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So what's up with that Roman kid?

Hiya folks! I guess it's been a while huh? A pathetically long while I know. It seems like when I'm at school I just never find the time to sit down and do a good old fashioned solid blog. Something always seems to get in the way- work, studying, extra curricular duties, the stampede of girls knocking down my door, you name it. It's a rough and tough life for your friendly neighborhood Irishman. Even when I get back home and I'm on vacation, so much stuff happens that I want to write a nice long blog telling all my friends on GS about it and then I realize, this'll take a freaking hour just to write! Well I figured out what to leave out, what to make sound exciting (hold on, that's a contradiction! oh well, maybe they won't realize that,) and what to brag about and still make this a somewhat readable endeavor.

Doing Jumpin Jacks at a concert can be a gas

This summer started off with quite the bang, you might say a Bigger Bang, to use some Stones lingo since that's how my summer began, seeing The Rolling Stones live in concert! Yes, as many of you know, I dig the classics as much as the new stuff and the Stones are right up there with my favs. Given the age of the guys, I knew it was now or never to see them but I gave up all hope of attending since I knew the price of tickets would come close to defying belief. But in one of life's crazy turns, my dad sent me a text while I was at school to let me know we'd be going, and we'd be front and center! I honestly didn't even think he knew I wanted to go and this is so not like my dad that I still can't believe it. Still stunned months later, we went to the show and I have to say it was up there as one of the best nights of my life. They played everything anyone could ever want to hear including Honky Tonk Women, Gimme Shelter and my personal favorite, You Can't Always Get What You Want- with a full choir nonetheless! Surprisingly, Mick still had the moves that would be the envy of any teenage girl and Keith pulled off rip roaring solos that went into the double digits in length. Here's the shirt I got at the show


Not red but the next best thing...SONIC blue!

Another stunner happened while I helped out my mom at a church carnival. I was sitting in a ticket booth when I see this dude pull up in a spotless '03 Mustang GT. My jaw was on the floor with how sweet this thing was and my friend had to give me a bop on the head to take me out of the trance I was in. The guy then makes his way up to the booth with this wife and asks for a ticket, I jokingly tell him it's free if you let me take a spin in that car or maybe just sell it to me. To my instant amazement he said he had been thinking about it if he could get the right price. Well a few days later and some pleading with the bank for a loan, I got this baby. God sure works in crazy ways.


That's water under the car btw, not oil, she's in perfect shape :P

And best of all


"It's the curse of EVA"

I still feel like I'm fifteen, and most people think I am by looking at me but I'm actually not a teenager anymore. I swear, it's the weirdest thing to know your childhood is long gone but you really don't feel any different, maybe this is what J.D. Salinger was talking about :P Well in any case, I did get some pretty cool stuff for my birthday which I'll share if you're interested.

I won't post pics of the games since I'm sure you know what they look like but I did get Resident Evil Revelations, the Mass Effect Trilogy and The Last of Us- which is as good as everyone says it is. Get it.

The Resident Evil Archives I & II: Basically a collection of art, bios, and pretty much everything about the Resident Evil games from 0-5, including Code Veronica. Here's a pic of Chris' bio with Jill's on the next page


Three Gundam Robot Spirits


Char Aznable's Sazabi


Zechs Merquise's Tallgeese III


Heero Yuy's Wing Zero

And just for kicks, my three favorite pilots in their machines


Asuka Langley in her Evangelion 02 (of course taking the lead there) Amuro Ray in his Nu Gundam (my favorite Gundam) and Zechs Merquise in his Tallgeeese III.

Later on I hit up my local comic store only to find a particular point of interest on the shelf, newly arrived from Japan, limited edition Asuka in her "battle damaged" plug suit from the new EVA movie. Once you see the pic you will know why this is limited- perfect sculpt, a plug suit hand stitched to as closely resemble an actual plug suit as possible AND a reflective atmosphere re-entry helmet!!


I think I'll give you guys a break for now but keep it tuned in, I have a feeling I'll have at least one more blog up my sleeve before the summer is out.

I'll be home (and blogging) for Christmas

I have to admit, this blogging thing has really become pathetic on my end. Yes I go to school full-time, yes I simultaneously work 20 plus hours a week but hey, this is a great place to spend time, mainly because the guys and gals around here are some of the very best. So to all of my friends on GS, sorry for being rather out of sight but hopefully not so out of mind because none of you have been far from my thoughts.

The past semester went extraordinarily well. Some of the work was tough but I got through it and kept up the old cumulative 4.0. I spent my Halloween going to a party dressed as Lelouch Lamperouge. In case you don't know, he is the main character of the anime Code Geass. I originally did not plan on going to the party but a guy I work with told me he had an Ashford Academy uniform that he no long can fit into and said it would fit me well. He also said I had the hair for it. The length and style ok, but I guess he was color blind and thought Lelouch was a red head :P In any case, the few people there that actually knew Code Geass told me they really liked it. There was also a really sweet looking Claire Redfield. When it was all said and done, I was really glad I went.

Getting home, I was ecstatic to sleep in a little and get some peace and quiet. I spent some time catching up with friends I haven't seen since August and went to The Hobbit. As a huge Tolkien fan, I was jacked for the movie but still a little leery of what the movie might actually turn out to be. Thankfully Peter Jackson did a fantastic job of creating a movie that didn't turn its back on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy but at the same time didn't alienate fans of the book. The first part of this admittedly too long trilogy was well rounded with a lot more action than one might expect from reading the book but it still retained much of the charm and humor from the source. I recommend the movie to those who are still sitting, rather like Bilbo Baggins, on the fence, unsure if they should have an adventure.

Now let's get on with Christmas, I began by going to Mass on Christmas Eve and when I got home, I noticed a package waiting for me that I ordered some months ago. Yes, fittingly arriving on Christmas, I tore open the package to find the first press edition of the Evangelion 3.0 soundtrack! Your friend Roman couldn't have been happier, these first editions aren't made in very high numbers, don't see a release outside of Japan and when they're gone, they're gone for good! The next morning I ripped into more presents (more on those in a sec) and then had to help my mom get ready for the massive dinner she planned. The whole giant Irish family, both sides, always get together on Christmas Day and this year it fell to us to host. I helped with the massive roast and the gravy for my mom's insanely good mashed potatoes and even iced the gingerbread cookies (don't even think about joking about the irony, my sister already let me have it.) The night was a huge success and my crazy cousins and I spent the night messing around causing all kinds of mischief then finally winded down with a little Batman Begins. I know, not exactly a Christmas movie but hey, we all love Batman :P

As for the gifts, here are the highlights, with games first:

Call of Duty: Black Ops II (no surprise there.)

Zone of the Enders: HD Collection

And both DmC and Metal Gear Rising paid in full for when they come out.

I got quite a bit of anime since I let my parents know Bandai was stopping sales of anime DVDs and if they didn't get some of my favorite shows, I would be out of luck for the foreseeable future. Gundam 0080 is so good it's practically perfect and 0083 was a real treat because I actually haven't even seen it yet!


This is the entire Code Geass collection with exception of the first limited edition set, one that I already have. These sets come with the soundtrack, art books, manga and a few other extras:


The complete Indiana Jones BD:


The Dark Knight Trilogy BD:


Quite possibly the greatest deluxe edition of a CD I've ever seen, which incidentally, is probably my favorite double album of all time- The Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I wanted you guys to see just how epic it is so I took a bunch of pics, here's the cover of the box:


The super-sized book with linear notes from Billy:


This book has the lyrics to all the songs with accompanying artwork:


The case for the CDs and DVD:


The velvet-lined inside of the case:


And the artwork which you can make your own image collage:


Finally, the Evangelion 3.0 first edition soundtrack: (you guys have no idea how happy I am to have this :) )


Well I've already made this blog long enough so I'll leave any other random thoughts for the next time, which I PROMISE won't be THAT long. Trust me ;)

Super Sonic break

The breaks always go by too fast don't they? I did promise to blog again before the semester starts though and I try to keep my word (when I can help it :P ) I'm happy to tell you that the last few weeks have been nothing but luxury for me, with the slight exception of doing the chores my parents asked of me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. While I'm glad to be back at school, I definitely needed the time off after an exhausting first semester. As I said in my last blog, spending a long period of time away from my family and friends made seeing them this past month all the more wonderful.

I spent plenty of time playing games, trying to reacquaint myself a little with FFXIII since I took the plunge and pre-ordered part 2 over the break. Now I know the latest installment in the classic JRPG series isn't unanimously popular, but I didn't loathe XIII, in fact, I enjoyed it and am willing to give this new one a shot with my hard earned money, so clam it if you don't agree with me. Jk. I tried my hand at a few of the games I got for Christmas, namely Sonic Generations, which, coincidentally, I just finished today. After completing just about everything you can do in the game, this old Sonic fan is happy to say that the blue dude hasn't been better in many, many years. All the different modes, including the many challenge acts and sub-bosses kept me busy with variety filled fun for quite some time. Keeping with the Sonic theme, I bought Sonic CD for my iPhone and have been having a blue blast with that as well.

I also managed to watch a little anime over the break. I had to watch my favorite of course but I also squeezed in FLCL or Fooly Cooly if it makes you feel better, as well as Clannad. FLCL was as crazy insane and loopy as I've heard with fights being centered on guitars and robots popping out of people's heads. If you want something funny, lighthearted and just plain stylish, FLCL won't disappoint. Clannad was about as different from FLCL as you can get and IMO, not quite as good. I appreciated the story and its take on everyone's life being special but I felt like I had seen the show before with Kanon - an anime I felt was better. Now before I get hounded by the Clannad fans, I'm speaking only of the first series, I'll be getting to the second part – titled the After Story very soon and I will post my thoughts on that then.

It'll be back to the books for me tomorrow so I'd like to wish everyone starting a new semester all the best.

The old in between Christmas and New Year blog

A little closer to the New Year than Christmas but oh well. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to get this blog up for close to a week now but it seems every time I have 20 mins to spare, I get side tracked with some of niceties of Christmas. I also want to apologize for the lack of pics on this blog but seems GS and photobucket hate each other now and I am just way too lazy to switch all my pics over to a different site.

In case anyone was wondering about blog inactivity, I'VE BEEN BUSY DAMNIT! My first foray into the unknown of being on my own and all that was just fine; oh wait, my PS3 was stolen. But besides that, my first semester was a resounding success and I enjoyed every minute of the dorm and campus life as well as the football games. Juggling the 15-20 hr work schedule with classes was tough but the money and education was definitely worth it as the combined effort was very satisfying in the end.

When I finally did get home, I was treated like I was this long lost soul whom my friends and family haven't seen in months. Reflecting on this now that I'm writing it out, I guess it was months. Hmmmm. Ok, enough of the bad sarcasm, but then it wouldn't be me if there wasn't a bit of that right? In any case, I had a lot of fun catching up with my friends and I went to see a bunch of great movies the past couple of weeks; I really recommend Sherlock Holmes and Hugo for those who haven't seen them yet.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I sure did! Being away from family for extended periods of time reminded me how important it is to be close and reaffirmed to me the true meaning of Christmas, which sadly so many just call "holiday." I ate my fill to be sure (really missed my mom's mashed potatoes) and immensely enjoyed spending time with my best friend and cousins.

Now I'm sure all of you need to know what I got so here's the list with the games first:

Sonic Generations

Modern Warfare 3

Portal 2

The movies:

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition (If I can get photobucket to work soon, I WILL post pics of this because it's hilariously awesome dudes!)

The Music:

Some Girls (Deluxe Edition)- The Rolling Stones

Thank You- Stone Temple Pilots

The Black Parade is Dead!- My Chemical Romance

Murmur (Deluxe Edition)- R.E.M

The last two were gifts from my friend, we went to The Black Parade together and R.E.M is a band she has long tried to get me into since it's her favorite.

I also got a bunch of cash, a jacket and an Affliction hoodie and t shirt. A few educational things like Mark Twain's Mississippi Writings which includes The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and a biography of Alexander Hamilton

Last but not least, I got a 64 gb white iPhone, which is nice since I will no longer have to carry around both my iPod and Blackberry.

Well all, I'll certainly be checking back in with another blog before the next semester starts but until then, I hope everyone has a great new year. Don't be shy if you want to post any resolutions; though I haven't really thought of any myself :P

Sony? Sony?...Where's Sony?

I certainly have been meaning to blog a little more lately but school it seems, has been in the way. Since I've started the semester, it's been one thing after another, courses, football games, work, and just about everything in between. I might try to get into the details later but right now I just need to get something off my chest.

Today started like any other day, I got up, showered, ate breakfast and went to 2 classes. I worked a few hours and went to another class and then made my way home. Here's where things get off track. I went into to my room and didn't open the door, I just walked right in. Does that seem strange? Good. It should. I ALWAYS lock the door to my room before I leave and did so today as well, but when I returned home, that previously locked door was unlocked. As I cautiously walked into my room, knowing something was severely amiss, I realized my PS3 and all my games were gone! I couldn't believe it. All the games I worked to collect over the past 4 years AND my awesome, backwards compatible PS3 went out of my room like a puff of smoke. Of course I made a report to the campus police and asked my roommate about the whole thing, but so far I have no idea what happened other than the fact a guy(s) or girl(s) snuck into my room like a little rat and took a whole bunch of stuff that didn't belong to him/her.

Interestingly and thankfully enough, those idiots didn't realize that a beautiful statue which sits on my dresser is worth more than my PS3.

In any case, I'll be looking into getting a new PS3; hopefully an older, gently used one. I really don't want a new one partially because I think they look significantly worse than the original design, but also for not having bc. But who knows, I just want my PS3 back.

That's all for now. I really just needed to write this out and commiserate with my friends and fellow gamers. I'll be back to blog about a brighter subject soon.

I'll fight for you until my heart stops beating

As is usually the case around this time of the year, you might find me sitting somewhere scratching my head and pondering the question, where has my summer gone? To be honest, this summer was actually a lot of fun; I spent most of my time filling my own days. Maybe I was a little lazy, I typically put in about 25 hrs of work tutoring (that doesn't include preparing the lessons though) but while that may be slacking a little, I earned some good money and was able to spend a lot of time goofing off with friends; something I had little time for last summer. I had my graduation and grad parties to go to (some friends, some not), my 18th birthday, time at my crazy cousins house, and I went on an educational trip.

I certainly saw my fair share of movies this summer as well. Most of them were pretty darn good and in case some of you missed out, here's what I recommend seeing once they come out on BD.

X: Men-First Class- Great superhero film that lived up to all expectations of a summer movie and beyond. The scene with Beast and Mystique discussing who they are on the inside was one of my all time favorites in superhero films.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II- A great way to end everything and IMO, the best Potter film. If you like Harry, Ron and Hermione, you'll love this movie. Don't see it if you haven't watch the others though.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes- As a long time Apes fan, I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised with the latest entry in the series. It shouts to old fans but never lets up in keeping newcomers entertained.

I have one last hurrah this summer before I'm off to college. Way back in 2007, I went with my best friend to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade Tour, easily the best show I've ever seen. Now that MCR has released a new album and is touring again, she suggested we go together and found a show that is fairly close to school. Incidentally, I checked what seems to be a fairly reputable site for MCR's set list this tour and it's looking good. Just in case Gerard or anyone else in the band stumbles onto my blog, here are a few songs that are favorites of mine, that, in addition to what you're playing, I would be thrilled to hear! :P might need to turn this one up. And I checked it 3 times and didn't get any ads, so hopefully you guys don't have any problems.)

Once the weekend hits, I'll be heading to the show and after that, I'll be settling in at school so I probably won't be on much until the beginning of next week.

Roman_Irishman and the stars of Virginia

As some of you know, I returned last week from a trip to Virginia. This blog was meant to be posted a few days ago but I discovered sifting through the plethora of pics on my camera took more time than I anticipated. While the trip itself was somewhat long and swelteringly hot, it was rewarding and insightful as well. So I thought I might share a few of my experiences with you guys concerning my trip.

Now I'm not sure if Generals Grant or Sherman, (both from the north) had as rough of a time with the southern climate as I did, but man! It was freakin hot down there. Half of the trip was spent in weather that topped a heat index of 115! The first place we visited was Monticello. The writer of the Declaration of Independence certainly knew what he was doing when he designed the house. Our third president's essay in architecture was a sight to behold and has apparently gone through little restoration in its near two centuries of existence. I only wish I hadn't heard the moron behind me ask, "have there been any famous people to visit the house?" It took every ounce of strength for me not to turn around, flick my middle finger at his nose and say "is it not enough that you are standing in the house of the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, founded The University of Virginia, became the first secretary of state and as third president doubled the size of the country?" Idiots.

Next, we went to Williamsburg. A former capital of Virginia, Williamsburg is now a living historical city where everyone dresses, speaks and acts as if it were the 1750's. Everything from the governor's palace to George Wythe's house was in pristine order. One really felt they were back in that time period with the sound of cannons firing, drums beating, wood being chopped and the silence of cell phones :P I went to the King's Arms Tavern for lunch and Christina Campbell (who waited on George Washington) served me my ham sandwich, which was the most insane ham sandwich I've ever had btw.

After Williamsburg, it was on to Mount Vernon. George Washington has always inspired me and his house, situated on a hill overlooking the Potomac River was fitting for the founder of our country. We took a cruise along the river to see what Mr. Washington would've enjoyed on his days home from battle or running the government. Picking a favorite place would be hard, but I might have been most inspired with Mount Vernon.

Lastly, we visited Gettysburg. A very somber experience, Gettysburg was perhaps the most enlightening stop we made. The number of monuments to the dead is astounding, as is the size of the battlefield. We saw the Cyclorama. A sort of forerunner to IMAX, the Cyclorama is a 360 degree painting and immerses everyone in a recreation of the battle with narration. We took a two hour bus tour (which is much more exciting than it sounds) and viewed all the major points of the battle. Our tour guide even asked if anyone on the bus was Irish so we could make a stop to where the Irish brigade, a battalion of immigrants who signed up to serve in the war as soon as they got off the boat, fought off the confederates. Of course, I proudly raised my hand.

On the way home, I read one of the books I picked up called The Irish Brigade; awe inspiring to say the least. I also bought a giant biography of George Washington, which I just started. And while I tried to keep my power consumption to a minimum, I did fall prey to a few hours of FFIV on my PSP and some intense sessions with my iPod :P

Now for some pics


Governor's Palace

Geroge Wythe's study

The view Cornwallis had when the French navy blocked him in

Yorktown Victory monument

What George Washington saw every morning

Mount Vernon

Sorry about the people in front of Mount Vernon. I could never get a clear shot, people were always around :(

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics :)

Red, White and Beautiful

Summer is in full swing for me right now, my birthday, grad parties and the 4th, needless to say, I've been busy. Gaming has been slow for the most part, mainly because of tutoring, trying to watch a few movies I didn't get to see over the course of the school year and all the other crap I've been up to. But I'll save that for another blog that will go up soon.

My fourth was pretty busy, my cousins came over for a day and anytime those rambunctious Irish kids are around, chaos usually follows. I may have taken a few too many water balloons to the head and that's what caused me to fall down a huge hill on the golf course we live behind but I was ok. I did have a close call with some fireworks I set off however, one of those spinner thingies sprayed sparks everywhere and singed my hair; thankfully, it's not noticeable at all :P The actual fireworks in the city with my friends were a sight to behold as usual.

Now on to the main event! I've been meaning to do a few countdowns lately so I figured I'd start here. My friend grunt was the one who suggested this countdown and I was glad to take the challenge of putting to a list, my top 10 redheads. The only rule is as follows: she MUST be a NATURAL redhead, no tubeheads allowed; as many of you know, if there's one thing I can't stand it's a faker. But on the 1 in 10000000 chance she reads this; I still think you're hot Emma Stone! I will also list something you may know her from next to her name. Anyway, shall we begin?

10. Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers)

9. Jill St. John (Diamonds are Forever)

8. Alicia Witt (T.V. Shows like C.S.I. and Friday Night Lights)

7. Jessica Chastain (Law & Order)

6. Nicole Kidman (Pretty much anything you've seen in the last ten years)

5. Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider Man 3)

4. Karen Gillan (Dr. Who)

3. Amy Adams (Doubt, The Fighter)

2. Maureen O'Hara (The Quiet Man, How Green Was My Valley)

And my number 1. Who really is my only ONE.

Asuka Langley (Kicking all kinds of ass by being the coolest, hottest chick around!)


Hope you all enjoyed the latest countdown, and remember, no throwing the G word around this blog! And please respect my number one!!

Majoring in Summertime

Alright, summer hasn't officially started on the calender yet but for me, it might as well be that time of year. Last weekend I finished my career as a high school student. Unlike what many have said, the feeling was not bittersweet, even in the slightest. Throughout my time spent preparing for college, the only thing that kept nagging on my mind was simply, I can't wait to get out of this place and start an actual education. By far the only things that mattered to me during high school were my friends, none of which will follow me to college. Don't get me wrong, they are furthering their educations, just not at the same school as me. So, this summer will be spent trying to make the most of my time with the friends I won't see too much in the next four years.

Graduation was a total bore, well, the ceremony at least. I was grateful I narrowly missed having to give a speech in front of my fellow students. I don't particularly like giving speeches; I find it tedious and boring. I much prefer to talk to people in a casual way, actually looking at those I'm speaking to in the eye. In any case, after playing a bunch of games on my phone while waiting, they finally called my name and I made my way to the stage. Thankfully I didn't trip or anything, but I was hot as all hell. I understand and appreciate tradition and I'm usually the last one to object to it, (I am Catholic for God's sake!) but someone needs to figure out a way to make caps and gowns less stifling or else do away with them altogether! When everything was all said and done, I felt free (to quote Mr. Clapton.)

Looking back on my high school career, I can't say it gave me nothing, I was able to continue some great friendships from my childhood, learn a good deal of French, make solid use of my time with some extra curricular activities and make a difference in a few lives by bettering their understanding of Latin. I suppose I learned a few other things as well :P If I have any piece of advice to give anyone who reads this that is still attending high school with a frustrated attitude, make the most of your time, you won't be there too much longer and if you try hard, you can succeed in going somewhere you will be proud of later on.

What I discovered that was most important in the last four years can be summarized in a short poem I wrote for my part and place in the yearbook:

The smell of tomorrow,

of strawberries and cream.

Her gaze, like the west wind,

gives me strength and courage.

The love light in her eyes,

shows me her devotion.

For all that you have shown me,

for all that you have given me,

and for all that is yet to come,

I dedicate this to you.

The truth is, I would like to go very much

Quoting Mr. Lincoln, that's what I said to my best friend Sarah back in November when she asked me to go to prom with her. I haven't said much on my blogs about her but a few of my friends on GS know who she is. I was extremely nervous when she asked me because she is my oldest, best friend, and truth be told, I've never given her a romantic thought. She came clean and told me for a while now she has wished to be more than friends but that if I wasn't sure about the situation, remaining friends was the most important thing. I breathed a sigh of relief and told her the above.

Figuring this was kind of the last hurrah of HS, and knowing girls go crazy for prom, I wanted to make this night a special and meaningful night for my friend. As such, I made reservations at l'espalier, for those of you who don't know, it's a very nice French restaurant. Problem is, nice and expensive often go hand in hand. Thankfully, I'm not a guy who blows money like there's no tomorrow, so I could afford it.

After spending what seemed like an eternity putting on the tux, I picked her up at her house around 5. Her mom said I looked fantastic, the opposite of my mom, pissed that my hair is too long, and wanted to get pictures of us before we went to dinner. When my date came down stairs, I could hardly believe it; normally girls curl their hair and look the way I don't like as much as a normal look. Not so with this girl it seemed. She pulled it back in the front and left her hair straight down in the back. She wore heels, which I'm also not a huge fan of because I think guys should be bigger and taller than girls and being a volleyball player she is pretty tall. But I was deceived, her heels only made us about the same height. I had to have been the most proud guy of the evening, my date looked amazing! I gave her red roses that matched the dress she wore and we were off.

Dinner at l'espalier was one of the best I've ever had. The sever explained everything about the dinner, which was useful since I don't know the elaborate French cusines very well :P We had French Onion Consomme for the first course. For the main, I had the roasted Lola Duck with sausage and she had the Lamb with potatoes. And for dessert we had the chocolate decadence cake. Dang it was good.

The actual prom had a King Arthur theme, the hotel was decorated with tapestries and round tables. The DJ played some crap and some good stuff. My favorite song was played but that was because my date surprised me with a dedicated request. We pretty much danced the night away together, which included the slow "Wonderwall". There were the obvious dudes doing stupid crap like back flips off chairs when they thought no one was looking but the awesome stuff were the sword fights and scooter jousting. I won the two contests I entered and gave milady the gift cards I won as a prize :P

After prom was spent at her house and her parents planned a bunch of games for us and some of our other friends to play; a couple pinatas and couple of padded bats smoked my blindfolded ass onto the floor a few times but it was cool. We played poker in the hot tub with the aid of a divider in the tub. I suck, so I lost every hand. When we played Euchre, Sarah kept my sorry playing "afloat" by being a stellar player. We played some billiards and had a few contests and watched Tron, at my suggestion. I was the last one to go at 9 this morning after one of the best nights ever.

I was pretty worried when we first started the night, and TBH, she did make a few subtle moves during the slow dance and few other instances, while I knew they had a different meaning to her, I just took it as affection for a lifetime of friendship. I asked her just before I left if she was let down at all by the evening and she only responded with a genuine hug saying it was the best night of her life. I responded with "the feeling's mutual."

I wrote this blog because I thought it would be a great way to look back along with all the memories and pictures of a great night that I will always remember fondly with my best friend. I also wrote it thinking I'd share my experience with my friends here on GS, as well as make special note to those thinking about going to prom some time in the future; my advice, do it! Special thanks to grunt and raven for lending me their ears a while back.