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RocketMasterH2F Blog

I Gotta Work Hard

Well theres not much new going except for my commitment to save up enough money to buy a PS3 and MGS4.Its starting to go good but I gotta work really hard to get that money.

In other news,I have been playing Mass Effect on Hardcore and I just beat the planet Noveria and all I need is to beat the planet Feros and Virmire and then I will be one step closer to beating the game on hardcore.

Also,I need money for a PS3 and so far I have about $55 (not including the 5 games I plan on trading in so it might hopefully be a $100 dollars soon). I haven't been playing my PSP lately and the 1 game I still have for it isnt very fun. So I was wondering...should I trade in my PSP to get more money?

well that's all for today!

Is 3 times really a charm?

Ok well,last friday I bought Mass Effect. well actually my dad bought it for me so that what I have been doing basically all week,...Mass Effect

As of today I have beaten Mass Effect 3 times. The game is still very fun,and still mind blowing. I made myself a goal for this game and the goal is to get all 1050 achievement points out of the game. I currently have 775 achievement points out of it so it should not be long until I reached my goal.

Also,I bought Coldplay's new cd off of Itunes and its pretty good. I never listened to them before but then someone recommended them to me so I bought their new cd.

So that's all for now!

The Adventures of Commander Shepard,Niko Bellic,and Indiana Jones

Ok yesterday at about 7:00,I finished the story on Grand Theft Auto IV.Also I have been playing Mass Effect alot and I'm loving every minute of it and Monday I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Ok lets start GTA. When I beat GTA IV I was thinking "YES!",considering it took me 31 hours to beat, I finally felt those 31 hours paid off. The Last few missions were pretty interesting and I liked that you could choose the outcome of the game. What I mean is that after a certain mission,You get to choose which ending you want to see, The Deal Ending....or The Revenge Ending. I took the Revenge Ending because you finally get to kill this certain someone that I really didnt like. But In each ending a main character must die. I wont say who dies but before you choose Deal or Revenge you will get a phone call from 2 people, 1 will say take the deal, 1 will say dont take the deal and whoever you listened to and you took the ending that they wanted you to, they will die in that ending mission. If you wanna know who dies in each ending just send me a PM or play the game. Also I dont feel like playing the game again so I looked up The Deal ending and The Revenge ending is WAYY my opinion.

Now to talk about Mass Effect. Mass Effect is probably the best 360 game I have played. It's very fun,there is alot to do,and it reminds alot of the KOTOR series. Though KOTOR 3 hasnt been confirmed we all know its coming soon and Mass Effect helped give me that KOTOR expierence. Mass Effect is an AWESOME game and if have not played it yet then you should go pick it up. And for those of you who have beaten it I just beat Feros and Noveria and I also found Liara and I'm heading for Vermire.

Ok Monday I saw Indy 4 and it was pretty good. I think Shia Labeouf was very good in it. The whole movie is very good and humorous but it lacks a good story. Out of all the Indiana Jones Movies this one has the worst story. It was just really weird and too....sci-fi. But the very ending (like the last 5 or so minutes) was very good. PM me for details if you want some and dont care about spoilers.

Well this was probably one of my longest blogs. Well I hope to have another one by the weekend.

I need a Job....and a Woman

Ok so Its currently 12:36 pm and I'm not tired at all and thats why I decided to clean up. What I mean by that is that I deleted alot of my old blogs that I felt really needed to be deleted. Very recently my Aunt gave me her old car which is a Pathfinder. Its pretty cool but it needs alot of work. Its June 9 and October 3rd (the day after my Birthday) will be the day I start my Job hunt. Me and my best friend are gonna look for one so I hope that turns out good. Also, I have realized that I have never been on a date with a girl. Well come Next Year (I have to wait till next summer to get my permit) and I will find a woman.....hopefully.

Thats kinda it...I guess. I feel like ****! Aww man I feel like I just chugged down 20 cans of beer.LOL yeah its 12:36 at night...please forgive me.

P.S.Since I can't get my permit till next summer,my job hunt is going to be very limited.

Rentals and Trade-Ins

Ok earlier to day I went to blockbuster and Gamestop to trade-in,return,and rent some games. I only got like 18 dollars with the 3 games I traded in so I didnt buy anything. However I went to blockbuster to return Far Cry Vengeance and Assasins Creed and I got GTA IV and Mass Effect. So far I have only played GTA IV (and since I had rented it before I was already progessing in the game).I promise to have more info later

How about a blog?

CHEERS! why? because this blog is going to be really short. The main purpose of this blog is really to ask this simple question....Should I do a video blog? I kinda want to and I kinda don't so thats why I ask.

Ummm I really have nothing new happen. I got an Ipod classic (80GB) but that was about 2 weeks ago and it just slipped my mind.I still haven't traded in those games yet but tomorrow I have an eye appointment so I'll probably trade in those games then.

So thats all for now...I hope


Just a quick blog today. I'm in a serious dilemna. Im selling 3 games,Condemned 2(360)Star Wars Battlefront 2(PSP) and Ape Escape(PSP) and I might be getting a game afterwards but i dont know what to get. Im stuck between Mass Effect or Assasins Creed or a game that comes out pretty soon. If you know which one I should get please tell me and if the choice is to buy a game that comes out pretty soon please tell me which game.

I'm Back

After a couple of months of being inactive, I have returned from the grave and I am back for blogging.

Not much has happened really during my Hiatus. Just this weekend I went to my cousins graduation in Denver,Colorado and it was great. It was a christian school so only 40 people were graduating. It was fun meeting my cousins family and that was very exciting.

I have played GTA IV and it was pretty good. I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto again but i still kinda want to get Saints Row 2 more. I only rented GTA IV,I also rented God of War Chains of Olympus. The game is very fun and I plan on buying it very soon.

I hope to do more blogs in the future but if that doesnt happen I will try to post on my friends blogs and hopefully post some videos.

Bloodshot and Brawl

As you can tell I got Condemned 2 Bloodshot! its the sequel to one of the best games i have ever played! Also i got Super Smash Bros. Brawl and its SOOO much fun!

OK first up is Brawl. Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii is one of the best,if not THE best,game for the Wii. It has so much content its worth more than $50. The game has your standard Brawl matches and classic mode where you fight stage to stage to stage till the boss. But whats new is the adventure mode called The Subspace Emissary. This mode is fun but is only as good as an extra not a reason to buy the game however. Super Smash Bros Brawl is a fun game and my favorite game for the wii at this point.

Now for my immpressions of Condemned 2. Condemned 2 Bloodshot is the sequel to 2005's Condemned Criminal Origins,a launch title for the xbox 360. Condemned criminal origins was one the scariest games i have ever played and still is.Condemned 2 bloodshot may not be as scary as the first but it has many improvements made to the game since condemned writing a full review so read that for more.

Turok part 2

I'm no longer sick and i think i can make this blog a good one.

I beat turok last night and the game was very fun.Turok revolves around a indian warrior named joseph turok and he was member of the elite called "WolfPack".After seeing what wolfpack"s leader "Kane" will do to complete his mission,turok left wolfpack and joinded another team,a special forces team.His team's new mission is to travel to a planet and assainate kane.However their ship gets shot down and are forced to fight alone till they meet up.However 1of the teammates doesnt like turok.The planet is filled with dinosaurs and other things that want turok and his team dead.

This game was awesome but some things slow it down.The loading screens are really slow and someone without alot of patience will get aggrevated.There are about 2 chapters that are played underground and those are 2 horrible chapters.the bosses in this game arent at all unique but if you have patience,the bosses can be very fun.The game is overall great.

If anyone really wants the new game coming march 11 "Condemned 2 Bloodshot" let me know because i want this game REALLY bad.