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RocketMasterH2F Blog

Turok part 1

I got turok and i have to say a few things about it.

Turok is a game that seems to be bad but the game is very fun.The game starts out slow but becomes very tense and will have you running for you life.the game so far is very fun.

sorry for the super short blog but i am really sick so i will blog again sunday

Top Picks of 2007

Sorry,i have been gone for months now,i have just been busy and i have been really fed up with this site but I have decided to finally come back.

As christmas goes,I got a Wii and its really fun.I got Super Mario Galxy with it and its awesome.My mom let buy two more games and I got Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 and the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the wii and they are both great.I also got Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360 2 days before christmas.

2007 was a great year for games,we had Halo 3,Call of Duty 4,and Super Mario Galaxy.The Year was great but its time for it to come to an end. Now i am going to choose my favorite game of the year but I have not played every one of the great games that came out this year such as Mass Effect or Crysis,So the games i am choosing are based on games that i have played or seen enough to determine a score. My top game for the year I have to sayis definetly Call of Duty 4 .I chose this game because its fun to play,and it makes you want to play it again and again.

Where Have I been?

I am really sorry I have been gone,but with Halo 3,Las Vegas,and Grounding I couldnt find time to make a blog.

Halo 3 is sweet!It is a very good but a short.The online is the best multiplayer around these days.with 4 player co-op(online and off)and versus matches,this is a game you will definetly not put down.

My fall break was last week and I had a blast.I went to Las Vegas for the first time.It was a tremndous expierence.I saw HUGE buildings,bigger buildings than I have ever seen.I saw Wayne Brady and Lance Burton while at Las Vegas.We stayed at the Ventian Hotel and that was cool.We walked up and down the strip 2 times.We ate at the Riviara and at the Excalibur.We went inside of the LUXOR.That place is awesome!It is also the home of Magician Criss Angel.After that we went home.

Well I am off my grounding saturday so I can tell more than,...see ya!

After 3 years,....It has finally arrived

Halo 3 just came out and man does it look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting in a couple hours so that will be epic.I will not be blogging very much do to too much Halo 3 time.I am skipping tomorrow to play it,so YEAH that will be SWEEEEEEET!!!

This blog may be short,but the meaning and purpose are HUGE so enjoy Halo 3 to the people online.Catch me online tomorrow, gamertag is TemperedVortex.WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

6 more days!!

Halo 3 comes out In 6 days!!!!!I gonna get to skip the day afterwards and play HALO 3 all day long!!!

Besides that,nothing much is happen.My birthday is October 2nd and I asked for a whole bunch of cd's so i will hopefully get that.I already know that I am getting Medal of Honor Airborne for my Birthday,cause my dad told me.So I cant wait till next week and the week after.

Well thats all for today!

Yet Another Video

Here we go again with another tribute video,this time to call of duty 2 and the music is My Chemical Romance-The Ghost of You.Enjoy!


Now I hoped you liked this video please comment and say if you liked it and if you didnt like it please tell why so I know what I should try and do next time.Also please try and guess what game I will make a video of next and If you guess right I will send you a PM telling you that you guessed right.

The 411

I am almost done with my first week of school! first full week anyway.I am also planning to take guitar lessons so that should be fun.I decided I should let you guys know some more about me so I am gonna give out some imformation about me today.

Favorite Video Game: Star Wars Knights of the old Republic

Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Favorite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Favorite Video Game Genre: Shooter,Strategy,Role-Playing Games,Action/Adventure,Platformer

Favorite Music Genre: Alternative Rock,Metal

Favorite Band: Avenged Sevenfold

Favorite Song: Beast and the Harlot

Favorite Instrument: Guitar,Drums

Favorite Video Game Character: Datrh Nihillus(KOTOR 2)

Favorite Drink: Dr.Pepper

Favorite Video Game Systems: Xbox 360,PC

I hope that i helped anyone who didnt know me much and if you want to know more just ask and I will blog it next time.

Well what do we have here?

I just a brand new laptop that comes with windows vista and a high end graphics.I also got counter strike source and Day of Defeat source.

Vista is sweeeet.It runs smooth and fast.Playing games on my laptop is cool too,since I can play some of my games with all settings on high.Sweeeeeet.

Counter Strike Source is also fun.I havent played too much but so far it is vvery,VERY fun.

well I gotta play CS so see ya!

Is It Dead?

After 1 year without any problems my 360 is assumed dead.there is a 5% chance of it being a problem that I can fix.But maybe it will come back.The problem is that the screen wont show up,only the sounds willl and I checked the cords,the A.V jacks,and the T.V or HD switch and they are all fine.

I start school in about 2 weeks and a half.I am not looking forward to it.Now that I dont have my 360 in working order,I guess I will just have to play my PC games until my 360 gets fixed.

Thats the blog for today.I am bored,tired,and angry.Wish me luck on my 360!

I'm Missing Out

Well yesterday I bought Battlefield 2142,today I played the demo for Far Cry(PC),and Last Night I saw the movie Accepted.

I bought Battlefield 2142 for 30 bucks and I have to say it was worth it.The game is fun and very fast-paced.The game allows you to go up in rank and earn medals,badges,ribbons,and more.You can also Unlock new equipment as you go up in rank,such as new weapons and gear.The game is very fun but it does have its downsides.In singleplayer there are only 5 maps you are allowed to play on (only multiplayer allows you to play on all maps),you can only play conquest mode (they sould have let you play the fascinating new titan mode in singleplayer),you cant earn points to go up rank in single player,and multiplayer can get very laggy most of the time.Other than that,I reccomend this game to all shooter fans,and all battlefield fans,just dont buy just for for the singleplayer.

I downloaded and Installed the FarCry(PC) demo a few hours ago and it is awesome!It is definetly hard but is still loads of fun!It already seems better than the Xbox and Xbox 360 FarCry games!

Last Night I was bored and looked at was on T.V and I saw that accepted was on so I decided to see that.After seeing it I have to say that is a very funny movie and worth seeing.

Well thats all I have to say! Until Next Time!