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...Is this the end???

Well since I left my unions life has been more free but...

School is such a drag...for some reason I think about here more than school...

Should I take a break from here or leave?

Im not failing or doing bad its just i cant listen in class im to busy with other things help?..

Buying a new WII

Yep by friday i will have new wii. Thats all as for my old one well i miss it it alot....hopefully i can get my downloads back...and as for brawl i still have a secret way to brawl you all *wink*

I dropped my WII

Noooooooooooooo :cry: it broke

i ran down my stairs tripped and :cry:

i dont want to :cry: but it shattered..

(i was thinking about someone from my past ad rushed down my stairs then...)

Im feeling...

I dont why but i feel sad and angry at the same time. I dont know why but i feel as if something bad is gonna happen...but what i dont get is im crying randomly and feeling sorry for someone.

EDIT-I no longer wish to be part of any unions other than the sig contest union....i dont even care about my union it seems strange but unions are boring unless there original so ya im staying in one later unions.


I leave GS for about a week only to hear most people are leaving the site....and it aint giant bomb wtf......why follow ppl...i just needed a break from this place but come on...

The Cops...

Allow me to explain my day with the cops.

So its like this i went to a teenage party(duh) everyone was drink and smoking(i dont smoke) and making noise like teens do best.We did all this form 7pm till 2am so neighbours on the block phoned police and had the party raided inside and out...house clearing and commotion on the driveway.

So a cop told me to leave the area and i told him **** off cause my parents will be here in 2 minutes he then told me leave again or he'll come and move me...so i said come and try to do that you ****er and he did....when he came closer and shined his flashlight in my eyes...i just turned around a sprinted for my life...i did that for like 5 minutes till i saw my mom them i realized....the cop stop chasing me for about 3 minutes :lol:

Ok guys the break from the computer was great!

I went to so many parties,met so many new people, experienced new things like rididng a roller coaster for the first time,drinking :lol:, having police raid a party, running away from cops for the fun of it,man it was just fun. As for GS m staying away for about 3-4 more days.

Im also planning to get a photoshop or the CS3 collection.

I can buy all the CS3 products though i dont need em all

Photoshop cs3,cs2 or Cs but all seem to be roughly the same what should i do?

Taking a break...

Ok so im taking a break from the computer i have been on almost everday and i have seen the sun in a long time lol so i will return maybe sunday or monday as for those i owe banners i will send them to you guys tommorow