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Well.. Im back

So yeah, just returned from my tourny. i went 4-4! im happy withi it and i had alot of fun. Since i dont remember every match ill just go over what i remember.

Round 1

Went against fairies. Got recked first round by a crystia but finished strong being able to control my glads perfectly and pulling to 2 easy wins

round 2

Was playing some deck (Cant remember what) and won the first duel but due to bad hands and the lack of an MST/Heavy was detroyed by probhition on my besti.

round 3

Did a glad mirror match getting wrecked by dimensional glads. I kept expecting to hit hoplo but kept seeing D.D. warrior ladies.

round 4

Got Destoyed by a twilight deck. went 0-2 and really depressed me in second match when he pull both DaD and JD on me, having DaD leave me with an open feild.

round 5

Missed the calling for the match and got a match loss by 2 minutes. Fortynetlley i did not get dropped.

round 6

went agains a star dust assualt deck and maintained percfect control over the duel, pulling to an easy victory.

round 7

went againt some guy running light machines. Proved to be some trouble with eltanin but manage to pull through with a quick 2-0

round 8

went against another deck i cant remember and went 2-1 in a close match.

So in the end i placed 105 out of about 200+ ppl. Had a great time and would like to go again as soon as i can.

So im entering a tournament....

On march 20th ive decided im going to go to a yu-gi-oh reginoals. Entry is 20$ but i think my deck is good enough to do decent witht he new ban list. Im trying to finish up my glads before then but itll be slightly costly (Solemn... to frekin expensive) but i really want to finish them up. Now if there anyone left still reading this who knows anything about what im saying, here is my deck list.


3 Laquari

3 Test tiger

2 Darius

2 Equeste

2 Murmillo

2 Samnite

1 Hoplomus

1 Secutor

1 Bestiari

1 Rescue Cat


2 Shrink

2 Gladiator Proving Ground

1 Heavy storm

1 Mystical space typhoon

1 lightning vortex

1 book of moon

1 Indomitable Gladiator Beast

1 Brain Control


3 Waboku

2 War Chariot

2 Defensive Tactics

2 Botemless

1 Divine wrath

1 Mirror force

1 Solemn Judgment


1 Gyzarus

2 Heraklinos

(maybe 1 stardust in the future)


1 Burial from a diffrent dimension

2 Shadow-Imprisoning mirror

2 Light-Imprissoning Mirror

1 Dark Bribe

1 Book of moon

2 Dust Tornado

1 Shrink

2 Trap hole

(Maybe 2 starlight road)

Now, some noteable things about MY glads, is that i run indomitable and Deffensive tactics. Both of these cards have been TREMENDOUS help and i dont see why ppl dont run them. I also notice this deck struggles with botemless and Opression over almost everything else, hence all the S.T.D's (Spell & Trap Destruction) in my side deck. I also figure i should run the to mirrors, just to me sure i dont get hit unexpectedly by a sworn, zombie, or blackwing. I also have trap hole on side for gadgets or blackwings. Another thing is im not running 3 chariot mainly because of its price increase to 15$. I figure that the Divine wrath will do. I also have shrinks for anti botomless and if i see my self really struggling with that, i can side in that 3rd shrink over my book. Any sugestions are welcome :D

So yep, more explosm stuff.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

So yep, more inapropriate humor from Explosm. these are the latest 2 vids and they made me laugh pretty hard. Theses guys are awesome and if you ever meet them... question thier sanity.

So yah, if anyone cares, here my list o christmas

Well since im Much better from the surgery, i figure i should make a new blog, one much more relevent. So yah, Game wise, Im asking for these

New super Mario bros. wii
Wii points card
LoZ spirit tracks (DS)
Monster rancher 3

And evaerything else is

Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector

1 or 2 Spell caster structure decks (yu-gi-oh of course :P)

Stardust overdrive Packs

Yah, i need a new way for internet cause my dads Security on the router is really annoying. Also, since im a dulest and making a NEW deck i need some specific cards, but im sure no one here would understand much about that. But yah, LoZ spirit tracks looks good and ive played NSMBW and Pokemon rumble and I KNOW theyre good. MR 3 is there just cause i used to play MR 1 in Greece on my greek PS1 (Went to a place that rented them out) and i like things that let me relive things I loved. But the thing I want most for christmas is allready assured. A BRAKE FROM THIS FORSAKEN PLACE WE KNOW AS SCHOOL!!! Idk, this year i cant stand it at all, last year It was tollerable but I just feel like crap in school, maybe its cause i have 3 really annoying Cla-sses back to back (Italian 2, AP world, and english). So yeah, this ends the blog, So... yeah...*Words*

Bad news guys....

Hey everyone I just think I should let everyone know i may have some periods of innactivity here. I just got home from the hossiptle where they opparated on me. I was in VERY intense pain this morining and i feeling much better now, just a little woozy from the annastecia and some pain from the Surgery incission but yea, thought i should let you all know. I may play some games now and go to bed but ill be fine now hopefully. Well peace, it may be my turn for a short GS break but ill try to make it on, considering im missing the next 2 days of school.

You may not have know this, but this is indeed a blog from Roxol

So yeah, i actually made one of these things... Just cause i havent made one in a while... So i think im going to get pokemon rumble... by itself its decent but with more ppl its quite cool. Ive played the demo like 5 times, dreading getting someone over 100 power. I also will be attempting to get NSBW for christmas... Im currently also trying to get an expensive card... Damn thing is promtional and i cant find it for the price i am willing to buy it at (25$) so... yah, may never get it. I'm looking foward to alot of things next year, cant wait for Pikmin 3, MG2, Heart Gold, and hoping for a new starfox and kirby. So hey, whos exited for thanksgiving? I could care less actually, all it is to me is an excuse to feast (Which it is :P) so yah... i guess ill bid you all adue for now and leave you guys with some explosm comics

sCyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomicCyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomicCyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomicCyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


Well I have gotten through 5 days of school and i gotta say, all is good so far. Algerbra II Is SO easy and i finish the work when the teacher starts talking about it. Chem. is simple so far and is simple math. My AP World class is annoying. Very dull, very boring, but a great teacher. Does that count for everything? English is english... Nothing special exept i have that dumb summer reading book i have to do some work on. Now the fun stuff, Electives! Orchestra, easy as always, will be fun this year. I have to stay after school one day a week now, but I don't mind. I Also may be going to washington D.C. for our big Band/Orch. trip! Fun, fun. Guitar is an EASY A and an amzing class. Im finally putting my electric to good use and I'm having fun. Italian is going to be hard work but the teacher rocks so it'll be fine. In luch I duel with my friends so i enjoy that as well. Shortened version of blog is here:

Algerbra: Easy, always ahead

Orch: Stay after school (Dont care) Fun

Chem: Easy

Guit: Easy and fun

Lunch: Cards Games

Italian: Nice teacher, need to work hard

Ap world: Boring

Eng: Eng... nothing more to say.