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I just pre-ordered POKEMON Y

Yeah, I just wanted to say that! Hahaha

My last pokemon game was Pearl (I completely skipped B&W for being thr worst gen of all), so I'm eager for a new pokémon experience, and it seems they are getting it right this time.

October can't come soon enough!!

The Wii U is overpriced, but everyone should get the more expensive version.

The Wii U is overpriced. I think that $300 is a bit too much, but the price is along what was expected. However, you shouldn't even consider to buy the "cheaper" version.

The Wii U comes in two versions: a basic white one that costs $300 and a deluxe black one that costs $350. Besides the aesthetic of the color of the system, the only difference is that the black one has 32GB of internal memory. Other than that, they are the same.

However, the deluxe version comes with 5 extra things: the game "Nintendo Land", a digital promotion, a GamePad stand, a GamePad Cradle and a Console Stand.

My point is that the game alone is enough reason to buy the deluxe version. Nintendo Land by itslef will cost $60. The promotion will give you free games if you purchase digital downloads. And let's give a price of $10 to the stands and $20 to the charging cradle.

Conclusion: If you are already paying $300 for the Wii U, then definetely pay $50 more for products that are worth at least $100. And I'm not even considering the digital promotion.

Pokedex 100% complete

Just making this blog to make a record that today May 8th of 2011:

I, Rod64 (or Rod90 for GS), completed the National Pokedex on Pokémon Pearl.

After 1 year, 7 months and a day, and after 521 hours of gameplay, the pokedex is full. The adventure has ended. And this is my goodbye to the pokemon saga, it was great after many many years.

I have to thank ANIMEguy10034 for providing the last pokemon I needed: Shaymin.

Well, that's it, it feels kinda sad to come to the end of it, but it's very satisfaying as well to complete this objetive.

So long Pokemon.

You will always have a part of my childhood memories.