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Here we Go Again.... (I need you guys for this one...)

Ahhh here we go ! Back at the old grind of life huh ? I've been playing a little more of my XBOX360 now that school is winding down and my hours at work are set. If all goes well I"ll be playing alot more !! Along those lines, for any of my good people reading this....tell me a little about Just Cause 2. This game has peaked my interest and I have teh money to buy it, I'm just not sure if I want to commit....hmmm? I've also been on the lookout for a new XBLA game. I don't have the taste for Toy Soldiers(even though I love Strategy Games) but anything a with a little more replay or addicting qualities to it ? I would appreciate it my buds. Anywho, what's up with you guys ? Any good games or stuff in your lives ? LEMME KNOW !!


High School takes up way too much time...

My life has become predictable. 5:45, wake up... 6:50 get on bus... 2:00.. school over head to weight room... 3:00 football until 5:30... 6:00 eat shower homework... 8:30 an hour of games MAYBE if i can stand to move... 10:30 lay in bed for 10 minutes pass out.

dont mean to sound like im complaining but wowza i am burnt out !! well anyway highschool in itself is exciting and i love it no matter how tedious it gets. gamewise not many have caught my attention. i bought dragon age origins so ill pick that up in a little under a month and of course modern warfare 2 but that is low on my list of things right now... im tired. oh yea my dog is being born in 3 days its a yorkie-maltese mix ( basically one of those 5 lbs dogs that stays small forever ) and i can pick her up on november 9th so yay ive been waiting for this dog forever !!! anyway whats up with u guys ? havent been on for a while so update me dont be shy !!!


DER REISE !! Im getting a job ?! Varsity Football ?! Lions and tigers and bears!

Wowza ive been busy !! This summer is going by ever so quickly !! As the title says i got the 3rd map pack for cod WAW and i love it !! this pack is far superior to the last two and i have a blast with the multiplayer but the Zombie maps is where it shines !!!! im currentley in the process of getting a job at a local H&L. Id be a stock boy who just put things on the shelf, watered the plants and fruit trees, and im allowed to work at any time of the day. This is great for me since i have football in the late morning/afternoon and I help coach football with my dad at 5pm-8pm. This frees me up for the night shift which is all I can ask for !! Varsity Football is just as i expected... eh eh eh ! the commitment is so tight !! but its worth it. Any summer jobs for youll ? Anyone wanna hit me up for zombies or multiplayer ? let me know !


Xbox is Back,Havent had time to play it though,got moved up to Varsity Football

As i said it has arrived. Microsoft didnt actually fix mine they just sent me a new one like everyone else but its cool with me : ) ! Ive made a little progress in Red Faction Guerilla but nothing amazing and my dad wont give me the WEP code so i can hook up my live cuz I have better things to do... or something like that. Its a drag cuz all the games i have right now are meant for online multiplayer... bummer. Also i applied for a job at the local Safeway and im really hoping that i get it. Its for the position of Courtesy Clerk. Have any of you guys worked at a Grocery Store or similar job ? Im kinda wondering what its like. Oh yea I got moved up to Varsity for football. Im really outgunned by all the seniors and Juniors but i guess im doing something right, too bad ive had two a days for this whole week and its been 90 every day... sacrifices i guess. Whats up with u guys ? Hows summer going ? Any jobs or sports for you ?


urgg football is finnaly hitting full swing... just what i need right now

**** !! football is starting again ! im just starting to relax! whatever i guess u know as soon as it starts ima be happy as can be but i still am dreading tomorrow. ive had a legitimate excuse to skip monday-wendesday but now i gotta go and quite frankly i dont want to. its lifting and anyone who lifts weights knows it boring and i dont feel like standing around for like 3 hours barely getting reps ! URGGG ! whatever ima surf the forums... what things in summer are you guys looking/ not looking forward to ?


Alas my summer has started on a bad foot for gaming...

yes it has finnaly happened....i thought i was days of reckless gaming and overheating have caught up to me... i have RED RINGS OF DEATH !!! .... BOO!! but all joking aside my Xbox 360 is dead. To be specific I have the E-74 error which is a hardware failure. i honestly think it is because i left my Xbox on overnight one day on accident but i didnt tell that to microsoft :P . i called it in and after throwing a semi fit was directed to a supervisor who i convinced to repair it for free, pay for my shipping, and extend my warranty for 3 months. actually it wasnt much of a struggle because once u get to a supervisor you pretty much get what u want lol. but since i live just a few miles away from the microsoft headquarters in Washington ill get it back in 2-3 weeks but it still blows.... well here i come DS :D . how is ur guys' summer going so far ?


Dude, long time no blog !! oh yea ive got 62 new DS games : )

sup guys ?? ive been gone a while and whew i miss u guys haha. ive been busy with football starting up again and the usual stuff. ive even started seeing a new girl. she is really nice and no exaggeration i have to drag my friends away from her she is that attractive, but thats a small price to pay right? haha. oh yea ive got 62 new DS games in the last 2 days..... before u report me to the police i bought that chip for the DS and it is amazing. for those who dont know this chip allows you to mod your DS and download games off the internet. its perfectly legal and so worth $25$. it also allows your DS to become an internet browser so i am currentley typing this on my DS... no joke. if you guys want any more information on this just comment or message me about it. So whats up with your guys lives ?? ( gaming or personal ) dont be afraid to share . see you on the forums


Wow Alot is about to go down.....

wow wow wow my next week is gonna be busy. tomorrow im going to have to mow my lawn AND my grandmas lawn which will probobly take around 2-3 hours and im not looking forward to it. on the upside my mom is taking me to blockbuster after to rent a game so yay !! i think im gonna get X_-MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE but im sorta thinking about TOO HUMAN but probobly X-MEN. Anybody played either of those games? what are your feeling on them ?? i happen to have wendsday off but im chillin with a lady friend on thursday so ill be busy for a while :o . yea hehe. on friday imgoing to the creek for a party and im happy i get to chill with my bros and some fine chikas haha. yea ill proboly be tired on saturday so ima just chill and game. what are your guys plans for the week ?? fill me in thanks guys


Please read this blog IMPORTANT !!+ i need your suggestions

as i said this is important!! we are up for a webby award !! seriously it takes 2 minutes to vote and if we win then gamespot will recieve the recognition it deserves !! not to mention the extra money from sponsors.... so seriously vote. enough about that im headed to gamestop in about an hour to pick up Pokemon Platinum. im siked about a new pokemon game my old diamond died thanks to my sister ( keep your coke to yourself this time ok?? ) and platinum seemes like the ticket. ill probobly be on later to blog about it but please help me with making a team. i dont fiddle with " tanks " or "leads" or "sweepers" i just want a few cool pokemon to train haha im not harcore !! so give me your suggestions and thanks to the loyal guys that keep commenting on my blogs i appreciate it and it wont go un-rewarded ill see ur profile as soon as i can. later !!