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Resident Evil 5

Aaron, I can't tell you how much I have truly enjoyed playing Resident Evil 5 with you! You make things that are fun turn into a Blast!!! Plus, you rock my world.

Playing Resident Evil 5 with you has been a whole new experience. It is fun to look out for each other... And I always know you've got my back!

I love it that you want to take your time while we play. You're not interested in rushing through, and it is a whole lot more fun this way. I love being able to find the treasure, and now that we have infinite ammo, like you say: We are bounty hunters!

And I love that we can laugh so much together...

"The human race requres judgement!"

"And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from COMIC BOOK VILLIANS?!"

-Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 5

Thank you for always helping me when I need it, no matter what it is...

You are a wonderful partner on Resident Evil 5... as well as in every other aspect of life... We make the perfect team.

I love you, Aaron. I love you truly!

My Favorite Easter With My Favorite Person

So, over Easter weekend, I got to experience the Atari 2600 with my darling boyfriend, Aaron. This gaming system is amazing! And playing it with the man I love just makes it THAT much more enjoyable.

The game that made the most impact and created the most memories was "Adventure." Aaron had beaten it once and wrote an awesome review over it and it created such curiosity in me; and the fact that he said this game contains the first Easter egg ever and that he was going to save the experience for when he plays it with me made me really excited! It just so happened that Easter weekend was the time when we got the opportunity to play "Adventure" together. So, on Easter Sunday, after company left, we went downstairs and played "Adventure."

My first thought reaction to the simplicity of its appearance was "This is so silly, but oddly cool… I mean, your character is a 16-pixled square… That is so unattractive, that it is attractive… Does that make sense?" I had never seen anything like this in my whole life; and literally, its simplicity is seriously appealing because it leaves almost everything to the imagination. How Rare! The Atari 2600, in my opinion, is one of the best gaming systems ever because there is nothing like it. It gives you the opportunity to create your own unique picture and even story in your mind.

(This is a picture of a key, your sword, and you...)

Anyway… "Adventure" was funny at first, but once Aaron unlocked all the castles and all 3 dragons were loose, this game got scary! It was so intense when that red dragon came after you. Then, at one point, all the dragons were on the screen chasing him, and it was soooo scary! I really liked the fact that if the dragon touched you, you didn't instantly die; they had to actually eat you for you to die. Also, I thought it was funny what they looked like when you killed them and that Knubberrub would carry them around.

(Dead Dragon!)

By the way, that night, when Aaron and I were discussing the game, we started to talk about how the bat (Knubberrub) had a name but the dragons didn't. Then I, for whatever reason, started to talk about the area where your stomach and your intestines connect; the Duodenum. And Aaron said "that's what we should name the green dragon, because he eats you and you're in his stomach" So, I laughed and said "ok," and then Aaron coolly says "and we should name the red dragon 'Vas Deferens' because when he sees you, you're ****ed." And when I first heard him say that I was shocked for a slight moment at how awesomely hilarious of reasoning that was. We had a real good laugh abut that. And then we thought of the simplest male name for the yellow dragon, which ended up being Ed. I love that the dragons have names now.


=Vas Deferens (oh ***!)


So, we looked up how to find the Easter egg and it was quite a complicated process that nobody could figure out without being told what to do. But I really liked the steps to reaching the Easter egg (Which it is the creator of the game's name: Warren Robinett, since Atari wouldn't give credit where it was due). When we finally got it, we were really excited. We got to experience a little piece of video game history together. And just the fact that we found the very first video game Easter egg ever on Easter Sunday makes our experience that much more incredible. I am so glad it all worked out that way.

And I just want to end this with thanking you, Aaron, not only for wanting to share experiences with me, but for loving me and having fun with me. I am so glad we can be ridiculously silly together and laugh so hard at small things that nobody else would think is that funny. I love you, Aaron.

Your girl...Shonna

My First Game To Conquer

By request of my sweetheart, I have completed a review over the very first game I have ever beaten completely on my own. Not only is this game absolutly incredible, but the fact that I beat it wihout anybody's help just makes it that much better. I was probably 9 or 10 years old when I beat it, so this is a very special game to me. I remember defeating the final boss and almost in shock of what I had just done. I wanted to share so badly with sombody the ending to this game, but it was just me in my livingroom on a Sunday afternoon. The memory is still quite vivid in my mind.

Aaron, Let's Make a Date

I would love to play this game with you, Aaron. It is one of my favorites. I know we would have a good time together. Well, we have a good time together doing just about anything...

Enjoy my review, Handsome!

My First Game

I've decided that after reviewing a game that is totally dumb, I would review a game that I absolutly love. This would be Mario Paint, of course. The first game I ever owned.

I hope you enjoy reading my review, Aaron. I love you!

My First Review

This game is dumb because there are, like, blocks, and the controls are bad, and it's like, like.... it's dumb. Right Aaron?

I did what you suggested and wrote a review over Zoop, but after reading the rules on how a review is to be written, I couldn't do my original explanation of the game. So, I took the time to make a legitimate attempt at writing a review on a game I don't like and I think it is dumb. Because it's dumb.