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Soulcalibur over the years

1998 Soulcalibur was just a regular Arcade game that was slowly but surely getting more popular.

1999 Soulcalibur came out for the dreamcast and became the biggest fighting game and was rated very high. There is so many memorable characters and stages in this game that got me addicted and it was the first game I played for 100s of hours and i was only 3 years old.

2003 Soulcalibur came back and was on many different consoles like the XBOX PS2 GC. They had 1 new character in each console. Spawn was on the XBOX version. Link was on the GC version. And Heihachi was in the PS2 version. Though it really didnt make a difference that much Link is the best one. Atleast the most suitible one for this type of game. A great secual that has even more gameplay then the first soulcalibur. But when I first played it I think was was too hyped about it and it seemed they missed something.

2005 I was 9 years old and this game just seemed very dissapointing simple as that.

2007 Soulcalibur legends is just an ecuse to make wii owners not complain for not having a soulcalibur game but now its time for them to make a good soulcalibur game.

2008 Incredible and is my favorite fighting game that im still playing.

So what do you think of soulcalibur over the years have they started to suck or whatever