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2010 Highlights

Seasons Greetings! With 2010 winding down, Santa isn't the only one making lists and checking them twice. I've had to make a few lists last week and thought I'd share the one pasted below since it had a few of my favorite things from 2010. Figured it my be handy to reference in case you missed something this past year. I hope you enjoyed them!


  • C.E.S. (I am usually really impressed by one or two gadgets, a really big 3D TV, or random new tech. Looking forward to next month to see whats new for 2011.)


  • Most Anticipated of 2010 (I always really liked this feature, even though I look absolutely horrible in it for some reason.)
  • Heavy Rain (I was way into Heavy Rain, but just for the week I originally played it. I need to go back and play again.)





  • E3 (The live stage show, E3 Live Cam, Tonight on Spot, and all kinds of crazy stuff, like riots!)
  • Mortal Kombat (Getting to close the show with Ed Boon and Mortal Kombat was awesome to say the least.)


  • Comic-Con Stage Show (This was crazy cool. We actually helped plan out the stage and did all kinds of fun business with folks from CBS. LL Cool J. playing Sports Champions was definitely a highlight.)





Dec. (We had a lot of the best of the year right in December.)