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Shoot In and Out (Favorite Gaming Memory 4 of ?)

Ok well let's get this one out the way.  Had this one in mind out of the gecko so if I don't do it now then it's just going to be bogging my mind down.  Like a bunch of other gamers I'm sure, I was awesome at Mega Man.  That game came naturally to me.  While I didn't record any speed runs (wtf are speed runs?)  I can tell you with a straight face, and with a drunk face, I could even tell you when I'm wearing a mask if you'd like, I could beat Mega Man 2, 3 and 4 like a champ.  In college I used to beat those games just to take the stress off.  There was something therapeutic about it.  It felt good because I was good. Though no one else gave two shits.  Quit wasting you're time kid! 



My armpits itch like all day

I got a bunch of Mega Man memories. Unfortunately not any while getting dome from a hott chick.  Anyways, though I'd say I have a lot of awesome memories from Mega Man 3, my favorite level/boss to kick the shit out of is most certainly Quickman and his hellish stage from Mega Man 2.  Actually, it probably isn't the biggest pain in the ass compared to some other Mega Man stages, but it certainly looks cooler than hello kitty underpants.  


Quickman gets down Saturday Night Fever style

As you'd expect, Quickman's level isn't for the gamers with slow reactions.  The level must be completed fast.  Not because there's a timer, but because one of those beams of energy that plague half of the level will fry you into smithereens.  Quickly escaping death by energy beam is a great feeling.  One wrong step, or maybe there's too much grease on your fingers from all those potato chips you've been eating causing your thumb to slip off the d-pad, will give you a one-way ticket to deathville.  Time to start again buddy.  Time to get a life buddy.  Time to find a new hobby buddy.  Time to get a watch buddy.


Smells like somethings cooking


When you finally do get to quickman you have two choices.  Use Flashman's power to drain half of his life away...OR you could beat him like a man with just your regular shot.  Which is what I do, because I'm a baller like that.  Mega Man can actually become quite an easy game when you know what powers to use against which bosses.  If you stay classy and just use your regular shot you'll be eligible to enter the Mega Man Hall of Fame I've set up in my parents basement.