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It's E3

It's E3!!!!!

Ok its E3 and that means press conferences,and live stage demos. I was somewhat impressed by Sony's Press Conference and Nintendo's Press Conference. I enjoyed seeing all the new content being added to the PSP and DS. Also the new games coming to these 2 systems look great. Then the Wii and PS3 are still looking great as always and WiiSports Resort, and God of War 3 look great. Also MAG looks amazing. 256 players online just seems to great.

E3 is looking good for Day 1. As of now I'm looking at the Far Cry 2 stage demo and it looks sweeet! So far my personal favorite game is FAR Cry 2,I just can not wait for this game.

In other news,I rented Resistance and Ratchet and Clank both for the PS3. I have beaten Resistance (very hard game by the way) and I'm still working on ratchet and clank. I also have beaten MGS4 twice already. Also I plan on purchasing Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes for the GameCube and Battlefield Bad Company for the PS3.