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Make no mistake, we miss the man too, but Rich's departure for other opportunities is a permanent one, so you're left with what you've got. Hopefully you'll find that the remaining members of the GameSpot staff have plenty to offer as on-air personality.

I too am a fan of the stylings of Mister Vincent Caravella. You can be sure to see plenty of his influence on select videos going forward.

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Midnight Brown has some good stuff out. Its very...different for the most part, but different is good sometimes.
Best part is, its free!


I dunno if that's the best part, but...yeah.

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We are required by both the ESRB and game publishers to age-restrict videos based on the ESRB rating of the game in question. Simple as that.
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I believe that hot, hot track is an unreleased Midnight Brown song.
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Quite easily. I love my MacBook, but it's pretty wretched for playing modern PC games. The only games I have installed are the Sam & Max episodes on my XP partition, and Fallout and Fallout 2 on the OSX side. If I had a Pro, I suppose I might have WoW installed, but even then, it's pretty slim pickins.
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My favorite Mac game is called "Install Windows XP On My MacBook So I Can Play the New Sam & Max Games", and it's a blast.
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The 1-2 music is boring if you ask me. The sickest Mario-related bassline is clearly from the pause screen in Super Mario Bros. 2.
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Reviews are assigned based largely on the reviewer's experience with both the series and the genre at large. Jeff Gerstmann has reviewed well more than a thousand games for GameSpot, and those who can appreciate the longview will recall that he also reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, making him more than qualified to review Twilight Princess. Despite how strongly some people seem to feel about our Twilight Princess score, a game, we're not changing our review, nor are we changing our review process because of it. GameSpot has given The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii an 8.8--so it is, so it shall be.

Bottom line, reviews aren't intended for those who've already made up their minds about the game in question before they've even played it. Their primary purpose is to assist those trying to decide where they should be spending their hard-earned money. If you disagree so strongly, please feel free to craft your own reader review. It's what they're there for.