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RocketMasterH2F Blog

Being Busy

Man Have I been busy! I havent been on the computer much at all due to the fact that I have been working, spending more time with my family, helping out some people i know, trying to earn some extra cash, and stuff like that so computer stuff and video games haven't really been big this summer. Though i did manage to play some Killzone 2 and that rocked.

School Starts soon and that pretty much means I will be on Gamespot, Giantbomb, and my PS3 ALOT more due to the fact that all my busy stuff is pretty much only happening in the summer. So I will definetly be on alot in august to may, and I will write it down somewhere that I need to get on gamespot and giantbomb more.

Also I would love to hear your E3 thoughts and such with you guys so feel free to send me a PM about any of these new awesome games that will be out.

I'm Back! Kinda

Hey everyone!

It feels weird being on gamespot after moving to GiantBomb nearly a year ago. But lately I have come to the decision that GameSpot is doing a little better now and I will try to make time for both sites.

I wanted to say that I am really excited for E3, I really want to see the press conferences and of course all the new titles that will hopefully be announced. Just 1 more day, and then it begins!

Well that's all I have to say for now but I promise I will be blogging on this site more often.

The Desicion Has Been Made...

hello gamespot users...

I have recently been caught in flow of people heading over to I went with the flow I went over there. Its actually a really great site,even better than gamespot. So I am moving to Giant Bomb. No I am not 100% leaving,you will get a blog from me from time to time but I find Giant Bomb very addicting.

So please head over to my profile

and make a profile for yourself and send a friend request to me immediatly.

In other news,my school starts August 6th (next wednesday) and I am kind of excited,kinda not so we'll see.

Farewell for now,and please go to Giant Bomb. trust me,its awesome!

It's official

hey everyone!

First off I wanna say how stupid KOTOR 3 is. KOTOR 3...MMO....the last 2 things on the planet i would think of mixing together. KOTOR 3 as an MMO is a horrible,horrible idea.I will not play this game most likely. If i have a good pay check then maybe but my computer hates MMO's for some reason. It lags like crazy when i play certain MMO's,such as star wars galaxies. yet my computer can play Crysis. This game may be different but I am a single player kind of guy. I wanted KOTOR 3 to be just like the first 2,just better. It is already going to be worse i can feel it. Maybe its my anger talking,and if it is my opinion may change when a trailer comes out and when we confirmation on how much the fee will be. but as of now KOTOR 3 looks to be a down right horrible game that ruins the greatness of the previous 2 games.

In other news,I might be getting a new game tomorrow but i'm stuck with 3 choices. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii),Resident Evil 4 (Wii),or Soul Caliber 4 (PS3).please give me your opinion on which one to get.

well I gotta go! request still stands.

A Request

Hey everyone! just a quick blog for today!

The main reason for this blog is to ask for a favor. I was wondering if someone could make me a new banner for my profile and a new profile picture for the about me section and a new picture to go just above my blog,under where it says"Welcome to RocketMasterH2F's Blog!". Just give me a PM or message me over PSN if you want to do it for me and I will tell what I want on it.

Other than there isnt much to talk about. I bought PAIN from the playstation network and its pretty good.

See Ya!

Anger Management

well E3 is over and I watched every minute I could and I have to say those were well spent minutes.

After watching as many Stage Demos as I could I came up with my 3 most anticipated games from E3.

#3 Resident Evil 5. This game looks great. The game looks even more haunting and terrifying than Resident Evil 4. Also the game is a step up from Resident Evil 4. The item screen can now be used without needing to go to the pause menu to select items and weapons. The co-op looks to be very promising as well.

#2 Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is a RPG developed by Bethesda the game studio that brought you The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. Fallout 3 just looks amazing. I am a huge fan of Bethesda and there newest game looks to be 1 of their best if not the best. The whole idea of playing in the destoryed city of Washington D.C is just awesome. However I heard that bethesda will be giving DLC for the Xbox 360 and PC versions.....but why not the PS3 version?

#1 Far Cry 2. This game looks simply amazing. I love the idea of choosing how you want to play! I reccomend watching both Stage Demos for more info because I would do a bad job of explaining it. Far Cry 2 looks to be one of the best games ever.

Also I read that a KOTOR 3 is in the works. when I first heard this i was really excited...till I find out it was gonna be a MMO. turning KOTOR into a MMO was a stupid idea. I flat out refuse to pay a monthly fee for this game. Even if there wont be a fee I still probably wont play this game.

It's E3

It's E3!!!!!

Ok its E3 and that means press conferences,and live stage demos. I was somewhat impressed by Sony's Press Conference and Nintendo's Press Conference. I enjoyed seeing all the new content being added to the PSP and DS. Also the new games coming to these 2 systems look great. Then the Wii and PS3 are still looking great as always and WiiSports Resort, and God of War 3 look great. Also MAG looks amazing. 256 players online just seems to great.

E3 is looking good for Day 1. As of now I'm looking at the Far Cry 2 stage demo and it looks sweeet! So far my personal favorite game is FAR Cry 2,I just can not wait for this game.

In other news,I rented Resistance and Ratchet and Clank both for the PS3. I have beaten Resistance (very hard game by the way) and I'm still working on ratchet and clank. I also have beaten MGS4 twice already. Also I plan on purchasing Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes for the GameCube and Battlefield Bad Company for the PS3.


For the past few days I have been playing my PS3.

The PS3 is awesome! In my opinion I think its better than the Xbox 360 but thats just me. I have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots and its awesome. I also downlaoded a few demos. I downloaded demos for Haze,Rachet and Clank Future,Resistance and Uncharted. Haze sucks but the rest of the demos were great. I rented Army of Two and Unreal Tournament 3 for it and Unreal is great but I was let down by Army of Two.

I have also been playing my Wii more. Mainly I have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl but I have also played a little bit of Super Mario Galaxy.

In other news I have not got my Laptop back yet so I have been using my mothers computer.

Well thats all for today!

P.S. In MGS4 I'm in the middle of Act 3 I think.

UPDATE July 6th. I plan on making 2 video blogs in the upcoming week. 1 featuring my top 10 games of all time,and the other one featuring my top 10 movies of all time. Also on MGS4 I beat Act 3 and I have just started Act 4

It's PS3 Time!

Well just a couple hours ago,I went to gamestop to trade in my 360 and some games. I went in the store with a Xbox 360,I came out with a PS3.

I haven't played too much of the PS3 yet,all I did was make my account. So far its been pretty good and I got 1 game with it,and that game is Metal Gear Solid 4. I plan on renting 2 later this week.

Just a quick blog to share this news. See Ya!

No Longer

I haven't been blogging lately because my computer broke so I have to use my moms for awhile. I am probably going to get a PS3 soon but I will have to give up my 360 but thats not so bad.

I recently beat Mass Effect on Hardcore and it really wasn't that hard just pretty annoying. My squad's AI was pretty smart on casual and normal but on hardcore they were kinda stupid. But I still beat the game but I wont be able to beat it on Insanity.

Not really much going on so I guess thats all for my blog

P.S. Which place would give me a better deal on a 360,a vision camera,1 wireless controller,1 wired controller,all the needed cables....Gamestop or Gamecrazy?