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Keeping Nintendo Outside the PC Box

What Game sold the best last year? Call of Duty you say? Give me more of that, just name it Titanfall or something.

The opinion that Nintendo needs to do what it can to pull itself back into booming positive sales figures by firing Iwata and putting in his place someone that better "understands" the Western market is asinine. Not because it could possibly increase sales (which is the obvious way to look at it) in the future, but what it does to the integrity of Nintendo. Nintendo is a company which has been one of the (if not the) leading innovators in video games in hardware and in software till this very day and will continue to be if they maintain their same leadership. Nothing suggests otherwise. When someone looks at anything solely in terms of profit and increasing sales, something which Nintendo has never prioritized, innovation and creativity ALWAYS fall to the background.

PC has got more leaves, more light, SAME GAME, and a bigger draw distance.

A main complaint about the Wii U is that it has lost third-party support more than any other console in the history of consoles. Low sales figures are certainly a reason for this, why produce a game for a system that nobody owns? Yet another reason, a more important reason, is because right now risk-taking in game design is at an absolute LOW. Sony designed a console that was easy to design for, one that is pretty much a PC. Microsoft did the same thing, of course. In the world of PC, Playstation, and XBOX gaming, video game design will continue on the way it was before. The developers who made games for the PS3 and Xbox 360 don't need to learn anything new or think outside the box. If you just watch any interview with developers about creating games for "Next-Gen" hardware (specifically the PS4 and XBONE), you'll find their answers to be rather deadpan and redundant. Answers like, "yea, we're looking forward to putting more stuff in our games and boosting the graphics; where we were hitting design walls before, we can bulldoze right through those now [...until we hit are next wall]".

To give third parties what they want, Nintendo needs a device that looks and acts like the other devices on the market. This way it is absolutely no pain for them to bring their game over to a Nintendo console. Now, at the end of the day, we have not two, but three video game consoles that from a hardware standpoint are virtually the same thing. For major third-parties, game design is about producing something that has been tested to work. The way they impress you (and by distinguishing it from what came before it) is by boosting the graphics, the frame-rate, the amount of crap you can do in a game. Nintendo has rarely thought this way. Video games to Nintendo are about producing a product that survives the test of time, a product that is replayable alone and with your buddies. Everything else is lower in the totem pole.

Is it a movie? Is it a game? Whatever dude! There's SPLOSIONS!!!

Sony and Microsoft exclusives are pretty much in line with what is being produced by third-parties in terms of gameplay design. Which is, visuals and a gameplay structure that has been proven to work. For example, games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and Assassin's Creed are all very similar type of games and are marketed as such. Microsoft does the same thing with Halo and Gears of War, visuals are at the helm of design. Third Parties and Exclusives on those two consoles are almost all indistinguishable (There might be an exception or two -- little big planet). While it may seem like nothing, The Wii U has a much stronger and clearer identity than both the PS4 and XBONE. The software you can play on the Wii U is vastly different, within its own library and weighed against the software on other platforms.

How do I make a game that's not just about SPLOSIONS and maxing out the consoles graphics card?

In this sense Nintendo encourages third-parties to think outside the box. To put a game on the Wii U isn't as easy as just porting the game over. Visuals can no longer be the priority. Take Zombie U: Zombie U was a struggle for Ubisoft. It required them to break from their comfort zone and put in probably the most video game design effort they put into a game since the first Far Cry. Anyone who has played Zombie U KNOWS that Ubisoft was on the brink of creating something absolutely brilliant. Far more brilliant and unique than anything they're producing today. However there were bugs, probably due to rushing it for launch, and many of them. Whatever the reason, fans of the game still scream for a second. When Watch Dogs arrives on the Wii U the impact will be far less remarkable. Sure, Ubisoft will find a few clever uses for the gamepad but at the end of the day it will still just be Watch Dogs, which is playable on all platforms.

They are always easy ways out. Nintendo could just produce a PC in a box right now and maybe see some higher sales figures. Is this is the answer though? Is this the right thing to do? I personally would love for Nintendo to keep thinking outside the [PC] in a box and keeping designing hardware that hasn't been tested before. To continue to lead innovation through software and creativity then to see Nintendo just become another "Box."

Here's to another Nintendo console that's more baffling to Western consumers than the Wii U!


Well, I've said this multiple times, so I'll say it again. The people who want Iwata gone are fanboys who "want the old Nintendo back". And by that, I mean former president Hiroshi Yamauchi (or someone else completely like him). Fanboys and the media like to say that Iwata is "no Yamauchi" and that the 3DS and Wii U's slow starts are "something Yamauchi would never let happen", and they like to defend him as a CEO who could do no wrong, yet Yamauchi was the one who ruined 3rd party relationships and brought the company down due to his old and stubborn ways. Gamers...

But to let you know, I do not have anything against Yamauchi, may he rest in peace, but I realize that he was not perfect and that he made some pretty sour decisions near the end of his time at Nintendo, and the people who defend him as a CEO who could do no wrong need to be smacked.  The people who trash talk Iwata and defend Yamauchi like that are the people who want to think that Nintendo used to be like Sony and Microsoft back then, which they weren't, they've always been doing things their own way. 10 bucks says the people who want Iwata fired and damage control Yamauchi most likely never owned a Nintendo product or just forgot what Nintendo was all about. 

And when it comes to Nintendo not getting 3rd party support on Wii U, just to let you know, it isn't because of the console's low sales or anything like that. It's because 3rd party devs are scared of Nintendo. You see, when Nintendo lost their 3rd party support in the N64 era, they proved that they could not just go it alone, but succeed beyond imagination, and this horrifies 3rd parties.  They are scared of Nintendo, absolutely in fear. Nintendo's the most successful company in the industry, reaching milestone after milestone, and 3rd parties are scared because of that. If they all started supporting Nintendo again there would be no reason to buy another game console and Nintendo would have all the power in the industry again. Politics, not horsepower is the reason why Nintendo isn't getting 3rd party support. 3rd party devs do not want to give Nintendo power, and they use Sony and Microsoft's platforms to fuel their political leverage in this industry, and they want total control of this industry, and with the Xbox One, you got a taste of things to come should they run this industry outright, and if 3rd party devs ever got full control of this industry it would spell the ultimate end of gaming as we know it.  You see, it's not just Sony and Microsoft who want Nintendo out of this industry. It's also the 3rd party developers, the media, fanboys, and those "big wig" investors on Wall Street who want Nintendo out of business. I also did an entire blog on why Nintendo will not get 3rd party support on their consoles, so make sure to check it out.