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I've had lots of mixed feelings about this... DMC is one of those series that I truly love. I feel like I'm going to have to take back anything bad I said about the young Dante... He's kinda growing on me. And sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything, lol. I've just... I dunno, had too much going on and not enough of it is any good. -_-" Actually, I think Young Dante is cute, maybe even a little hot--in a dirt covered, malnourished way.
Maybe not as hot as Chris Redfield, or Dante from DMC3 (coatless outfit), or Ieyasu Tokugawa from Sengoku Basara 3... But he is definitely growing on me. I like his arms and his shoulders in the trailer, those necklaces are nice, too. o_o

Chris Redfield *insert heart*

I haven't posted anything in a long, long time--I thought this might be worth posting. A large box arrived for me today from It's huge, ridiculously big. Unfortunately, my mom is the one who was home when they delivered it, so she thought it might be for Mother's Day. I've already got her Mother's Day stuff taken care of. The package was just a little something I ordered a while back. A Chris Redfield Wall Scroll!!!  Some of you out there may know, I like Chris Redfield. I like Chris Redfield A LOT. Some people have said it's in an unnatural way, seeing as I've never really liked too many video game characters before. Dante from DMC3, a bit.... Nero from DMC4, a little more. I think this is the beginning of a Chris Redfield shrine. This will add to the Chris figure that came with the Special Edition of the game. Soon, I want to get that larger Chris figure, even though it doesn't completely look like him. The detail on this poster is amazing, it even has all the little details on his arms. It seems durable enough. Right now, I just have it hanging by rubber bands for taking pictures. I've got a more permanent spot on my wall in my room. I've never been a huge fan of Madcatz accessories, they never really seem to work for me. This wall scroll is made by them and I'm really impressed. Sorry for the completely random blog, but thanks for reading! ^^ Perhaps I'll post more later on, take care, --Dan B... If you come across this in your wanderings of the net, just know you are still better than Chris--in every way. As for a shrine for you, I'll just leave that to your imagination as I always do.

Recent Happenings...

--I'm definitely still alive. I've been trying to send out PMs to many people, but I haven't been able to send a private message for several months. I don't know if it's just my crap-o-licious browser, Gamespot, or the fact that they don't interact well together. I also haven't been able to get one, so you might want to try to chat with me through other means. I'm sorry all, I've missed you and we have a lot to catch up on. :lol:

--I'll say this and only this about the recent firing of Jeff from GameSpot. Don't come to the Eidos Union and flame about it. Eidos isn't the one that fired him. I was never a huge Jeff fan as it is, but it seems that he did have a rather fanatical fanbase. That's no reason to quit coming here, cancel subscriptions, or abuse review functions--that just sends the wrong message. I think all the facts need to come out, as it seems this review was a rather convenient object to blame this on. It might serve as a nice cover for other reasons, or the final straw to a brewing conflict. I don't care what this says about the review business being corrupt, I don't pay attention to scores.

Now with all of that said, there is one editor I will be fanatical about, so hopefully Brad doesn't ever leave. :lol:

--As hinted above, I have purchased a new system. More on that later(hopefully).

--I'm still in the rentail business for right now, but I'm considering changing that after the first of the year.

--My band is still trying to put a show together, but we've been set back by one of our members having an accident.

--I'm also still persuing schools because of a gut feeling on the last one. Something about it just didn't seem right and the gut feeling turned out to be right.

Try to write me here if you like, or send me a message through other means. I hope all is well with everyone.

Take care. :)

I almost got a new system... but...

Many of you know that I've been in complete mental turmoil over the past few months. What system should I get? Should I worry about the fact that the 360 uses DVD as a storage medium? Should I worry about the fact I'll probably have to be running it on a standard def. TV for a while? Where will my beloved Shin Megami Tensei end up?

...And the worries continue on. I was at the mall tonight. I was looking at the 360 Elite model console. I've been impressed with a some of the titles I've seen on it. I had a chance to play Bioshock at a friends house, it was fantastic. I also wouldn't go wrong with finally being able to really play Oblivion (though I would probably wait for the game of the year edition to come out). I went around the store and found an S-Video cable that would have been perfect for my TV. I was calculating in my mind the total costs of this splurge.

I was about ready to approach the counter. Then I had the strangest feeling that it wasn't the right thing to do. It was like a pit of hell had opened in my stomach--I was falling into myself and down. "What incredible despair!" I exclaimed, but only to myself. What the heck could give me such a feeling? I started to think...

Who would have eating contests with Mamoru Hiyase?
Who will sew with Bebe, the exchange student?
Who will play online with Maya and her terrible typing?
Who else would put up with the Gourmet King and his ways?
Who would listen to Kenji and his obsession with older women?
Will anyone talk to Akinari on Sundays, which is often difficult to remember?

All of these people and situations are from Persona 3... Yes, Persona 3 stopped me from buying a new system tonight. The game is so incredible that I'd feel bad getting a new system before I have a chance to finish it. I don't want anything to detract my attention from it. My obsession with P3 continues. Seeing as I'm only in August 2009 in the game, and I've got a ways to go, share your input in my dilemma.

Take care, all!

Persona 3... One of the Best RPGs Ever.

I know, I know... It's been ages since I made a blog post, or since I've sent out PMs, or since I've been able to get on my union boards. So many things have been going on this summer, it's just been complete madness. I'm so sorry to all of my wonderful friends at GS. :cry: I'm hoping to be online a lot more, and I'll tell you why in a little bit.

First, I have an announcement with insane amounts of importance. I have been playing an incredible game. An hour into it, I started calling it my Game of the Year. It might just be the last, truly great RPG on the PS2. I'm talking about Persona 3. If you haven't played it yet, buy it. I love this game and it has become a complete addiction--in a good way. I've found that you can become completely sidetracked by your social life in the game. In the game, it's important to have Social Links, or relationships, with different people as these links can make your demons stronger. The characters and combat are awesome. I could ramble on all day about this game, but no amount of rambling can compare to actually playing it.

For the summer, I've been working full-time.I'm switching back to part-time.I've also been training to go into a management position. I would say that was the number one thing preventing me to get online. I really didn't like not having much time, but I was able to save up a good amount of money to use for school. Some of my time was also taken up by stressing out over what to do with this Associates Degree I found myself with. I'm happy to say I found the answer for that one.

I've been accepted into a Game Art and Design program and I start in about a month. I'm extremely excited and nervous about it. I've always wanted to do a design program, especially one dealing with video games.

Perhaps I will add more updates to this blog as I get a chance. I'm also planning on getting anew avatar, banner, and set of signatures created. Sorry Hector, as awesome as you are, I think I'm going to go with a Junpei Iori theme. Junpei is one of my favorites from Persona 3, he is hilarious. :lol:

Once again, I'm sorry everyone for my absence. How have you all been doing? I want updates. NOW. :P

A New Job. . .

First, I want to apologize to everyone.  I haven't been online nearly as much as I would like.  I've been getting on at night, but I like to try to get on during the day.  That just hasn't been happening as much, so I'm very sorry.  To my friends and my unions, I'll do my best to be one more often once I get my schedule figured out.

Why would my schedule be thrown off, you ask?  Well, I'm excited to say that I have found a great new job. :D  I'll be working at Blockbuster Video.  I'm happy, I'll be around racks of video games, not to mention all the Japanese horror movies I can dream of.  It'll give me a chance to play a lot more games than I already do. :lol:

After a couple of long interviews, and about a month of waiting, I finally got the call about the job.  I was listening to Zero's Theme from Mega Man X3 (SNES version) at the time, so perhaps that brought me luck.  I've also been working on a small project. . . creating an insane MMX medley.  I'd love to finish it and get a video of me playing it to post on here.  I'll try to do that once I've had a chance to finish it.

Until my next blog, take care everyone! :)

Best Black Friday Deal Ever?

Today was that most infamous of shopping days.  The day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday.  The Day of Savage Mobs who will stop at nothing to get what they want. :twisted:

My day started at 3:00 am. :lol:  My dad and I left the house early, only after plotting out where to go and in what order.  Our first stop was K-Mart, where we got my Grandma a new TV.  She insisted she didn't need a new one, but it's clear that her old one was starting to go out.  Next, we got a few miscellaneous items at Radioshack.  One of them was an S-Video cable for my PS2, but I'm not supposed to know about that one. :P

Our final destination was perhaps the most important for me.  I'm pretty sure this year was the first I've actually had something specific in mind to buy on this day of chaos.  GameCrazy was selling Final Fantasy XII new for $29.99 between 9am and 1pm.

This is just an insane deal, considering the game hasn't even been out for a month yet.  I was probably going to wait until after Christmas to pick FFXII up, but I went for it today.  I was the first person to wait in line for it.  It actually felt good, as strange as that may sound.  Many there were hoping to find a Wii or a PS3, with no luck.  I'm just glad I got my hands on this latest Final Fantasy.

I've only played it for an hour so far, but it is amazing.  I'm still adjusting to new battle system, but it works really well.  The graphics and music are both incredible.  I can't wait to play it more.  :lol:

Did anyone else take advantage of this, or perhaps another awesome deal on Black Friday?

Take care!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! :)

This Year's Carving

Happy Halloween!

Some of you out there might know that I like to pay tribute to my favorite things in the form of pumpkin carvings. Last year was Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. I've made carvings of countless other games. This year, I decided to once again carve the Mortal Kombatlogo.

The last time I tried to freehand draw and carve the MK logowas exactly 10 years ago, to commemorate the SNESrelease of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I don't have any pictures of it, but my skills in drawing and carving weren'tvery good then. This MK logo turned out much better. This carving is celebrate the release of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, another milestone the series has reached.

I started by freehanding the logo from memory, my games, and the internet. Once I was happy with the design, I had to find a pumpkin that could accomodate it with as large as I drew it. I pinned the drawing on, stippled it in, and started carving!

I used multiple LED lights to light it. I might have to try to take better pictures of it tomorrow. I'm not too worried about it rotting much between now and then because it is below freezing tonight. Let me know what you think of this pumpkin!!

Take care everyone! Happy Halloween!!!! :twisted:

The Wait Begins...

I know, I know. . .  The first thing you will do when you see this is rub your eyes really hard.  You can continue reading when your vision has returned to normal after all that vigorous rubbing.  Next, you might think I accidentally deleted my M.A.B. blog--this message appearing because you are, in fact, psychic.  It isn't that either!  My MAB blog is below this one, meaning:

The planets of some solar system in some distant galaxy have aligned and I have finally written a new blog!

It is that time of year.  People are getting ready for Halloween or they are already worried about having relatives over for the holidays.  It is also a time when gamers anticipate some huge releases.  I'm definitely no exception to this.

It's been a tradition in my house, one lasting for as long as I can remember, that my parents get me a game for Christmas.  I don't really ask for anything else.  They figure out what game I'm looking most forward to--i.e. the one I talk about the most--and they buy it.  I then have to wait until Christmas, anticipating that game for every second until the day comes.

This year, the anticipation is building most around Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. The Soulless Army.  I love the fact that the US got the entire title on this one, so I'm now making it a point to type out the entire thing.  It is an RPG featuring real time battles (something new to the SMT series).  You play as Raidou Kuzunoha, a private investigator in 1920s Japan, who has the uncanny ability to summon and control demons.

Another game I've been looking forward to is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.  This one features all the fighters from all the previous MK games, making a massive roster of over 60 fighters (plus fighters you've created).

No matter what I open on Christmas, I can't complain.  I'm immeasurably lucky to have parents who support my gaming addiction--it's even better if it's a game they'll enjoy too!  Just this evening, my mom started a game in Okami.  She really seems to like it so far.

And so, the wait begins. . .  The anticipation builds, just as it did last year for Resident Evil 4 and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.  So what are you all looking forward to?  I feel bad writing so much in a blog.  Since you've made it through this rambling, kick back, and enjoy a Luck+10 Potion.

**Hands everyone a Luck+10 Potion**

Never Washing My Hands Again. . . Ever.

OMG, It Rocked.

Tonight was SO awesome.  I'm still all giddy and hyper-ventilating.  As some out there know, I'm a huge fan of Michael Angelo Batio.  Michael is one of the best guitarists in the world, ever.  His passion, skill, and technique are unmatched--he is often called the fastest guitar player in the world.  He is a true virtuoso in every sense of the word.  He is one of my guitar playing gods, one of my idols.  Above, as well as below, are pictures of him rocking out.

Michael Angelo Batio was putting on a guitar clinic at one of the local music instrument stores.  I've been waiting for this with total anticipation and anxiousness for a long time.  I was sitting in the front row, I was more than close enough to touch his custom double-neck guitar.  That means I was this close:

The guitar clinic was amazing.  Seeing Michael play in person gave me goose-bumps, the man is that good.  He played all of his most insanely awesome songs.  The lesson to take away from this workshop was definitely that each guitarist is unique.  In that uniqueness, guitarists can truly tap into something special and powerful.  He's got an amazing sense of humor.  I felt like I knew him, but perhaps that's because I watch his DVDs a lot! :lol:  Here he's playing the double neck:

And if being that close to him performing wasn't enough, he signed all of my M.A.B. DVDs and sheet music.  I also got him to sign a copy of his new album, Hands Without Shadows, for me as well.  To top it all off, I got to take a picture with him and his double-neck guitar.

I'm never washing my hands again!  What an awesome night. . .  I don't think I can sleep after all that.  I'm still hyper and giddy as heck.  I'll probably just end up playing my guitar. . .  for a long time.  Perhaps until the sun rises, who knows! :lol:  If you are interested in learning more about Michael Angelo Batio, you can check him out at his website: 

That is all. . . for now.