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Book by a cover

Up until about a week or so before this game came out I hadn't even heard of the game and when I saw the cover I wasn't interested or even impressed. Now after the release and the reviews in and a to good to pass up release day deal I decide to get the game. I didn't open it until just recently and OH MY GOD! This game is awesome. RPS (Role Playing Shooter) is my new favorite genre. This game has is all. Great gun play of a FPS and the leveling and customization of a RPG.

A ton of guns and plenty to shoot at.

The great thing about this game is that you can play coop off-line and up to four on-line and the more people you have with you the more difficult it becomes. Tougher baddies but better loot and experience. You can go in on your own and the experience is still great but it never beats going in with at least one other player.

Four unique plunderers to choose from.

If you haven't had the chance to experience this great game just know that this is my surprise of the year and if it weren't for Uncharted 2 I would be thinking that this would be getting my vote for game of the year. There are deals out there to get this great game but with the length of the game and the fact that you can play with friends at home and on-line you will be definitely be getting a lot of bang for your buck. Don't sleep on this one. I almost did and Im glad I didn't.

Level 20

I am not sure what Metal Slime refers to but I am glad to have the name just the same. I think I got here pretty quickly if I do say so myself but I am definitely not stopping here. I am going to get caught up with my reviews and even rewrite some that I have done before. I want some honest feedback and suggestions with any and all.I saw a union that one of you guys are apart of that focuses on reviews so send a invite.

I also want to get a few more emblems including probably the most secret of them all.

Down With the Sickness!
This user spreads the GameSpot virus among the masses, infecting the Internet with gaming goodness wherever he travels.

I really want to know how to get this one.

Some other emblems that I am going to work on are the following.

I have a couple ideas for the soap box one but I am not going to rush it. This has become my favorite site for anything and that is saying a lot. I plan to get the most out of it, so any help in getting any of the above is greatly appreciated. Time to race to level 30.

Another sig

I enjoy changing up my sigs to match what it is I am currently playing. Its like what I do with my themes on the PS3. I just started playing Killzone on-line and it seems fun. It doesn't bring anything new to the FPS multiplayer except that is combines missions into one match. This is definitely one to keep a hold of for a long time.

I will probably only use this sig for the next few weeks as there will be one for Uncharted 2 and this is one of the few games that I will be getting on release day for the remainder of the year. If you haven't played the beta that is out now you are missing out.

New Emblem

What? OTS is evolving!
OTS evolved into TOTS! This savvy user watched the first episode of our newly transformed On the Spot show called Today On the Spot; short for TOTS.

I got a new emblem yesterday for watching and commenting on the new format for what used to be know as On The Spot and now know as Today on the Spot. It has changed from a once weekly show to a now three times a week format but still keeping you up to date on what's new and important while adding some new features including playing demos and Work in Progress. You can still get this emblem if you go and watch the video and comment on or before Saturday August 22nd. Here is a link if you don't know where to go. Today on the Spot.

The Professional

I am currently playing Call of Duty World at War and of course I pay attention to all the trophies and I can across an interesting one. Shoot all of Amsel's henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading. (Solo only)

You have to do this with a sniper rifle; seven men and one dog with only five bullets. This wasn't that hard but it was fun to do. Not only did I have to kill them but I had to do it without them hearing me so they wouldn't alert their comrades. Again, not that hard as fly by's would drown out the shot if done at the right time. I killed the first six as they were grouped in groups of two with one bullet each and the final solider had a dog that he let loose on me but I quickly killed him with my knife and then killed the final man with one bullet to spare. Sweet! if you haven't done this already try it. I t may be harder than you think. This is done at the beginning of the level Vendetta not later on like I thought when my nephew was playing.

New sig

Check out my new signature for the forums. It's from Battlefield 1943 and it has updated stats for others to see. I think this adds another way for those who want others to see what they are up to, not just trophies. humannfish posted how to make one for yourself in one of the forums. Thanks man.

I choose the Asian scout because I would rather be Asian than white; no offense, and it is funny as hell to watch him run across a map chasing an American with his sword in the air.

Fat Princess initial impression.

Fat Princess takes a fun little spin on the concept of attack and defend by adding not only a cartoon art style and characters but by changing up the concept. Your main purpose is to save your Princess from captivity while keeping the enemies Princess locked up. They will try to stop you not only by killing you but by stuffing her face with food making her get increasingly fatter and thus making it more difficult for you to carry. It is hilarious to see and do.

Gives new meaning to have your cake and eat it too.

The game has started out with some on-line issues. I have had several problems trying to get on-line and it seems it is happening everywhere. It's like there is only one match available and it is already full, so I can't really say much about that part but there is a single player story and it is basically the same except each map has a story behind it. Playing with and against the computer can provide a challenge like you would get from real opponents. The A.I. seems to act accordingly and not just get in the way. They all pick a variety of ****s and they will begin to upgrade your castle and will even make attempts to capture towers and get the Princess on their own. You can call for help and get a small squad going before you run off into battle simply by pushing up on the directional button. This is probably the most important aspect to playing by yourself. It almost doesn't feel like you're not.

It can get very ugly trying to save your Princess.

It's a fun time from beginning to end and you will no doubt be laughing throughout. There is a lot off different modes that allow you to change things up a bit including, get this, a soccer match where you can slaughter enemies as you make your way to the goal. Uncertain whether you can play this on-line but it is just as fun. This game is imo one of the best that the PSN has to offer. The game does have its on-line issues but hopefully that will get fixed soon enough. The game is without an off-line multiplayer and that is my biggest disappointment but at a $15 price tag this is a deal that you can't pass up. I'll have a full review a bit later.

There is no I in squad

Have 20 squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round. I thought it would be very difficult to get this trophy as I do die a lot and the idea of lasting long enough for 20 of my teammates to spawn on me without me dying was not going to happen. I can't believe how easy this trophy was to get though. I mean, once I figured out how. Play the game like you would normally do and once the game tells you that "You are the last man standing." That means you are now the spawn point for your squad. Pick a good spot that is not too far away but not in the path of objectives and it will happen in no time. If you are playing with friends it is even easier.

I dream of Lara

As far as the female heroine is concerned these days they are in abundance but after 13 years Lara Croft still leads the pack. She was my first experience with the female lead back in '97 with Tomb Raider 2. I was approximately 17 at the time and I am not ashamed to admit that I was in love. I remember moving that camera around just trying to find that perfect angle. I know that was sad considering what they looked like then but can you really blame me now.

Revenge of the Fallen

I saw Transformers Revenge of the Fallen this week and I was a little worried about whether it would be able to at least give us what was given to us from the first one and not ruin the hopefully long running movie franchise. Let me just say that it surpassed all my expectations. I got to the theater two hours early and there was still a line beginning. I sat on a hard little stool that they offer people now and after a while my legs kept falling asleep but it was well worth the wait and the two and a half hour length just flew right by. I saw it with my wife and she loved it just as much as me. She even cried at one point; you probably know the part that I am talking about. I am planning on going again to see it. I am going to make sure my little brother in law sees it on the big screen because it is the only way you should experience an epic movie like this. If you are having any doubts about going don't miss this opportunity and for those who like to burn movies and watch on their little ass screen trust me... It is not the same.

Optimus Prime was the MAN in this one

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