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Patience and Timing is the Key to Any Good Fart (Favorite Gaming Moment 3 of ?)

I went through about eight NES controllers.  Out of pure rage and fustration I'd throw those suckers against the wall, the ground or just try to bend them with bare hands.  It just sucked failing, and I wanted the controller to feel my pain.  As I look back on those childish moments, I think.  Wow, I was an idiot back then, too.  Now, I don't remember the exact games and the exact moments of those games where I really tried to damage the controller, but I could make a really good case for the title below.


Relax, Free Your Mind, Become the Beast, Become the Chest Hairs.

Whether or not you asked me when I was kid if a level from The Karate Kid was considered one of my favorite gaming moments I'm not sure what I would have said.  Probably something like, "Dude, all I need is gummy bears and a glass of coke with crushed ice."  Today the memory of playing The Karate Kid holds a nice spot in my brain.  I don;t think I can ever forget much trouble I had with the level where the rain is coming down and the wind is blowing like a mother chucker.


That's a fart bomb

While I like all of the levels of The Karate Kid, the one pictured about was a beast.  It came early in the game and tested the size of your nuts.   If randomly changing wind speeds wasn't enough to make platforming difficult, it was what the wind was blowing that added to your souless life.  Time a jump just right while factoring in the weather (like Ninja Gaiden) wasn't enough.  Sometimes a chair or some other debris blow onto the screen and ruin your life.  Go the high route or the low route, doesn't matter.  Both ways are as dangerous as the other.  

Like any great karate master, patience and timing are the key.  So don't look for any power-ups.  And if you haven't played this game before, I'd recommend putting some padding around the controller so it doesn't break on impact.  And if any loved ones enter the area where you game, make sure they're wearing a helmet.