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Fanatic Source: Your Ultimate Raven And Ciara Source!

Hey everybody! Wassup! Im Sky and Im here to tell yall that Fanatic-Source is HERE! It is the ULTIMATE Raven and Ciara source and depending on how well we do on opening day, no opening week, we might even consider....nah, cant tell ya that or else it wouldnt be a secret now would it?

Fanatic Source is going to have EVERYTHING. That's right, you heard me, i said EVERYTHING!

It is going to have a gallery, a hit forum, a media network, a magazine, a graphics site, an all purpose television/movie site, a fanlisting, a Teen Writing Column and much much more. It is gonig to be HUGE!!!

Also we are about to purchase a NEW domain!!!! Yay so it might be either,, or sounds the best btw).

The sites current url is and you can take a look at it right now but BEWARE! You guys are getting an EXCLUSIVE look at it, thats right. No one else has been told about that url.

Also We are looking for so much! We need co webs, we need designers, we need forum admins, we need WRITERS!!! So if you want to be any of those things either apply HERE or go to the site which again is located here: Fanatic-Source

Appliciation IF applying on the site here:
Send ALL to and/or

What Job Are You Applying For: Co Web, Designer, Gallery Updator, News Updater, Media consultant, Writer
Do You Know HTML/FTP/PHP? (HTML and FTP QUALIFIED! FTP is Fairly easy and can be taught but HTML is a must)
What proof do you have: (such as sites worked on and etc)
Can You Make Graphics? If so pick any celebrity(preferably Raven since hello....Raven source boards) and make a blend/siggie.

N3W Graphic Sit3!!! Order A Graphic!

I just opened up a new graphic site and might i say thanks to Mahaelani and i, it lokos fabulous! The site's url is . It is Krazy Designs!!! Krazy Designs made by Krazy ppl!! lol. Just go there and request a graphic. any graphic of anyone and anything.

We are not OFFICIALLY open until the weekend but you can still order!

Also if you wanna be a designer for the site plz email me with examples of your art work. And if you wanna order just go to the site and order!

Who Wants To Be An Editor?

On my forum: I need some editors, editing is easy VERY easy you dont need to know html and all of that junk. Its the same as editing up here on So if you wanna be an editor there, come here and sign up there and let me know. Theres no application process.

The forum is a Disney/TSR forum. IT has games, a graphics page where you can request stuff graphics like avatars, signatures, and blends. It has a Roleplaynig Section for TSR, all the Disney Shows AND the Disney Movies. And last but not least it has FAN FICTION! Yay, so this site should be pretty sweet.

If you wanna be a Editor/Forum Monitor just reply here. Theres nothing to it.

FINALLY! Yes! It's Here!!!

Hey guys the site is COMPLETE!!! Finally. Other than little things like adding media and gallery, the site is fixed and complete. Please everyone go there and if intrested, please apply for co-web in the Site area. Who knows, maybe you'll make it and pass through?

The site's url is and it there are no pesky ads popping up. The url is due to change in a couple of days to yet!) and until then, im gonna try to get a .com domain. But yeah, go to the site guys!

This site is associted wth 3 others sites, one including and IT should be hot.

Remember if your intrested in being a coweb please apply on the site.


Hi Guys I'm creating Three BRAND NEW sites.

A Raven Site - RavenFansHome

A Cheetah Girls Site - CheetahFans

and a Disney site - DisneyFans

Im looking for some people to help me co web the site. I need some co webs. If you are intrested reply to this or to my blog.

This is what im looking for:

Tv Recorder Editor

Media and News Updator

Two Layout Editors

and a Gallery Editor

If you are intrested apply here or at me email: Im looking for people ONLY with basic knowledge of HTML. You must ATLEAST know that. And for Layout Editor you MUST have some type of photoshop or paintshop.

ALSO a better way of becoming my co-web is I'm hosting a little "contest". I need someone to create a website layout for The Cheetah Girls. Make it funky and up to date with hearts and stars and whatever because depending on how good you create it, is a better chance for you to be apart of my staff. All Layouts and applications WILL be recognized.

So if your intrested post here. Good luck in making the Cheetah Girls Layout.