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I think its safe for me to say the show is finally back!

Sorry for not writing, but I didn't want to jinx the launch of tots by saying it was actually going to happen. You might have seen one or two comments I made in the forums about the show coming back in August. But after the first two times I had said it was coming I didn't want to sound like the boy who cried OTS. In any case, it feels really good to have the show back and to read what people think of the new format. I forgot how much fun it is to read all of the comments after the show.

We were hard at work on the Saturday show tonight, going to hit it hard in the morning, but I think its super solid. I shot some video in the studio today, mostly of Tor hamming it up for the camera.I'll see about getting that stuff up on the Producers Note blog.

I think I am going to go get some shut eye, see you all later!

Let me know what you think of the show btw! Also, someone should send me some user video questions, comments, or whatever you think would be cool to send.

Night ya'll, Ryan

No On the Spot today?

So we're taking a bit more time to get ready, or should I say we've been given some more time to get the show ready. What could take so long you ask? Truth is we've been in production rehearsals for the past two weeks, expecting today to be the day up until late last week. We've actually done internal tests of the show and have more than a few episodes that I'd love to share, especially with all you GSLive union members, I'd love to hear what you guys think. Alright, I better get back to work, I'll see if I can smuggle you out a test episode, or some behind the scenes action. In the meantime, well be live this Friday with a Halo Wars marathon at 4:00pm PST. Maybe they'll let me show some of the show then, I'll check and see.


On the Spot Returns!

Another late night working on the new show, we're one day closer to getting this thing started and I can't wait. I think you're going to really like what we're going to be coming back with. The new format really pushes the point of what we had in mind when we first created the show four and a half years ago. If you were around then, Let's GameSpot was the weekly show we had back then. Rich had joined us and took over the reigns of producing Let's GameSpot and made it a show all his own. I was crazy about the idea of live streaming video, being able to be plug a camera and game system in and show people what we were seeing in real time from anywhere that had an internet connection. That to me was the greatest invention ever; it'd be like being able to take the entire GameSpot audience with us when we went to visit someone that wanted to show their new games. If you saw the first episode of On the Spot, then you know we did exactly that. Our first episode was from EA's Tiburon Studio in Florida, where we gave a tour of the studio and showed demos of a bunch of their games. Little known fact, we managed to do that entire episode with four people, Rich, Dave Toole, Ricardo Torres and myself.

Things have changed in four and half years and it felt time for us to change the show. We wanted to build a better way to get the latest information, demos, and fun over to you. So we thought about it, a lot, looked at tons of your comments, thought some more, then decided on a course that will see the new show hit before the end of the month.

If you think it's been taking awhile, I guess it's because it has. We're serious about building a show that is going to be the most informative, helpful, and fun thing we've done. It'll be a constant learning experience for us and I hope you share your comments and let us know what you think. After all this is a show we're building for you really, were just lucky enough to be the guys crazy about games that get to do it. I'll post some video from the studio so you get a sneak peak as we get closer. I need to eat some tater TOTS and get to bed, until next time good night ya'll!

Sick at home, but mostly better now

I hate being sick. I started getting sick Tuesday evening, got through Wednesday, but that night I got the full on chills, aches, and everything.

It took till Friday morning for everyone in the whole house to get sick. Now I am playing nurse for everyone else. This morning I started looking through some old boxes looking for pictures to scan in, one of the things I found was an old box of video game magazines. I started thumbing through the old mags, found a ton of the old previews, reviews, event coverage, and guides I used to write for Game Informer and EGM2. The two page Atari Jaguar preview spread I wrote is especially choice as you can imagine. Even found some old video from back then, thinking about doing a video blog and slipping some of that action in there, could maybe sneak in some new On the Spot (its almost ready) stuff in there.

For now I've got to go feed sick people! I'll check back later!


Day one in the books!

Day one in the books! What'd you guy guys and gals think? I'll say we had some tech stuff to work out that was unfortunately done so live, but by the second or third hour I think we started to hit our stride. By the end I thought we had gotten everything pretty straight. Tomorrow and Thursday, (knocking on wood), should go fairly smooth.

We tried to stay with gameplay as much as possible the whole show. Had some stuff to work out with the virtual set. But I think the guys just worked it out. You should see some better camera action tomorrow if so. A lot of people are still cutting video and are working to get content up. The mini documentary I mentioned at the end of the show had to be re-rendered, but should be up in 3 hrs to be safe.

Going to bed soon, night ya'll. Hope you like you like the coverage.

On the road to E3, literally!

Hey ya'll,

Sorry its been a 11 days after my last post, but I've had my head down trying to get the best E3 lined up for you possible. Today however I am happy to report we are on our way, and are about two hours away from LA. We started our convoy this morning, stopped off at Del Taco, bought some power inverters at the truck stop, and are excited to get the show on the road.

scenes from the road: http://pictures.sprintpcs.com/share.do?invite=oEIrJT8dzk824L5z8o7o&shareName=MMS&messageState=RETRIEVED

I'll try to sneak a user video once we unload the trucks and are setting up the space tonight. Can't wait to get started, write you guys later.



Second blog post evar! This is me writing about my daily activities here at Gamespot. I have to tell you with 11 days until we leave for E3, I am so excited. The new studio stuff, which is all kinds of top secret right now, is coming along quite nicely.