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Panty and Stocking

Type: TV
Status: Finished Airing Aired: Oct 2, 2010 to Dec 25, 2010
Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Parody, Supernatural
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Well this is kind of a parody of the Powerpuff girls. It's about two fallen angels named Panty and Stocking who have been sent down to earth. They must collect Heaven Coins to buy themselfs back into Heaven and they do that by defeating the Ghosts (monsters).

Panty can transform her panties into a diamond gun. She is also extremely cocky, swear constantly, oly cares about herself (and Stocking sometimes) and obsessed with sex. Stocking transform their socks to the diamond sword. She's not as b*** as Panty but she can be a real **** too. She's also a Goth and cares for the most part only cares about candy and sweets. Then we have Garterbelt who is a priest and their guardian. He has a big afro, swears alot and likes little boys. They also have a hyperactive pet named Chuck who dies all the time.

My thoughts:

Ther is some bad episodes (Transformers episode) but for the most part this show made me LMAO. I love Panty! And they are many episodes that I love, such as the one when they are fighting Zombies with **** Too bad most of the bad sections are at the beginning and can leave some bad first impression. But if you like series like South Park, Drawn together and Family Guy so you should definitely see this.


I love their music video


My Rating: 8/10

My iphone history

Aaah the iphone. The phone evulotion itself and one of the best toys i'd ever had.

To bad i alredy broke 2 tho. The first one was an 3G and o throw that on in the asphalt with all i had, so some pixels died. Doing that was relly stupid but i was drunk out of my mind and mad. And when i get mad i like to throw things... So i sold it to a friend that coud fix it by himself and bought a new 3GS insted.
But sadly that one died in May this year. It was when i was on a vacation in Turkey and was on a boat trip to see the biggest waterfall in Turkey, and guess what i hade my iphone with me and the boat drove right into the waterfall and my phone got a big shower, some time after that it died.

So i hade to manage without an iphone some time bc i wanted the iphone 4. And now im a proud owner of one. It feels relly good to have an iphone once again.

Time for some more plants vs zombies


Lately i have started to litsen to alot of audiobooks when im at work or when im out on road trips. So here is my favorites:

Twilight saga - Stephenie Meyer:
Yeah i know hate me now... But i love thoes books. No books as ever imprison as mutch as theas. When i read the last book i diden't sleep for 2 days bc i was up reading all night

Harry Potter - JK Rowling:
This books was the one that got me interested in reading at all. Start reding them when i was 10 and i still love them

Let the right one in - John Ajvide Lindqvist:
A swedish writer. And a very good one. best horror book ever

The Farseer - Robin Hobb
i have just read the fist 2 but damm i love them. And i hope the rest of her books is this awesome.

Lilla stjärna (littel star) - John Ajvide Lindqvist
This book dont have a english translet yet as far as i know. But it came out in sweden about a moth ago. This book is brutal and **** in a new level.

Eragon saga - Christopher Paolini
I don't relly like the character Eragon mutch. But Saphira is great.

And heres the list of books im planing to lisen as soon i got the time to:

Thes rest of Robin Hobbs books

Wheel of time- Robert Jordan

Stephen King - The dark tower series

His dark materials - Philip Pullman

The Serpentwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist

Song of ice and fire saga - George RR Martin

The vampire diaries - LJ Smith

The Southern Vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris

Recommendation on similar books are very welcomme (but it has to bee audiobooks)

Old school wishlist

I have always loved games but i haven't consider myself i gamer until the last 3 years. Which isen't a very long time, i have played games my whole life but just the popular ones and not as seriously as i do now. So i have alot to catch up with both old school and next gen games. The problem is finding the time. Im a very social person so i just can't sit and play games all day. My work takes alot of my time too.

Mostly i play next gen games. But im mention some old school games that i relly wanna find the time to play:

Golden Sun: I have the GBA version. People seems to love it.

Conker's Bad Fur Day: This game looks awesome. Banjo-Kazooie Badass **** I haven't decided if i try the n64 version or the xbox remake.

Final fantasy - well most of the ff games. I have only beat FFVII, FFX And Dissidia (and playing Crises Core right now). But it's just recently i beat thoes. FFVIII And FF IX it the ones i look most forward to

Grim Fandango - Don't know much about this game except that everyone seems to love it. And thats good enough reason for me to try it out.

Chrono Cross - I beat Chrono Trigger about a moth ago (the DS version) I loved it and ofc i have to try the other Chrono game.

Kingsley's Adventure - I have actully tried this. But thats about 10 years ago and i remember loving it but i never beat it.

Medievil - Remeber my friends loved this game and i was always watching them play. Never played it myself acully, the zombies in the game scarred me x)

Legend of Dragoon - One of the biggest games on the playstation (of not the biggest). It looks relly interesting and i think i would like it

Secret of mana - Well i have to say i don't know mutch about this one. But some of my friend was talking about it i i though i try it out

Vagrant Story - Decided to try this bc of it high scores and i herd that it was relly short for an RPG so i whouden't take me long time to beat it

Metal gear solid - Well i have NEVER played a MGS game.. So it's time and why not start from the beginning?

Earthbound - An RPG whit i lot of comedy i seems

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - I have never played a Castlevania game so im gonne try the most loved one. Dediced to try it out when i saw it on Xbox live

And these are just old school games.... And my next gen wishlist is alot longer...

My top 5 most anticipated games of 2010

5. Epic Mickey (Wii)
I don't know much of this game. But is reminds me of Kingdom hearts and i just get a good feeling from it.

4. The Witcher 2 - Assassins of kings (PC)
I loved the first game and i just can't wait for this one. Loves the first

3. Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox 360)
I have watched some trailers and previwes. I looks like GTA in the west but with a touch of RPG. In other words: Epic

2. Fabel 3 (Xbox 360)
Fable 2 is the best game i have played in xbox and i hoping for Fabel 3 to be even better and longer. Fabel 2 was short for being this kind of a game.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: ????? (Wii)
All Zelda game has been Epic and i haven't played a singel bad one yet. It has been my favorite game series since i finised my first Zelda game (Wind Walker) and ocf when it' my favorite series, it gets the first spot.

Game of the year


  • I must have beaten the game
  • It dosen't matter when it was released, only matter if i beat it this year

The nomenies are:

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Kingdom hearts 1 and 2


Fable 2

Final fantasy VIII

This year has been a gamer year for me, thats bc i moved from home and don't have any work so when my friends are at school or at work im ofen spening my time in video games or movies. This five games are absolutly awsome and is going to be hard to decide.

The witcher (PC)

This game was RPG of the year 07. And it's also an action RPG and thats the genre i love the most. It also has a great story, good characters and fun side quests. The fighing style coud have been mutch better thu and the loading time was annoying.

Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 (PS2)

Final fantasy and Disney characters meet. Damm i love the ide and i just keep playing to see what famous characters i will run into next. Even the gameplay wasent the best, just hit the buttoms like an idiot and you will win if you just keep an eye on your life meter.

Okami (Wii)

This game feels so Zeldish. But thats a relly good thing. The only thing i can complain about in this game is that i sometimes having trubel drawing the lines so i coud use my god powers.

Fable 2 (XBOX 360)

This was my first 360 game and i loved it. The quests was so mutch fun, good story and great gameplay. But i wish that it was longer and had more side quests.

Final fantasy VII (PC)

Well im not mutch of an old school gamer and im not into turn-based games either. But i'v herd so mutch of this game that i just have to give it a try. I though this was going to be a decent game but how wrong i was. I loved every second of it.

And the winner is:

Final fantasy VII

the reasson i chose this is that i is just that i usally not like old school or turn-based games, but still come to relly like this game and it also made me wanna play the others ff games even if their are turn-based.And the stoy itself is one of the beast in gaming histary and tha characters are awsome. Cloud is not that typical hero, he got some balls.

I got my Ferret!

Hi i finnaly got a ferret. She is a 2 years old Albino female. She is just so damm cute but she bites. So now im working my ass of with here bite training,

Homemade wine succsess!

I tried to made wine at home myself (i don't know if it's leagal in usa and other contries, but in sweden it is). I't ALOT cheaper then buying it, but i have herd that it dosen't taste so good. Man how wrong they where. I invided some friends over to try it with me and when the night was over it turnd out that we had drunk over 9 litre wine. It was a succsess! everyone loved it and now im going to make my own wine from here.

And it was white wine. Red wine taste like crap


Im feel kinda bad now. I was plaing on getting a ferret next week but now they tell me that they just breed them at spring so i have to wait a half year to get one :( I find some that i can buy on the net but there are 150 miles away from me and it cost alot of money getting them here. I relly want a pet, to be honest i mostly want a dog but when i get i job again i dont have time for it. A ferret can be alone when your at work as long as you spend some time with it later, and they sleeps alot to.

maby i get a rat again but i want a more social animal.