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Appreciate the combat

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So right now, I'm playing Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It's a lot of fun and a very flexible and fluid system. It's doesn't seem as hard as people make it out to be. Enemies don't seem that aggressive as I thought they would and the only bosses really giving me a hard time were Cerberus and the mission 8 boss. All the other bosses, at least so far, aren't too bad.

But I'm not here today to just talk about Devil May Cry. I'm here to talk about the depth, challenge, understanding and appreciation of the combat offered in the beat em up and hack n slash genres.

Now, a lot of people seem to take for granted the combat of games such as these for their "monotony" and "repetition." I find these arguments null and void. One of the reasons why is because HOW the combat is presented towards you, the player, and the choices you have during combat. The most important thing to have in genre is the overall amount of choice you have. A perfect example of this is obviously Devil May Cry, mostly part 3. You have not only multiple weapons at your disposal, but also different sets of Styles to choose from. I was first messing around with Sword Master, because an offensive approach was suitable to my style. However, during the mission 8 boss, I couldn't get anywhere with Sword Master, so I switched to Trickster, a more evasive and defensive style. And was then and there were the depth of combat came to be. Using different techniques and weapons helpd out in the long run and bosses like this encouraged experimentation. And not only that but being at the top of my game against this boss. It was not a simple thing to do and goes to show that the developers do want you to learn the system. Which brings me to my next point.

Challenge in a game such as these is an important aspect of depth. Probably one of the best examples of this is Ninja Gaiden, namely part 2, since it calls for much more flexiblity and experimentation than the 1st. Ninja Gaiden 2 was not only the game to bring me into this wonderful genre but also taught me a very important lesson in boss battles; understanding patterns. Genshin was the first boss to ever give me trouble. I probably died over 30 times on Actolye, ACTOYLE, even with the help of friends. I was pretty young at the time, but he still gives me some trouble to this day, even on Warrior. He is not an easy boss. He's quick, very aggresive, constantly attacks, has a good defense and can take a ton of your health away with quick combos. Understanding the mechanics of blocking while being on your toes was key to success. Understanding and utilizing moves such as the Izuna drop were key into bring him down. The reason why I put part 2 instead of part 1 is namely because of the amount of depth and flexiblity 2 offers compared to 1. Think about this, how many times during mission mode did you use a weapon like the Dabilahro or Lunar against Alma? They were useless since the only way to stun her was with a Flying Swallow, with the Dragon Sword. Ninja Gaiden 2 called for more flexibility because of the achievements of going through the entire game with just one weapon.

Another important aspect is the overall feeling of combat. Quite possibly the best example of this is God Hand, quite possibly my favorite game. The reason why this game is so fun is not just because of the combat, challenge or sheer depth, it's the overally feeling and sound of combat that truly gives it an edge. Every punch and kick sounds like an explosion and launching people into walls and destructible enviroments never felt quite as amazing as it is in God Hand. Using the Roulette Wheel on baddies is just pure fun. It also helps that the world of God Hand is just pure, unadulterated genius, being tongue and cheek with no sense of restraint all in a hilarious fashion. The bad guys in God Hand look completely ridiculous and retarded, so it only gives you more of an incentive to beat these baddies up. Facing street thugs, demons, midgets, dominatrixes, robots, gorillas in costumes and all sorts of other things give personality to the array of bad guys you'll be facing.

The most important things these games offer is the amount of flexibility and use of creativity in these games. God Hand calls for such by allowing the player to map any attack to the combo or other attacks mapped to any other attack button. Devil May Cry offers the style system, which allows players to learn the system and get that SSStylish ranking by doing a variety of moves. Ninja Gaiden is able to offer this by utilizing your enviroment to your advantage and using the moves available in a fashion in order to win and come out on top. Most importantly is the use of experimentation founded by the players that, for the most part, developers probably didn't do intentional.

Devil May Cry makes use of such combat by things such as Jump Canceling and use of Styles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebtGxzdHQWQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiEG3n6lMOY

Ninja Gaiden makes use of UT's, shuriken canceling and OT canceling:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8BrWG3vKjo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyaV8d-Htds

God Hand makes usage of evade canceling, use of Roulette Wheels and juggles:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RHpAmuX_vc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB71r82gfM4

What I'm trying to get is that developers that DO care for how the game works put a lot of time and effort and most people just seem to scoff this away. This genre may seem like it's dying due to releases that are dumbing down gameplay such as Ninja Gaiden 3 and DmC: Devil May Cry for the sake of reaching out to a wider demographic. There are games out there that do offer complexity such as Bayonetta and perhaps even Metal Gear Rising. Games like God Hand, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Devil May Cry 3 are a rare-breed and it's up to us, the players, the people, to keeping playing and learn new techs and interact with the community to keep these amazing systems intact. Only time can tell whether we can improve upon these systems.

Merry Christmas and stuff I got.

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Well, as the title says, Merry Christmas, have a happy new year and I hope everyone got what they wanted.

As for the games I've been playing, here are only 3 I've been mostly playing.

The first that I got that I absolutely love is God Hand. This game... it's pretty fudging amazing and it's tough. You know Ninja Gaiden? Parts 1 and 2 were brutal. So was Devil May Cry 3. Yeah, well God Hand is probably even tougher than those two. The game has a way of introducing difficulties through levels, depending on how well you do. There are 4 levels. 1, 2, 3 and Die, each one obviously increasing in difficulty. The better you do and don't each hit, the difficulty increases and the more you SUCK, the lower it will get. However, there is an incentive to keep the difficulty up, since you'll get more gold to easily power up Gene on the higher levels of difficulties. Unlike, if not, all beat-em-up games, you can actually customize your fighting style to your pleasure, assigning different punches to do different combos and you gain new techniques through the course of the game and since there are hundreds of different moves to experiment with, the game will never get old and gives you an incentive to try new tactics out. The game does have problems, like the constant graphical glitches, the camera being an annoyance since it's always directly behind you and the lack of any good tutorial can really hurt the experience. However, the combat is AMAZINGLY SATISFYING, the animations of both Gene and your enemies is brilliant, the music is absolutely kick-ass and gleaming with personality, it's a long, challenging adventure, the characters and endearing and charming as the story plays along which is completely ridiculous. Plus, I got that soft spot for ladies like Olivia. <3 So yeah, buy this game, it's 10 freaking bucks in the PSN under PS2 classics. Seriously, if you like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, this is literally right up your alley and one of the best games EVER. And if you don't like it.... well, you have no taste and need to take a LONGGGGG walk off a goddamn cliff and stop playing games forever. Seriously, go buy this game. JUST BUY IT. JUST BUY IT SFKGUSIOFJU(*GSHJIOFSH

Anyway, on to the next game, which is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Now I've retardly good things about this game from the good ol' Tekken fanbois saying how this is the best game ever and the netcode is amazing and all this junk. But I've been playing for a little bit and started to notice some problems with the game so it isn't perfect HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, the thing I noticed about Fight Lab is that when ever you're on the right side of the arena, the game doesn't auto-correct itself like... EVERY FIGHTING GAME EVER. It's lazy and terrible design and this also applies for command training, or even if you can call it that. You ALWAYS have to be on the left side of the arena to get the proper inputs and it's bullshit. Plus, I LOVE the fact that it doesn't tell you if you did the move properly enough when doing "command training." Least it has the decency to show you a demostration. If it went to SF4 route, I would have been so pissed off. Plus, am I really the only one who questions the easy 10 hit combo input to LITERALLY TAKE about 70 percent of your health? Am I really? Anyway, the game itself is fine, plently of content, large cast of characters, great presentation, it looks great, it's Tekken, go buy the damn thing. Obviously, if you love Tekken, it's a love letter and there shouldn't be any reason not to.

Lastly, the game I've been playing is the newly released Street Fighter x Megaman and it's... ok. Not too special. I mean, it's Megaman killing SF characters in 8-bit form with Ryu shouting out "HADOKEN" and "SHORYUKEN" and Chun-li yelling out "SPINNING BIRD KICK" and that's awesome, right? Well, if this game, especially Megaman, it's... weird. As good as SOME of the level design is, most of it is TOO EASY, especially Chun-li's stage and Blanka's stage. The weapons themselves seem under powered and seem near useless against the bosses and would be safer to stick with the buster, such as using Rose's weapon against Rolento, since the weakness only works with the satellite orbiting around you to do the actual damage, not the projectile. I know this is a fan project with Capcom's name stuck right on it but not even Megaman 5's weapons were THIS BAD. The only one that's useful is Optic Laser which just destroys Dhalsim. The big kicker is the fact you can't save your progress in any shape of form. No password of save option, it's Megaman 1 style and it's stupid. Why progress BACKWARDS from what you established? Anyway, the game is decent and it's free so Capukum won't be getting our money. Bastards deserve after SFxT and RE6. Those games are garbage.

So, yeah, there you go. A game I fawking love, I game I enjoy and a game I tolerate. Now, if you'll excuse, I need to get back to playing God Hand.

Also, I got a Spawn and the Goon comic, but no one will care, so meh.

Playing a bunch of games

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So, hey I just got my hands on quite a few games and I just thought I would share my thoughts on them.

The first would be Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3. I've only played 1 and 2 so far and I can tell you right now, 1 is way better than 2. The control, the atmosphere, the visuals, the enemies, the music, gameplay, everything from 1 is better than 2. Sure, 2 made the jump button X instead of triangle like the first one, but it doesn't help that the camera is garbage and the targeting makes Ninja Gaiden 3's targeting look amazing. 1 has a good atmosphere, challenging and focused gameplay and it just feels better. I thought DMC2 would be a lot better than it is, but it's honestly one of the most bland, if not the more boring game I've ever played. Not to mention, it's retardedly easy. Just shoot everything and they die, omg, so challenging, excks dee. DMC1 is better. It has more interesting boss fights, interesting enemies, a good soundtrack, it's just better. But, one thing I hate is the underwater section. Oh my god, it's the worst I've ever experienced.

The next is Double Dragon Neon, an awesome throwback to the original and 80's. It nailed the color palette and it's very pleasing to the eyes. The control feels a bit stiff, but it isn't bad by any means. It plays and feels like Double Dragon, minus the shops. The humor is hilarious and the music is absolutely wonderful, it's some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. One problem with the game is extra lives. You can't take them to the next level. What's the point of having extra lives, then? Another problem is that the game is really grindy, because the only way to level up your mix tapes is to beat bosses and it takes forever. Either way, the game is fun and Bro-op is where it's at. There should be a patch for online soon, which is going to be amazing.

The last is Dead or Alive 5. I'll say this, Team Ninja has redeemed themselves. After Other M and NG3, I don't know if Team Ninja would come back with a good game. They did. DoA5 has fluid control, solid fighting mechanics, nice looking environments, wonderful character models with brillant animation and some of the best tutorials in a fighting game. It isn't too wordy like Blazblue, it isn't garbage like SF4, and it goes beyond what MK9 did. The story is completely silly and stupid and has terrible english voices, so I would suggest putting it in Japanese. There are some genuinely funny moments in the game and couple of clever references to the older games in the story. It doesn't have as much content as MK9, there's still quite a bit to do. 2 complaints I have with the game. The bonus missions in story mode that you don't complete, you can not look back at the timeline to see what you completed and what you didn't. Also, online is really laggy. The first couple of matches were fine, but after about 5 or 6 matches, it started to take its toll. And I installed the game. Let's hope TN can patch that up soon.

Oh Capukum, you're so silly~

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Oh hey, let's really a really good and old game and over-price it on the good old PSN's and XBLA's. I'm of course talking about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, a game you can get free on GGPO.

Oh Capukum, from releasing the same MvC game within 6 months, to treating Megaman like garbage for his 25th year anniversary (No, I don't care for Legends 3 since 1 wasn't very good or Universe where all it had going for it was a stage builder which Powered Up already had), to the debacles of Resident Evil 5 and Operation Raccon City, to the barely playable Street FighterxTekken and now the ruination of the once beloved Devil May Cry series with the reboot that no one wants.

Capcom, stop this madness. The only games I've enjoyed from you that are actually new is Megaman 9, 10 and Street Fighter 4. You people are driving yourself into a greedy debacle putting little to no effort into your games, all for that sweet and glorious income you guys seem to make with every game now-a-days. Wait, SFxT didn't sell well? Oh, sorry Cappy.

Well, let's hope Resident Evil 6 is good.... wait, it's going to have regenerating health and it's not going to be scary? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-

Aw man, choices, choices.

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Well, a lot of high profile games are coming out this year... MOST OF WHICH I DON'T CARE ABOUT, HAHAHAHA.

But anyway, what should I get? Should I get Blazblue Extend, since I'm loving hell out of CS and then Ninja Gaiden 3 or just preorder the collector's edition of Ninja Gaiden 3?

Man, both are such good games. While, I freaking love Blazblue, I've been a Ninja Gaiden fan for quite a while, an artbook, soundtrack CD and a figurine all sound really nice. But then again, I could get the awesome taste of Ninja Gaiden with Relius freakin' Clover and a nerfed Makoto who'll be as useful as Tager. Man. I don't know what to do.

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