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#1 Posted by Rottenwood (1786 posts) -

Kind of a strange move - with digital distribution gaining power, the time for game rentals is drawing to a close. NetFlix is jumping onto a sinking ship.

Not to mention the fact that most developers use on-line codes and other deterrents, specifically because of crap like this.

Between this and their other recent misfires, I'm beginning to think NetFlix was taken over by pod people.

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Being a soldier who fights and kills in war is not murder. That's a man doing his job. Murder is a malicious intent of the heart which is exactly what your mimicing in a game where you can run around and blow away innocent civilians. Rape is on a totally different level of disgust and malicious intent. As others have said, it is very traumatizing and emotionally destructive and gross perversion of the highest order.-ArchAngeL-777-

It's not quite that cut and dry, though. Both my boss and my uncle were drafted into the Vietnam War, and neither considered it their 'job.' They certainly would've quit said job on the first day had their been a legal way to do so.

For many veterans, drafted or otherwise, war can also be a 'traumatizing and emotionally destructive experience.' Yet there are countless games (Call Of Duty chief among them) that make theirpersonal trial into a shoot 'em up game of fun. I wonder how my grandfather would've reacted to seeing a bunch of kids playing a World War 2 simulator, laughing their asses off as they mangled each other, shouting epithets over their headsets. To them, it's a source of HEADSHOTZ. To him, it was a place where he lost quite a few good friends.

The kids don't mean any harm, mind you - it's just a game to them. But is it in good taste?

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The game can go from 2 minutes to 300 hours, depending on how long you personally choose to play it.

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It's a conspiracy to try to secretly sabotage one of your favorite developers, hoping that their bankruptcy would make your life horribly miserable. On a more serious note, having NIS crash and burn would be one of the better things to happen to the gaming industry. Maybe it'll create a JRPG vacuum that somebody who doesn't rehash the same game every 3 years will fill, so we can get some good games.Greyfeld

Somebody's a Grumpy Gus!

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Unless you can prove a company maliciously 'cut out' DLC content from the disc with a hacksaw to gouge you for more money, it's a dead argument. Most DLC is developed by entirely different teams than the core game... Dragon Age: Origins, for example, only had day one DLC because the game got delayed so many times that the first batch of DLC caught up with the main product. Yet you'll find a million people arguing that they got screwed out of three dollars, or what have you.

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Miyamoto. Everyone else can tie for second.

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In the captain's room, you have a picture of Liara on your desk, correct? If it's still face-up, the romance is in play. If it's been knocked face-down on the desk, it's "over." I think that's the official flag for the event.

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Free speech is technically legal, but you can get murdered for it. You can say nasty things about Christianity or Jesus because most Christians won't murder you for it. But try saying something bad about some other religions like Judaism or Islam, you might receive a mail bomb or car bomb.ZombieKiller7

But you can say completely offensive things like this, and generally not suffer any reprisal. So the system works, for the most part.

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Good question, I'll poke around and see what I can find.


Okay so I know FOR A FACT that Disgaea 4 is currently being reviewed and it should be posted in the not too distant future. As for the other games I'm getting ready to hunt down Justin now ;)


As always, Synthia, you are the best. The gal goes on the case, and hours later, the review pops up. I might call on you later to get my broker to stop screening my calls.

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DLC that comes out the day is released is ridiculous imo. I would get the game but I would do it in a way that the publisher/dev get none of my money. If they're planning out potential DLC before the games out I don't mind too much depending on how close the game is to releasing(if they start announcing DLC 3-4 months before the game comes out then there's a problem).Moriarity_

One of my favorite aspects of the hobby - people who make it so that their own theft is someone else's fault, 'cause they're mean.

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