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OMFG! IT'S TEH JOURNAL!!!!!!1111one!!!1

Wow. A new feature. And an interesting one at that. Cool. Well, here we go.....

It's been quite a first week of college for me, yes it has, yes it has. I hated the first day, tolerated the second day, and was pretty much indifferent to the last two. At least I got some time away from home out of it. :D But I hate the commute for the most part. I have to go over an hour and fifteen minutes to get all the way down to Groton. That's really not much fun considering the traffic around that place. Anyway, I guess I'll like college. The people there are a lot nicer than the ones in High School. I guess that's not much of an accomplishment, but it's still a lot nicer than it was before. And hey, maybe your ol' pal Robbie will get himself a girlfriend in college. GASP! I know! It's the apocalypse!

What else? Well, I'm having fun getting into Pikmin 2. I just got the Yellow Pikmin last night. It's a lot tougher than the first game, but I find that to be a good thing. A very good thing. And Wario Ware...... well, it's pretty safe to just say that I'm hooked on it for life. And that's a good thing. A very good thing. Wario > joo.

In reviews..... Fable got an 8.6. If you'll excuse me for a moment....

OMFG!!!! TEH FLOP!!! TLHBO!!! LMAO!!!!!!1!!!!1!1!:lol::lol::lol:

*Ahem* Thank you. I assure you all that I didn't mean to be offensive there. Fuzz, um, anyone else, you know I love you. :) And Pikmin 2 got a 9.2..... I'd say that score could be a bit higher, but it's still fair.

And in forum news...... a question. Where has everyone's favorite Classic-Gaming-Discussion-Running-Internet-Smark-Forum-Mod CWood been? His profile said that he hadn't been on in two weeks, at least last time I checked. I know he didn't post in massive amounts, but I still miss the guy.... What else? Well, I have about a dozen friend requests from random people that I don't know sitting in my friend request box. I don't immediatly deny any of them because I want to wait and see if they're cool people or not. Then, after I learn more about them, I accept or deny them. It's a wonderful system. Of course, if I get a request from some cool person that I recoginize, I immediatly run to accept them. That's right, every person on my list is a cool person. In fact, it's the difinitive list of cool GS people. So there.

And, that's about the end of my first glorious entry. I'll make some, whenever. :) So see yuh on the forums! And keep watching the skis! I mean, skies!