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Got 2 new games

by on

I got NBA 2K6(Xbox) and Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater

Both games are really cool

(On NBA 2K6 the team I'm best with is my favorite one,Miami Heat!)

(On Metal Gear Solid 3 I just beat the pain and exited the cave)

Resident Evil 4

by on

I got RE4 for my birthday and it rules!

right now i'm at chapter 5-1 and think i might even beat it this week,on saturday I was at chapter 3-2,chapter 3-2 to chapter 5-1 in one weekend,I have a whole ather week to play this game since i'm on fall break

If you have RE4 post a comment say what chapter you on and if you liked this game or not

My Birthday...

by on

This sunday is my bday!

I'm hoping i'll get a GC with a few games,and 1 ps2 games and 1 xbox game

by on

at go to toons then shorts then Peasents quest movie trailer(not a real movie)

post your your comments about it