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New Game Alert!!

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Hi everybody, just saying that I am going to buy a new game! All i wanted are a few recommendations for a really good game! Please can you give me a couple! I have already thought of 'Bad Company' and 'NBA 2K8'! Would you choose these or other games. Please post your views. Thank you!

Level 10!!!!!

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I finally reached level 10, i think now you get many more privelages with Gamespot; like posting videos! Are there any more?

Review on Gears of War!

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Finished Gears of War, and wrote the review. I just made this blog to show off how long my review is! Check it out, its definately the longest review I have ever done, maybe longest i will ever do :)!

If you read it, please rate it good, because i put a lot of effort into it and i want a small reward, so that would be good enough! Thank you!

Just got PGR4!!

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I just got PGR4 and i really just want to get started! So after I am finished with a couple of levels or after i complete the game, i will post a review stating what i think about the game. Please could all of you post a comment of what you like best about the game (if you have the game of course). thank you, it shoud help me a lot when doing my review!

Decoding an Xbox 360!?

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Hi again, i just have one quick question to ask: Can you decode an Xbox 360 so it plays PAL and NTSC? Please i would really like to know! Thanks.

Finally the Xbox 360!!

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Finally I have recieved the Xbox 360. But not just that, its the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one) and that too a premium pack. With the Xbox i get 2 free games and i bought another extra game. The two games i got for free are Forza 2 (rated 9.2 by GameSpot), and Ultimate Alliance (rated 8.3 by GameSpot). The other game i have bought is 'Gears of War' (rated 9.6 by GameSpot). I am sooo excited, i will updated on everything later!!

Transferring from PS1 & PSP to Xbox 360

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Okay, so right now I own a PSP but no gd games, the thing is that i don't really want any becuase soon enough i am gonna get the Xbox 360 and that will revolutionize the way i see gaming. This is because - other than the PSP - I only had a Playstation 1, which is now almost 8-9 years old, so this ought to be a great surprise. This will also be something different because i will be changing from all the Sony products to Microsoft, i hope that this is the right choice. Also, if anybody can post a comment and tell me a game of the Xbox 360 that you would recommend, that would be great...Thank You!!
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