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Looks to be good.. hears hoping

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Ah Archangel 13371 ..ok.. well after the system day one patch for Forza 5 I had to also download some massive file to play it.. I guess that makes sense that games may also need to be updated to remove past DRM polices and rewrite the rules

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Yeah maybe.. I have it on PS3 but I have a great PC unless it makes it to PS4 yeah Id be into it.

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I am having the same problem... Argh!!!
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Brilliant review there mate.. I totally agree.. Its a waste of a great IP.. 

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I woke up this morning looking forward to playing Heavy Rain more today. I got the same log in error code. I have a PAL 60GIG fat PS3.. argh..

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I'm in the same boat as you, have an elite falcon and its loud as anything when running from disc. Was thinking of going and getting one of the red 360's with the jasper chipset.. It would be cool to know if they have made them any quieter.. oddly enough I have founf that GRID is the loudest game I have it make the DVD drive hum really loud.

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I havent personally had the Rrod but I have had to send my falcon elite for repairs when the disc drive died locking the game inside and refusing to boot up. Though I would assume installing games to the Hard Disc would mean far less wear and tear on many of the components, leading to a longer lifespan if nothing else. IMHO

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