 1 game in the tournament

- Asian Church I go to accused me of doing something else I won't mention (just stopped going. It's kinda far and it's not like I can afford the gas anyway. Also, kinda hard to get around with your car being towed and all. At the end of the day it's not worth being discriminated against)

- Mom had an accident and work and dislocated her shoulder

Good news

- Found an awesome Manga app on my phone, hence last night's 9 hour bender.

- Pretty far on Kingdom Hearts 2. On proud mode and I'm still beasting.

- Zone of the Enders 2 works on my reverse compatible Ps3.

- I dunked the dog s*** outta this one guy at the YMCA by my house. Still got those hops baybay. The bulls do need a shooting guard......

- Seems to be nothing stopping me from leaving to boot by August

- Among all my weird dreams, I had one about a girl that's extremely memorable. Dreams mean alot to me and it's nice to have one I'm not dying in and can remember when I wake up.

- Dirk.

That pretty much sums up the past month. I really don't know why I'm not here more often. It's not like I have much else to do. Just having a hard time finding motivation these days. And really need to focus on making these blogs about video games. Anyway, I'm gonna go try to generate some income somewhere. *Sigh* Time to see what the going rate for my body is on the street.


As Much As It Hurts

Greetings GS faithful. I apologize for my lengthy stay away from my favorite online community. I've been pretty busy trying to make something of my life and have my hands pretty full trying not to drink myself into a Sheenesque stupor. Alot of work involved in that one. Anyway, down to brass tax. The purpose of this blog is not to make my triumphant return, but to validate my status as a man of my word. As much as I hate to admit defeat, I must man up and shake hands.


I hereby concede defeat as my Chicago Bulls were eliminated by the Miami Heat. You, sir, are the victor of this gentleman's bet.

GO DALLAS MAVERICKS!!!!! Evil can't win......

I'll post a blog about my updated wheelings and dealings some other time. The weather is nice and with no more meaningful basketball being played maybe I'll spend some time outside....

Dear D Wade and LeBron,

I Hope You (*&#@&($*(^((@*(@#%*&()#@*# And then someone ^&%^(*)@&)&()%* your moms you &(^%(#*(#s.

And that's from the heart.



I Shouldn't Do This But...

I'm going to explain what the initial impressions are when you realize you have the Ring of Death.

1) It's like going to the doctors for a cold and being told that you have AIDS. Not HIV. Too late for that one. Full blown look-like-the-crypt-keeper-when-you-die AIDS.

2) Getting the date with the girl of your dreams that you've been waiting for since before you can remember. And waking up with Herpes outbreak. From your brother. Who you told never to drink from your cup but did it anyway when you weren't looking.

3) Playing "Let's pee on the pregnancy strip" with a group of your friends to pass the time. And yours comes back colorful.

4) Getting a phone call from your ex. A phone call that starts with "It's yours".

5) Burning when you pee.

6) Anything involving a hospital and the tests coming back positive.

7) Walking in on your parents. Doggie style. With your mom in the back.

I could go on but I'm off of work. Now to go home and reflect.

1 Word: Astounding

So...... Hyped right now.

For everyone that missed it, Chicago dominated the Heat in the 2nd half to come away with a 21 point win in the most epic battle of good vs evil that the sports world has probably ever seen. Sure there have been teams that have been hated, dynasties that were envied and players that were loathed, but no single team has ever been despised as vehemently as the LeWade led Heat. The mammoth goliath of a team is on the precipice of total domination and the hoisting of the Larry O'brien trophy (Championship trophy and ultimate prize in the NBA, for all the non b-ball readers) and, to many, it seemed like nothing would stand in their way.

Goliath would be the best title for this team. Why, you ask? (And even if you didn't) Because David showed up last night. And he didn't come alone with a slingshot. He brought about 12 of his boys with tech 9's and uzi's, went full auto on their b**** a**es and proceeded to t-bag while the tactical nuke counted down in the 4th quarter. Yes, for all the readers at home. You just witnessed a biblical reference with call of duty, basketball and poor etiquette all in the same paragraph. And, honestly, that's the best way to describe it. A collabagasm of epic amazingness tantamount to the first time I saw a lightsaber battle or watched Goku turn into a super saiyan (minus all the nerd). The significance of this game, and further down the line this series, is more than just 2 teams or 2 cities duking it out. This series stands for Good vs Evil in one of it's purest forms: on a battlefield. An equal arena, a level playing field. Think the final destination map on Super Smash Bros. Now I'm sure alot of people are wondering, "Ryu. The hell does this have to do with basketball? And why are you writing about sports on a Gaming website? And what happened to the Down-Thumber?" While I don't know what DT is up to and refuse to justify my decision to make this my sports forum for a few more minutes (don't worry I'll throw in some gaming references for good measure), I will go slightly in depth on the significance of these potential 7 games and what they mean to the world. Yes, el mundo. It's that important.

What The Miami Heat Stand for:

For all 7 human beings who don't know what happened last summer, LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join up with 2 of the leagues top 10 players on the Miami Heat to create the most toted super-team ever to be assembled. For those oblivious to the sporting world, this may not sound like such a bad thing. Maybe it sounds pretty cool, I mean who doesn't like the superfriends or the avengers right? Well lets analyze Cleveland's legacy for a moment and what LeBron meant to them. Cleveland is a cursed city in the sports world. They haven't won a title in a major sport (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) in God knows how long and every time they get a premier athlete who may lead them to the promised land, the athlete bails for greener pastures. Enter LeBron James. The Akron, Ohio (basically up the street from Cleveland)native man-child enters the NBA draft after receiving nearly every accolade a high school basketball player can ever attain. I believe he is the greatest high school basketball player ever to play the game. Overcoming ridiculous odds, Cleveland wins the first overall pick in the draft lottery (sigh, too long to explain). They choose the son of their city as the number 1 overall. And boy does he live up to those expectations. We've all seen the Witness commercials, the highlight reel dunks, the rejuvenation of a dying city. And this is where he transcends the game. For those who don't know Cleveland, or the state of the American economy, the recession set up home base in Cleveland. I have never seen any city in the United States under such turmoil. And in the darkest of days, They were able to maintain hope by flipping on the TV and seeing their son prosper. The success of the Cavs put Ohio in the national scene and made people care. The games were selling out, which created more jobs and generated more revenue. LBJ memorabilia was selling like crazy stimulating their downed economy. Kids were able to look up and see someone from where they were from do the impossible: escape the hopeless, downtrodden life they had and become a ray of sunshine into their existences. He transcended being a mere athlete and became a savior.Nearly a deity. Unfortunately, he couldn't win a championship on his own and in the most controversial display of treachery he delivered his infamous "Taking my Talents to South Beach" line. Fast forward. Cleveland is a slum again. There's no hope. Only a void. Nothing for the kids to look up to. No reason for the community to come together and care. Crime rate has risen. Economy declined. Sure it's only sports, but for them it was all they had. And for what? So he could party it up with 2 of his friends in Florida? So not only can he disgrace his town, but also the sportsmanship of the game? Can't do it on his own like the other superstars? Who volunteers to be Robin? That's a fantastic message to the kids: "If it gets too hard just get other people to do it for you." Sure the superfriends are cool, but what if Superman leaves Earth as the comet is coming to join Jon Jonzz on Mars because it's easier to be a super hero there. You're an earthling right? Earth is Cleveland and the Comet is a depressing and oppressive existence. How much do you like Superman now?

What The Chicago Bulls Stand For:

Sticking with my Superfriends theme should make this one easy but first a little history. Like every other team this offseason, the Bulls went after LeBron and Wade and Bosh to pull a big name into their stadium. And like every other team save Miami, they failed. The Bulls had it a little bit differently though. Wade, Chicago born and raised, would have received a hero's welcome. And LeBron himself even admitted that Chicago would have been the best fit for him. And no one can deny his similarity to the original 23... "Oh to see his second coming in a Bulls jersey again" was the buzz all around town. Then something strange happened. LeBron refused to answer the calls from the Bulls players, even just to say hi. Joakim Noah took the highest offense and said that basically LeBron didn't think they were good enough for him. That they weren't even worth his time. LeBron shunned this city, nearly as much as he did Cleveland. Now all the while, there was something else happening in the locker rooms in the Windy City. A budding, yet very quiet, young point guard (who I played basketball against while we were in high school by the way) was seeing all of this hype surrounding these other players and asked aloud only once "Why not me?". A sound byte was picked up during the training camp in the offseason of a promising young point guard named Derrick Rose asking a reporter, "Why can't I be the MVP? If I work hard and do the best for my teammates, why can't I lead my team to a championship?". This is a tale of 2 natives, for you see LBJ wasn't the only player drafted #1 overall for the city that raised them. Derrick Rose was taken #1 overall from the University of Memphis after 1 season at the collegiate level and immediately led the Bulls to the playoffs and his own Rookie of the year honors. After 3 consecutive, albeit short, playoff trips, the Bulls where in a position to revamp their roster and surround their promising star with some talent. The management assembled a deep roster of blue collar athletes, got a new head coach with a defensive mindset and a team mentality, and placed as much confidence in their little brother of a point guard as they could. If LeBron is the Superman, Derrick Rose is Batman. Derrick doesn't have an All-Star cast around him. He doesn't have the media hype or the 90 million dollar Nike endorsement (funny story, when he first got to the NBA, he asked to be a Nike Brand Athlete and they told him no.....). He was overlooked by everyone outside of Chicago and was lost in all the free agent hype. He's the quiet, humble, loyal kid who is just happy to be playing the sport he loves and wants to work hard and be the best for his teammates. While LeGoliath is up on his hill spouting his "Decision" to the Israelites (and all the other people watching) David Rose was at home practicing his slingshot on lions from 3 point range. Fast forward to the morning of May 15th 2011: Derrick Rose, the NBA MVP, has led his team to the best record in the NBA and the Eastern Conference Finals while LeBron has led his Legion of Doom to the same place.

Does it make more sense now? The hatred and angst for the Heat? The love and admiration of a hard working, humble little brother type figure for Derrick Rose? The World is rooting for Good. For Hope. To reward the little guy who came from nothing and NEVER FORGOT THAT. The kid that still calls the coaches of other teams"Sir". The Superstar who truly believes he does nothing on his own. The professional athlete who really doesn't believe he is any better than you or me at the game of life. Who cried (and made me and a ton of other people cry) during his own MVP speech while talking to and about his love for his mother. That is why last night meant so much. Last night was game 1 and D Rose came out the gates with a chopper gunner followed by an SR 71 and attack dogs. Regardless of the outcome of the rest of the series, the world has hope right now. Right now justice prevails. Right now the little guy is rewarded. Right now Superman-turned-Bizarro is feeling sorry for what he's done. Or maybe this is just a basketball game and I'm overreacting.....


Anyway, I deleted my facebook. We'll see how long that lasts. All my navy stuff is almost done so I'm pretty excited about that. Also I've set up a steam account but have yet to buy any games, the reason being that I don't have a mouse I feel comfortable enough using and am too lazy to buy a new one or that USB adaptor for my 360 controller. I'm stuck on Killzone 3 and I'm pretty sure that it's due to my own loss of interest more than any ramping up of the difficulty or anything. It's just hard to follow a game without any significant storyline and it doesn't help that I jacked the difficulty up to maximum when I started the game to "cope for the short storyline while psn is down". And my last bit of A.D.D. comes on the topic of Brink. My buddies get it say it's fun and a must have for me but the reviews basically say it's garbage. Not sure if I wanna make that commitment.

Anyway, if you made it this far either you're reeeeeallllllly bored, a sports enthusiast or doing research on me to steal my identity (which if that's the case your wasting your time. My xbox is broken remember?). Whatever the case may be, go turn on Sportscenter and watch last nights game highlights. Oh and Thanks for reading :D.

Dear Miami Heat,


Sincerely reppin the Chi til I die,


Yes I'm still alive. Thank you for your concern.


No Xbox, no psn make R something something......

Well I've seriously lost track of how long its been since my 360 worked. The numbing of acceptance has dulled out the excruciating pain I felt earlier regarding my recent loss, though I really have no right to complain considering that some people I know have truly lost things special to them in the past few days. Be it family friends, relatives or pets, some people on here and in my actual life (though I'm pretty sure I spend more time here than in my "actual life") are really going through trying times and I'm in no mood to crack jokes when I know how hard things are for them right now. My heart goes out to all those who have lost someone dear recently.

Moving on.

Got some bad news. Apparently Blizzard thinks that I'm pirating their material. I got an email from comcast this morning saying that Blizzard is filing suit for copyright infringement for StarCraft 2. Now I've used torrents before but not for that game. I actually borrowed that from a friend (and fellow gs user) installed it and played as a guest, not even online just campaign. So to avoid any future bulls*** I'm just gonna delete it and go on about my life.

Bad news part 2. Apparently I won't be able to spend much time, if any, at Acen this year. Turns out the church volleyball tournament that I'm expected to be a dominant force in is on the saturday that I was planning to go. And as much as I would like to strut around in full Hard Gay attire, I can't turn my back on expectations, especially if they're sports related (Looking at you LeBron).

Good news. Bulls win last night. Dominant performance. Played real Chi-town basketball. Nuff said.

Good news part 2. My church team that I'm coaching is way better than I expected them to be. They're executing the offense, playing unselfish, clamping down on defense and really buying in to the winning mentality. Now I'm not necessarily focusing on the end result here but it would be nice to have a tournament win in my coaching debut.

Neutral news. Almost all of my paperwork is finished for my application to the Navy. While I'm happy that I will get to go on with the rest of my life, I'm gonna have to make some very tough decisions and do some things that I really don't want to do, especially when it comes to my family. Trying to sacrifice for the greater good. Sacrifice. Bigger word than I thought. Would be great if a winning lottery ticket or dream job fell into my hands. Or if I could get paid to write here.... A guy can dream can't he?

Sorry for a much more melancholy post than usual so I'll address the ending letter on you guys' behalf:

Dear R.

Quit B****in and Be Funny Again.


Everybody Else.

Rolling in the Deep

***Begin Transmission***

Dear Journal,

I'm entering the 3rd day of the blackout. At least..... I think it's the 3rd day. I don't know anymore. Ever since the "event" the days just seem to mesh together. Having lost communications with the outside world, I'm struggling to maintain my sanity. I've adapted, somewhat, to this hostile, foreign territory by teaching myself to sleep with my eyes open but truthfully I would rather have it this way. Every time I close my eyes I see the flashes of the 3 red lights... The more I roam, the more reminders I have of where I could be. Promotional posters advertising the "escalation" map pack, videos of Sarah Michelle Gellar killing zombies in the "Call of the Dead", News reports stating that the "over 20 million downloads" mark has been achieved... I don't know how much longer I can last. The lack of communication with the XBL and PSN communities is taking its toll... The only solice I can find is in the embracing arms of the Gamespot community, but I fear that if I rely on them too heavily, the hackers and rings of death may claim them as well... Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope... Wait...

***End Transmission***

In other news, Bulls win last night so I'm pretty happy about that. And I heard this song yesterday morning and haven't been able to stop singing it for the life of me.


It's called Rolling in the Deep by Adele who apparently is a 21 year old white girl with the most soul-ful voice I have ever heard this side of Mississippi Southern Baptist church. Her voice honestly blew me away. I've been seriously singing it non-stop. It's totally worth the listen.

Also, I YouTubed Derrick Rose's MVP speech.


I cried. Not even ashamed. I cried. Not the Navajo tear. I cried like I did at my grandfather's funeral. I made fun of that kid in high school (teasing not malicious. all in good fun)and seeing what he's accomplished now is incredible. His humility, his drive, his talent and did I mention his humility? He's honest, raw, emotional, sincere, humble, appreciative... just everything that these professional athletes who we put on pedestals should be (did I mention his humility?). A guy like that almost makes me wish I was gay so I could have a Man-crush on everything that he is and it be acceptable.... ***THIS JUST IN*** It's not gay to have Man-crushes on Derrick Rose! *Phew* dodged a homo-bullet there. Anyway, watch his speech and tell me you don't tear up a little bit.

Happy Cinco De Mayo and May the Fourth be with you!

No? Too late to use that one?


Went to download new map packs.

Turned on 360.

Got the Red Ring Of Death.

God hates me.

Drinking Bleach.

See you on the other side.


PS ***UPDATE*** Just found out its a double xp weekend. This is the end for me.