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Top 5 E3 Highlights

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E3 was pretty incredible this year, like it always is. I honestly look forward to these few days more then my birthday! It's like getting present after present in the form of game news, which is enough to satisfy me. Not to mention it is propelling the beginnings of a brand new console war! I'm always on the lookout for new games to get interested in while at the same time, keeping track of the games I knew I liked going into the event. But here is my overall ranked list of the Top E3 games, with as much human bias possible implemented.

5) inFamous: Second Son

So I have NEVER heard of inFamous prior to watching the Sony press conference. Since I did not own a PS3 this generation, I kept myself away from PS3 games so I wouldn't feel the need to be one of those people that owned all three consoles. I already drag my wallet through tons of purchases beyond games. But after the Sony conference, I have effectively decided I am going to switch to Sony this generation. I've not gotten a Sony system since the Playstation 1! So it'll be a nice change of pace. Anyway, this game looks awesome! From what I gather, it is a super hero open world game. Everything about the trailer is great! It looks like it has fun gameplay mechanics and the story seems promising too. I'm already liking the chemistry between the protagonist and his brother. Once I get a PS4, this will be one of the first games I will try out.

4) Batman: Arkham Origins

The Batman Arkham series in INCREDIBLE. It honestly has been the open world super-hero game I've always wanted! Batman is probably my favorite super-hero ever actually. He's a hero, but he's a very unique kind of hero. He's a very complicated character overall and despite his dark exterior, he never kills anyone. The villains in this universe are even better, as they don't just do evil things, but they do them with this convoluted reasoning behind it. And the Arkham games have done great tapping into that. This game looks like a direct sequel to Arkham City, but it is actually a prequel, so be sure to keep that in mind. It's made by a different team from Rocksteady, but they are basing it completely on Rocksteady's material and from the demo, they don't seem to be altering it too much. Which is a good thing in this case, since the development team for this game is actually relatively new. Overall, if you are interested in another Arkham City, there's no reason this game isn't going to deliver that. I have to say, I am absolutely loving the new feature where Batman can examine a crime scene by actually playing it out using his technology and skills. That looks like a great addition so far.

3) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

You are talking to a HUGE Assassin's Creed fan here. I am absolutely in love with this series. I love how it effortlessly takes us through time with an extremely interesting mythology that is still amazing after five games, a sxth one coming this year. The new Assassin Edward seems interesting and I'm sure he'll be written very well. Ubisoft may release new games like there's no tomorrow, but the thing is, they're always extremely well made! Each game has had a good amount of development time along with a huge team working to make sure it is great. It may be getting stale, already for quite a few people, but for me, that'll be a long time coming. As long as the series continues to provide what I love so much about it, which is exploration, fun stealthy assassinations, and a great story, I'll continue to support the series. On another note, I look forward to the bigger role sailing will be playing, as that was a definite highlight in Assassin's Creed 3.

2) Sonic Lost World

Yes, I am still a huge ass Sonic fan after all these years. Sonic is where video gaming began for me, so I think no matter what, I will always be willing to try out the next adventure he puts out. Sonic Lost World looks very different from his previous offerings. Taking on a very obvious Galaxy influence, the levels in this game look alot more focused on precision platforming, though at the same time, still keeping that signature speed. I'm loving how different this game looks and how it seems like you can really control how fast Sonic goes this time around. I hate to say it, but the boost-propelled gameplay has been getting stale and now I don't find it that much fun anymore. So I am loving the change this game is exhibiting. The environments look quirky and gorgeous all around and it just seems extremely well made. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way I am going to get a Wii U just for this game. Yes, it is the only Wii U game I want at the moment, not counting the three multiplatform games on this list, which I plan to get on the PS4/360. Not even Sonic is enough to merit that purchase. So hopefully there is either a huge ass price drop, more titles I like being released, or maybe both. There is likely to be more Sonic titles to be exclusive to Nintendo in the future.

1) Watch_Dogs

Honestly speaking, this is the most excited I feel like I've ever been for a brand new game in a brand new series. Watch Dogs asbolutely wowed me last year at the Ubisoft confernece. Those are the kind of surprises I want to keep finding everytime E3 comes around. Watch Dogs only got shown more in full force this year and I loved every single second of the gameplay shown. It only shows how amazingly fun it is going to be to have the entire city at your hands to control. The possibilities are infinite on what you can do in any particular situation. Alot of people actually said this reminds them of a modern Assassin's Creed, and that's not a surprise considering the same devlopment team is working on it. But it looks unique in its own ways that Assassin's Creed could never pull off, and that's fine. I like both games having their many key differences. Overall, I'm just so psyched for this title to come out. I cannot wait.

Some honorable mentions include Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and Super Smash Bros for obvious reasons. Not completely sold on buying these games, I need to see more of them. But my interest is peaked.

E3 Thoughts: Sonic Colors

by on

E3 is finally wrapping up so I thought I'd share my thoughts on some of the games shown at this marvelous event that I was really interested in. Obviously, I'm going to start off with a Sonic game as I'm just that much of a fanboy. Yay.

They showed off two levels of Sonic Colors at E3. A tropical forest in space and a sweet filled mountain. Sounds very kiddish but they look pretty interesting so far. I definitely gotta prefer the more fun and less realistic Sonic levels as they're alot less boring to me and I just am that into wackiness overall. =D

These are some of the best videos I've seen of the game that really are making me hype for this game. Maybe they'll do the same for you. THAT'D BE AWESUM.

Tropical Resort Acts 1 & 2

Sweet Mountain Act 1

Sweet Mountain Act 2

Montage of Both Levels

Gameplay basically looks like Unleashed daytime levels without any werehog to clog it up. Which to me, would make a great Sonic game. I really do like what I am seeing so far as I see all the qualities I liked about Unleashed in there and more. The levels seem to have a little more platforming then it did for Unleashed too and I really can't complain about that. It makes the gameplay seem a little more varied.

The wisps are the gimmick for this title. But really, from what that's been shown, the wisps provide an example of how a gimmick in Sonic games SHOULD work. The wisps act as power-ups for Sonic. They do not, absolutely do not, take over the gameplay and make it into something completely different. Instead, they only add to the gameplay. And really do compliment it. My favorite one has to be the drilling, as the paths you find with that seem to be endless.

There's only one thing I have to be worried about. And it's the drifting. Mind you, it could be a big part of some levels. I heard you have to tilt the nunchuck to drift. To me, that kinda sounds a little complicated. It just seems like something with a steep learning curve. The videos I've seen show the players aren't having much luck succeeding in drifting either. However, this is a small issue, so I'm sure Sega can maybe make it a little easier to drift. Maybe it'll be made more clear how to do it and I'll be able to get used to it.

One more thing, if you notice in the videos, the pawns can look really goofy. In Sweet Mountain, alot of the pawns are holding cooking utensils. xD That's a pretty neat addition in my opinion. See, even the smallest things get noticed by some people. (Weird people like ME) I definitely will get this game. Both the Wii and DS. I haven't seen much about the DS version aside from a few screenshots. So I won't get into it. But I am looking forward to a Sonic Rush 3 too. =D

Anyone Remember Me?

by on

.............anyone? Ah well predictable.

I used to hang out here ALOT but like most GameSpot users, I got really tired of it and kinda just stopped coming. But strangely today, I decided to come back here to GameSpot, because E3 is happening and I'm excited for lots of new games coming out. The inner gaming fan in me was what brought me here, as corny as that sounds, if that sounds corny at all. IDK.

So um, I hope some people do remember me. But I doubt it. xD

I Have Sonic Unleashed

by on

For the Wii. Since the 360 has a red ring right now. Heh heh. Anyway, I got the game for Christmas and wow, it's one of the best Sonic games in years. I love those speed stages so stinkin' much. They are really addicting. And I'm actually one of the few people who like the Werehog. I'm a big fan of beat em ups and I liked the beating up and platforming of the Werehog. But the good old Sonic will always be better.

I wrote a review up. Go check it out. I'm also gonna re-write alot of my reviews. That's why I deleted alot of them.

I've Come Back From The Dead :P

by on

Well, I definitely needed that break! I've decided to come back because I just could not leave my GameSpot friends forever. :D Though, I'm not in love with games much anymore. I'm more of a music lover now. But, I still do play games. The only games I play now are Sonic games though. :P And it's only two of them.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Sonic Adventure DX

Yep, the Adventure games. I loved them so much now! I loved them more than Sonic Heroes now. Heh heh. I may not be much of a gamer now, but I will continue to be a Sonic fan. But I've really decided to come back to talk to you guys again. :D That's pretty much all I'm gonna do really.

I've Been Back For Awhile

by on
Yeah, I really have. But truth is, I've been so bored of this place that I was too bored to tell you guys I'm back. Heh heh. So don't expect to see me on alot. I probably won't be posting another blog really. I'll still be hanging out on forums and do some reviews, but that's really it. If you message me, I'll reply if I feel like it. So basically, I'm going to slowly dissappear from GameSpot because of how boring it has got. :(

Horrible Horrible News

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My computer has a virus! And stupidly, when my computer got fixed last time, I forgot to re-install an anti-virus program. I can't even install one now because the virus is making it impossible. I have two options. One, get it fixed AGAIN and live with this junk. Or two, don't be cheap for once and get a brand new computer. I hope I can convince my dad to do the second option. I'm typing on my bro's computer. But I can't be on it much so I won't be on alot. Maybe not at all for awhile. So just a heads up.

Mario Kart Wii FriendCode! + Union Update

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Mario Kart Wii: 2492-4757-2774 If you add me please message me with your friend code or give me your friend code right here in a comment for the blog.

Yeah,t aht union plan is still there. But the banner from STKR is taking longer then expected. Hopefully, I can get it soon.

Sega Superstars Tennis review!

by on
Check out my review for Sega Superstars Tennis! Thank you!I promise on my next blog I'll be posting my Mario Kart Wii friend code.
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