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Long Time No See Guys!!

Literally a very, very long time! Bet you dont even remember me! :shock:

Well theres been a bit of a change since i was last here, I've moved in with my boyfriend and his family, and I'm really setteled here, so thats fab for me :) It's a bit of a pain getting to my part-time job (two buses and it takes aboutan hour and 15) so I'm looking for a job closer to where I live now.

I'll be checking out everyones blogs in a little while, see what youve all been upto, I also need to find all the games I've got since I've last been on, and I think theres quite a few! Especially since DS-man has got me a Nintendo 3DS for my 21st 8) I've been on three games for it so far, Lego pirates, which I coudlnt really get into, I'd prefer it for the 360, Zelda, which I still need to carry on playing, and the one I'be been on most of all, which is Nintendogs and cats! I think it's much better than the DS version, theres a couple of new things, taking your dog for a walk is much more interesting, and you get cats!! I love it! If anyone has any awesome suggestions for games, then please, let me know! The only thing that is super annoying s that I can't connect to do the update >.> which tbh, is really getting on my nerves, anyone else had any problems with this?

I've also been pretty obsessed with Borderlands on the 360 latley> I'm not superfab at it like some people can be, but I do pretty well! I started it off with DS-man on two player, but have started playthrough two on my own, and I

House to myself, Time for a Blog :)

The first blog in what seems like years!!! Stooid no internet >_>

So yeahhh :) How've ya been guys? I'm just sat chilling with the poochy atm, she's MASSIVE now! Lifes been going on okay, just that mums boyfriend is a humongous pr**k! I appreciate all the stuff he's done to make the house look nice and that, but I don't like him one bit. So I just try and stay out of the way and stay playing games upstairs :)

I recently got the first Viva Pinata, and theres not too much difference really, although DS-man sai there was, just that the acheviments seem easier to get. The game I've been playing most is Eternal Sonata. I've never really got into playing RPG's, But I really love this one. Ita has an amazing story so far, and the gameplay is simple enough for me :)

Anyway this was just an update so you didn't think I'd passed on or something lol. I'll post a pic of Keeba for yous :) Bubye!! x


And This is just to make you giggle, My dad smiley Gecko xD


My Christmas :) (Bit late but it's the only chance I've had with the web)

Well, I had a fab christmas :) Me and my sister wern't sure if it was going to be just us two or not, but it was like a nice family christmas, as mum's boyfriend moved in a couple of weeks before :) I got a few gifts, but thse few gifts still count :) I won't make a massive list, but here's what I got in short:


Series 8 and 9 of Naruto unleashed, and series 1 of Naruto Shippuden (Which should keep me busy :))

A huge tie-dye coloured piggy bank from my daddy which is awesome!

Some Nightmare before christmas goodies (jammies, socks etc)

A loverly bag and a gift voucher for a 'my style' clothes shop from DS-man's parents.

And from DS-man (as well as series 9 and shippuden one) Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4!!

And Some clothes from my mummy, and obviously some sweeiies :)

Also from my gorgeous darling James (Weill it was on Christmas eve) A loverly Engagment ring! *Squeals*!! So we are now engaged :) The next step is finding a house, but that's not easy!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas!!

Addicted, again.

Heyy you guys :)

I am now doggy sitting untill thursday, which means I am at my aunties house, and she has the interwebs :) I'm doggy sitting our Stormy, and she hasn't stayed quiet, but she is now, I gave her a pigs ear to gnaw on and shes been quiet for about half an hour now xD Here'a a pic of her that might amuse you :)

Massive Ice Cube :)

Ehehe, it amused me anyway :p

Andddd the title of my blog is reffering to The sims 2!! Since I'm down here, I thought I'd bring my laptop, something to do ya know, aand now I'm addicted again!! I nearly missed Storms dinner :/ Ahhhh good old Sims :)

Hope you all have a fab week!!

Dongle Times.

Heyyy guys :) Been a loooong time I know, but as I has no internets it's hard to get on. Right now I'm on my mummys internet dongle, but I don't like to stay on too long, as, you know, it's her dongle :/ But yeah I'm here to right you a blog, and to comment your blogs :)

I haven't really been doing much latley. I've got Storm from Saturday till Thursday,and she is huge now, not to mention stronger xD (I'll include a pic of how MASSIVE she is). So yeah, my next week should be pretty fun. Only thing is, She can't stay at my house all the time, so I'm going to have to go and stay with her at her own house, and I know I'll be kinda homesick ish, but there's a good reason for it..............I just got my own puppy on Monday :D She's 8 weeks old on..on today actually, she's a German Shepard and she's quite naughty at the minute! I swear one of these days she'll make my feet bleed!

So yeahh, games now, as this sight is about games :p i haven't played much lateley, because of the event of a new puppy, and the fact my mum's bf has moved in, so we've been sorting the house out and stuff, plus they get the tele at night lol. I have managed to finish Naruto: Rise of Ninja at last, so now I just have to start on broken bond. I also finished Bioshock 2, and went through the whole game without dying :)I haven't really seen any games out that I want, but after xmas I might get Spyro, or The Simpson's Game or something.

So, update over, I shall now post piccys and comment on your blogs :) Ta'ra guys!!

This is Storm, in all her mighty massiveness.


Doesn't look so white now does she xD

And this is my precious Keeba, Even DS-mans cat is bigger than her xD




Bye Bye for now :(

Wellp, My internets been cut off now, so it's bubye from me for now. At the moment I'm at my daddys, so that's why I can blog, but I only come once a week, and it's a pay as you go dongle, so sometimes we can't afford it lol.

But I may be on when I'm at DS-mans too, so ya never know when you'll hear from me :)

Oh great. *angry face*

*sighs* I have no phone untill my new one comes now. What ever will I do >_>

The story is, I have a contract phone with orange (a phone company) and it's time for me to upgrade. I got reccomended to go to a website called, so I did, found soem awesome deals, but then found this thing where you can put in your details, and if your eligble for an upgrade, they call you. Turns out that Dialaphone are just a sister company of Phone4U, so it was them who called me and sealed the deal of my new contract. Now I made this deal last monday, and the lady on the phone said that my new phone would be here within 3-5 working days. It has now been 8 working days.

So on monday, I called phones4U to ask on the whereabouts of my phone. The gent said that maybe the phone has not been in stock yet, and the lady who I spoke to shouldn't have told me that it would be 3-5 working days and it will be sent out as soon as they have them in stock. So I thought this was fair enough and setteled for waiting for my phone for another few days.

2 days later (being today) My old phone is telling me sim in inactive. Now correct me if I'm wroing, but shouldn't this only happen if I have my new phone, with the sim card in it?? So I called Phones4U, yet again and explained my problem. She told me my phone is on its way, and that she can't do anything about my sim being inactive, I'll have to call my network provder for that >_>

Eugggghhhhhhhh and it doesn't help that I've pulld a muscle in my neck and can hardly move my head! xD

Haha, well rtant over, next time I'll try and be more cheerful ^_^

Xbox is back in mah house :)

Had no idea what to call this, so it just gets the title Blog :)

Didn't get the 360 back yesterday like I expected, there was a problem with one of the employees cars breaking down or something, so the 360 didn't make it through to where I live, But, I still got it today! YAY. Not with the box or anything, I has to pick that, and the game I left in the broken one, pick them up tomorrow, which means another trip down the street, but I don't mind that :)

To say I got it back today though, doesn't mean I've been on it yet, because soemone, (@DS-man) has been on Black ops for ages :P He was off it all morning because we went to see Legend Of The Guardians: The Owl's of Ga'hoole (which is an AWESOME film by the way :)

Thanks for reading guys! TTFN :)

Eliminated Red Ring :D

Well, not eliminted on the 360, but eliminated for me :) I took it back to the shop I bought it from, which the guy told me to if I had any problems, and since they have a 3month guarantee/warrantee, which ever it is, he took the console and said he'll just swap it straight for another :) I have to wait untill tomorrow to pick it, but I'm just glad there's no hassle about it.

Maybe it's because it was 2nd hand, (or maybe it's just my charm :p) but he was really nice about it, no fuss,and said he'd sort it right away, get the other 360 in for tomorrow and save it there till I finish work. It made me really happy when I got home lol. I got to keep my hardrive too, he says he'll just put the one from the new xbox with the broken one lol.

Disadvantage is, I run out of xbox live tomorrow, my free trial, and with the way we are with bills at the moment, theres no point in me renewing it, as we may be cut off from the internet. Which also means I may not be on here for a while either :( Unless I can go on here on my new Blackberry phone I'm getting :P

Hope your all doing well!



Well, a quarter of one :(

I've only had this new xbox for a month now, and I have a quarter of a red ring. It is 2nd hand, but still, I didn't expect that.

Jade is sad now :(