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It's official

hey everyone!

First off I wanna say how stupid KOTOR 3 is. KOTOR 3...MMO....the last 2 things on the planet i would think of mixing together. KOTOR 3 as an MMO is a horrible,horrible idea.I will not play this game most likely. If i have a good pay check then maybe but my computer hates MMO's for some reason. It lags like crazy when i play certain MMO's,such as star wars galaxies. yet my computer can play Crysis. This game may be different but I am a single player kind of guy. I wanted KOTOR 3 to be just like the first 2,just better. It is already going to be worse i can feel it. Maybe its my anger talking,and if it is my opinion may change when a trailer comes out and when we confirmation on how much the fee will be. but as of now KOTOR 3 looks to be a down right horrible game that ruins the greatness of the previous 2 games.

In other news,I might be getting a new game tomorrow but i'm stuck with 3 choices. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii),Resident Evil 4 (Wii),or Soul Caliber 4 (PS3).please give me your opinion on which one to get.

well I gotta go! request still stands.