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Quick Blog today (sorry)

I've been playing alot of spider-man 3 and it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.Yeah,it is cool.It can get hard at times but it is still fun.some people I would say rent this,some people i would say buy.

I also saw Spider-Man 3 on sunday and it was pretty good.I really enjoyed seeing new goblin,sandman,and of course VENOM!yes venom is very cool.This movie is very cool and it is so good,i might see it again.

I gotta play Spider-Man 3 so see ya!

It's Spidey!!

It's an all Spidey blog today! (though it might be quick)

Well has anyone or is anyone gonna see Spider-Man 3?I know I am.I'm gonna see it tomorrow,it's gonna be sweet!If you have seen it,please post your thoughts!

I just got Spider-Man 3 for the 360 and it's pretty good.If you played Spider-Man 2 you should be familar with the controls.Yes,the narrator is just as mean as ever.I have only played 58 minutes of the game so far (the game's clock told me).The game is pretty cool,the enemies are not too hard of a challenge but some missions are harder than others.The spider sense allows you to see enemies through walls and to see special items.The game is great and don't beleive what gamespot says,(though the camera is a bit weird but not all that weird).It does however stink that the collectors edition is PS3 exlusive!!

Well I am off to play Spider-Man 3! or get a drink,or a bite to eat or play Battlefield 1942,or something...

Into the Battlefield

If you looked at now playing list recently (I dont care if you do,I was just wondering),you would have the Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection for PC.My PC may be crap but it is good enought to run Battlefield 1942,Battlefield 1942 Road to Rome,Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of World War 2,and Battlefield Vietnam.All 4 are good games.Battlefield 1942 doesnt that great on windows XP but it's still good.And to those people who say Battlefield 1942 is better than Battlefield Vietnam,I have to disagree,but it might be because I'm now interested in The Vietnam War.All 4 games are addictve and fun,but everyone is playing Battlefield 2 and 2142 so multiplayer is kinda hard because there are few people to play with.Just one question to anyone who has played these games,How do you control the Air vehicles?

I'm still playing Hitman: Blood Money and it's still great!Just the biggest complaint I have with the game is the fact that when you save during a mission and then turn your 360 off,you cant load up that save you had,you must start from the beginning of the mission.If you havent picked this game up already then you should.

well other than those two things I'm out of things to type.SO i'll be off!

It's Coming....

It's almost here,SUMMER! Man,I cant wait! No more SCHOOL!!!!!just 4 more weeks...

Anyway,I beat Blood Money.It is a seriously fun game and I am currently replaying it.The killing process can either take awhile to get Silent Assasin Rank or to get Terrorist Rank,all you need to do is pull out a machine gun and fire away,just don't get too cocky!

I also just got done watching the movie Ocean's Eleven for the 100th time and now I really want Ocean's 13!That movie is going to rock.Ocean's Eleven and Twelve were awesome and I'm sure Ocean's Thirteen is going to be sweet too.Besides,it's got Al Pacino in it.

Also,who is going to see and play Spider Man 3 may 4?I am going to do both and I can't wait! I heard the movie was awesome!The game however,I have heard no reviews for.

I had 3 tests this week and one of them was an all week math test.The week long test was a test for what we've learned since the beginning of the year.The second test was yet another test in math but instead it was about the chapter we were doing the week before.The third test I took today in Social Studies.I got a 35 out 58 on that test.My friends did better than me.The girl I asked out did better than me!By the way the whole me getting this girl to like me didnt work and we didn't end up going out but we're really good friends.

So there is my long week.I will post more often now but if have just read my blog you will get why I didn't post much this week.So see ya!

It's time to Hit a Man

I finally got around to getting Hitman: Blood Money!This game is pretty cool.It requires alot of stealth but there is enough action to keep anyone interested.

On saturday I was gone all day.I was out with my mom getting her a new Honda Pilot.The car is sweeeeeeeeet! Compared to her other car,which was a honda accord,this is much better.

I was gonna do some videos but with saturday being such a long day I couldnt make time.

I heard some people have been having trouble with the mods at gamespot.I wonder whats gotten into them lately.If anyone needs me to fix things with you and the mods just ask.

I'm so sorry for the really short blog but I'm really busy so gotta run!

Tests,SOOOOO many tests

I finished last Friday and I was so excited because I could just lay back and relax,well that didnt happen.Apperently I also have to take a reading test which counts for next year and is a two day test.WHEN WILL THE TESTS END!?

I also got a chance to get three new movies (technically four).The movies are Platoon,Windtalkers,Apocalypse Now,and Apocalypse Now Redux.I have actually only seen platoon of those 4 but I'm gonna see them all sometime this week.

In gaming news,I beat Shivering Isles.It was a great expansion and the ending is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! but I wont spoil it.It's story was lenghty and fun but it made you go into caves too much and that got a little boring for the main story but the bright side is that there is alot of loot to be found in caves.I'm working on beating all the guilds in Oblivion so hopefully I can do that.

Also I decided to do a Laugh of the Week every Saturday or/and Sunday.

Well that is another short blog.Sorry for the shortness but I'm so tied up in other things that it's hard to blog but don't worry because after my tests I will post more.


Platoon of Tests

As you can tell by the title,I finally saw the movie platoon.The movie is excellent and brings the vietnam war expierence to the max.It was directed by Oliver Stone,a soldier who fought in the vietnam war.The movie won best picture of 1987 and it is still a great movie today.

Sorry I didn't post any videos this weekend.There were really long videos and my computer nearly broke down over the weekend so I couldn't post them,sorry.

This week I have AIMS,which basically means it is a really stupid arizona test but so far it's pretty easy.So everyone please wish me luck!

I know this is a short blog but I have to study and do my homework so wish me luck!

It's Oblivion

It's me,with a very special surprise! I made a video of me playing oblivion (but it has bad quality).I had to cut it down into three parts.The video takes place in Fort Blueblood,which you need to go to during the Leyawiin recommendation quest for the mages guild. I hope you enjoy!







I plan doing these kinds of videos once a week with some games I own.Enjoy!

Back to Oblivion!

I began to start playing oblivion again this week and I am still facinated by the game.I also walked into Shivering Isles and I am currently enjoying it.The creatures in Shivering Isles are so far out there that you might be spooked when you see them.

Anyone who is getting Halo 3,I would like to know what version your getting.I have already pre-ordered Halo 3 Lengendary Edition and it is gonna be sweet!

My friend is coming over this weekend and we might make afew videos and some might get posted.

Did anyone see the GTA IV trailer?if you did I would like to know if it is good.

This is a very,very short blog.I am sorry.I am tired and beat.I had to wake up at 5:30 everyday this week to go to school.I need this weekend to sleep!

Shivering Isles

Well,I downloaded the new and best download for oblivion yesterday,The Shivering Isles.However I cn't play it until tommorrow or thursday.It looks very cool and it gives me a great reason to go back and play Oblivion.

Today is March 27,the day whe Xbox Live will be down for 14 hours.It is still currently down so hopefully it will be on soon.

I watched Eragon Saturday Evening and it was pretty.The movie was good but it was too short and it felt rushed.The movie seemed to go to one thing to next in mere minutes,instead leading up to it,like how lord of the rings did it.The movie was also too short.It took a very long book,and ripped half the stuff out of it and used that stuff,but nooo they decided to leave half the stuff.Eragon is a good movie and will please fans of the book,but don't expect this movie to last long.My Rating 3.5/5

This week I promise you all that I will make a Top Ten list,but I dont know what of.Can you guys maybe give me some ideas on what list to do?

My friend (GS username:SilverBlaze0 and XBL gamertag:vengence wolf(that is how he spelt it)) and myself began to make short films for fun.We have so far made 2 but 1 got corrupted so we had to sop making it.We are going to currently start working on 2 new projects hoepfully this weekend.I'll tell more this weekend.

Well I gotta go Hope that XBL will be on soon,so I hope you enjoyed the blog!