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Being Busy

Man Have I been busy! I havent been on the computer much at all due to the fact that I have been working, spending more time with my family, helping out some people i know, trying to earn some extra cash, and stuff like that so computer stuff and video games haven't really been big this summer. Though i did manage to play some Killzone 2 and that rocked.

School Starts soon and that pretty much means I will be on Gamespot, Giantbomb, and my PS3 ALOT more due to the fact that all my busy stuff is pretty much only happening in the summer. So I will definetly be on alot in august to may, and I will write it down somewhere that I need to get on gamespot and giantbomb more.

Also I would love to hear your E3 thoughts and such with you guys so feel free to send me a PM about any of these new awesome games that will be out.