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Steam Trading Cards: Something Fun or a Clever Way for Steam to Get Money?

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So recently I've been dabbling in the steam trading cards. And sure it's fun, for a little while. What I mean by that is at first you're excited to craft a badge. So much that you'll get a game that has cards, leave it running to get them, buy or trade for the rest of them and get your badge. Then you're addicted. Steam has a hold of you by your wallet. And now with the Summer Sale they have going on they released more games with cards in them. This means people are buying these games, and getting more cards and then selling them on the market. Steam gets a cut of what you sell in the market, always with their hand in your wallet. They found a way to get more money from people without anyone questioning it. The only question people ask is "I wonder if the card I need is on the market for cheap?" Before you know it you've spent at least $40 or more on cards and games. And for what? A game that drops 3-6 cards? What do you do then...ignore the game? It serves you no purpose after that. Unless you bought it because you liked it and it just so happened to have cards. And now what they're doing is putting cards on popular games, so when you purchase it and don't know much about the cards or aren't really interested you'll get card drops in the game and wonder what it's all about. Check it out and then you're hooked and Steam wins again. Honestly they came up with a genius idea to make a ton of money! Only thing they should have done was make it to where the game gives you more card drops after you've crafted a badge or two. That way they'd make more money and people won't lose interest so fast. After a while people will catch on and see how pointless it is to buy a game just because it has cards. Thus the trading cards will lose their fun and Steam will be in a pickle. All in all I think it was a smart idea to get everyone to spend more money, even I got caught up in it and bought a card for .12 cents...I was excited to have gotten it. then I asked myself "what am I doing?" I'm wasting my money to buy a virtual card for a badge. Sure it's fun to gain levels on Steam but I wish they came up with a better way to do it. Not to say the trading cards are a bad idea, but they are losing their fun and excitement. Its getting old already. I'd have to buy every game that has cards or spend hours on the trading forums to get every card for every badge, or spend all my money on the market. If maybe they made it to where every time you got an achievement in a game you gained a card along with it, that would be more fun and would last longer. What are your thoughts on the trading cards? 

Honestly, I don't want to see it...

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I'm sick of seeing people on fuse post pictures of naked and or half naked people...I seriously could give a crap less what turns you on and whatnot, like really really don't care and really don't want that thought or image in my mind. I am tired of these sad men posting pictures of these pixelated women that they so desire..It grosses me out every time. Only because I can imagine the guy snorting in a corner while drooling and thinking of pixel boobs..or these stupid cosplay hookers...Nobody really cares what you like, this is a gaming site..yeah yeah save your intelligent comments on how "Catherine is a game!" or "Lollipop chainsaw is a game!" no..they are portals into a sad world for lonely men who have nothing...I know I know some of you are "married" and your wives are "okay" with what you do..no..no they aren't..your wives put up with it because they have no other choice, and I'm sure they're incredibly sad and you'll never know about it. No I don't speak from experience..I am lucky to not have to deal with idiots like the ones I speak of...I married a man, a real one..not the man who sits on a couch drinking beer belching and slobbering all over his fat body..oh I know, "You're so mean! Why would you say these things? Some guys just like to drink a beer after work! What's the harm in that?" and whatever else whiny crap you want to insert in there. Every time I say this on Fuse, all's I get is stupid people saying "You're a prude! You're jealous!" Prude, no...I just don't care to see sexual crap all the time..It's called maturity, and I'm passed the stage of being thrilled by such things..I think that ended when I was 16..And jealous? haha..yeah..I have boobs, so I have nothing to be jealous of..I'm simply sick of it..it's like being in a daycare for giant children...just grow up already and move on in life..or find some other place to post your skeezy pictures..because I'm sick of looking at your immature prepubescent fantasies of what you'll never get..Spirited_away_05.png

Fuse doesn't want me to change my profile pic :(

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So...Fuse won't let me change my profile picture..And for that I am very sad..So I wrote a blog out of boredom..And in spite of fuse I will put my picture here...Show them who's boss! ha! I can post my picture and you can't do anything about it stupid fuse profile picture! Okay..I'm done >.>


Our newest gamer baby

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So you all know we had a baby 4 months ago..I figured since I was bored I would put her picture here for whoever wants to see it..


PS4 vs Xbox 720

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Which one is more anticipated? I'm going for PS4 simply because the technology of it is more then the Xbox 720...Example being PS3 has a blu-ray player and the PS3 came out in 2006, Xbox 360 Slim version was announced in 2010, although slimmer and now with WiFi it didn't come with blu-ray...3 years later they finally decided to put a blu-ray player in it. Sony is obviously more concerned with technology and improving the consumers experience by releasing new models with upgraded technology. Xbox released the 360, yes it was much better...It didn't weigh 40lbs and it wasn't the size of a couch cushion. The controllers are much smaller, and your hands don't hurt after holding it for awhile. I remember when the Xbox was first released, you could add music to it. That was the coolest thing ever at the time. It was more of a jukebox then a console. In my opinion anyway. I am also not very impressed with the Xbox gold membership requirements on the smaller model. And the requirement to be a gold member to access Netflix or any other application that is alike. I can see a lot of people not being very happy about this. But it gets them more money, and as crazy of an idea as it is to charge for such things, people will buy it. Because you will always have PS fans & Xbox fans..I own both Xbox 360 & PS3, I like both of them but the PS3 is my favorite. What's your opinion on it? What is your favorite and what are your thoughts on the features both consoles will be adding? PS3_XBOX_wireless-controller.jpg

Gamer girls do not need more respect then male gamer's..

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I just read the dumbest blog..A girl whining about being a girl gamer and some guys who were mean to her because she's a girl gamer..I'm sure they had reasons to do this..If she is out there writing blogs about it I can just imagine how she is in the games..Crying because she died or thinking she gets some special respect for being a girl. Completely wrong..I play games, and when I go into multiplayer on a game, I don't freekin announce then I am a girl..Why? Because it doesn't matter..I'm there to play the game, not get some kind of golden star for being a girl..Play the games, stop thinking you need special respect because you aren't a guy..You are not a gamer girl if you have to make it known every time you enter a game or write a blog about how some big bad guy hurt your little feelers..You're a stupid chick looking for attention because you played Halo once or twice and maybe the puppy game on a DS..You want to game, then do it..But don't expect some guy to feel bad for your girly pink feelings. Just shut up and man up..I'm tired of hearing girls cry about this..And I'm sure a lot of guys are too.

Update on our new gamer :D

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Just a small update for people who are interested..We're going to be having a gamer girl in 17 weeks :D We haven't been on in awhile due to us being busy with life..It'll be even more busy in 17 weeks :p But we will try to get on every once in awhile, just wanted to let you guys know that we didn't fall off the face of the earth :P

New gamer in the making

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Hey everyone, to all my friends on here. Me and Sefrix wanted to tell you guys we're going to have another gamer :D Going today to see it for the first time at the doctors. I created a blog because I only wanted my friends to see, some people can be cruel and we didn't want that here. Anyway, our gamer will arrive December 23rd :D Just wanted to share our excitement with our good friends on here! Thanks! :D
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