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Sorry and recomendations!

I know I haven´t been here for a while, but the reason is that I don´t have time for it!

For those who speak and read portuguese, I have a personal blog, which is http://jornalismogamer.blogspot.com

I don´t have too much readers, but at least I try!

See you everybody!


Gamer Diary #05

I don´t know how to say thanks to the gamespot people. I saw a part (tomorrow I´m travelling again, so... goodbye Internet...) of On the Spot and tonight I´ll dream with my XBOX360. The games that are coming out for it are awesome! Ace Combat is one of them.

I played a little more of Chocobo and now I´m at chapter 5. It is really a good game. Brick Down is now on my closet, I can´t take it with me, so it´ll await for my return.

And that´s it. I´m going to sleep for the travelling tomorrow. I hope I find some Internet there, so I can enter gamespot and watch the entire On the Spot, or, at least, post here.

See ya soon!

Gamer Diary #04

Sorry by not entering yesterday, as I said, I´m without Internet because I´m travelling right now...

And I just Have my DS to play, so that´s what I´m doing!

I decided to buy Brick Down for DS, because I saw the people of gamespot playing, and it was very cheap (yeah, I have friends). That game is awesome! They could make a game with a lot of graphics and they didn´t, and is great! A lot of levels, different ways to play... believe me, you won´t get tired of playing this game too soon, and I´m almost finishing it (yeah, it´s short...), when I make it I´ll do a review.

Speaking on reviews, tonight I´m coming home, so I´ll do the review of HP5 for DS. Oh, Harry Potter for PS2, how I miss you (just kidding)!

I´m still playing Chocobo tales for DS. It isn´t a short game at all, and is getting difficult. Is one of the best games for DS ´til now. Awesome.

I also played a little more (I played a lot of Chocobo Tales, I recharged my DS twice in a day, and played during it...) oh Brothers in Arms for DS. Is a good game after all. I still can´t get used to the controller, and is really difficult, but I finally moved to the next level (4 or 5 I think). I would give a 7 to the game.

And that´s it. In the gamer world, the only good thing that I saw was a tv show about games in Discovery Channel (here in Brazil we don´t have a lot of tv shows about games), and that was cool. Actually this is not a news from the gamer world... whatever.

Gamer Diary #03

Today was a special day for me. I played games all day.

For the first time I could play some minutes a PS3 (Brothers in Arms), and completely freaked out! It´s amazing! But I´m not going to buy anything before E3.

During the rest of the day I continued playing Chocobo Tales (Now I´m in the middle of the Chapter 3) and still think this game awesome. Now I have more cards and more minigames to play: All of them hilarious.

But I must´ve played at least 4 hours of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for PS2. My dear God, what game is that? Finally a game that is different from the others and have a good difficulty and you´re completely free to go wherever you want! Like a GTA in Hogwarts (ok, not so much)! I had a lot of missions, spells, places that I discovered by myself, new characters, good voices, a lot of extras (to view)... if this game is like this, I´m imagining the next (for those who doesn´t know, the sixth book is full of action outside and inside Hogwarts)...

I just have to say thank you to EA games for doing such a great game of Harry Potter. A great book and a great movie deserves a great game. And there are plenty of things to do in the game (I´ve played only 45%).

Tomorrow I´ll just have my DS to play, so HP5 will have to wait some days...

See ya!

Gamer Diary #02


Today was not really the day of playing games for me. But, as always, I played. With my DS, I discovered that Chocobo Tales is one of the best games I´ve ever played in my life! The battle system of this game, with cards, is really easy to understand and difficult to play, perfect!

Now I´m in chapter 3. The minigames are really nice, some easy, some difficult. I almost forgot the Brothers in Arms game. But I played it as well, and finally went to the 4 level (the third is really difficult!). Is really funny to play with the stylus pen, but sometimes is kind of terrible to move, what causes your dead at some points.

Now I´m waiting for some adult games for DS. I really love Final Fantasys and Marios, but I feel like playing the same games (but they´re good!).

That´s it. Nothing really happened today in the gamer world, and I´m still the same: waiting for E3, just like you.

Gamer Diary #01

After thinking a little I decided to create my gamer diary, that will tell what I played in the day.

Today I finished Harry Potter 5 for DS. And I discovered that the game is horrible: Terrible controls, bad use of the two screens, poor sound, without story and really boring. But I finished it. Now I´m playing the PS2 version, that is really good, and have action and good controls, at least.

I bought Chocobo Tales for DS too, and discovered a great game! Great history and wonderful graphics! When I finish this game I´ll tell more about it...

Brother´s in Arms is other game that I´m playing for DS, but for a time, now. It has good graphics, good story and... blood! I needed blood in my DS! Great missions, high difficulty, smart enemies... everything a game for DS needs!

And that´s it! Today my Manhunt may arrive (the other I was playing broke... don´t ask). I´m really anxious for it!

Nothing really new happened today in the gamer world. The Iphone is out, but I don´t see too much things on it. And I saw some images of Mortal Kombat 3 for DS, but not really different from the old ones.

See ya tomorrow!

PS: I´ll write a review of HP5 for DS later. I just need time.

New controllers for 360 and PS3?


Well, nothing like starting my blog with some great news!

Everybody was complaining about the PS3 controller, for not having a rumble function. This is going to change with the new Sixaxis Rumble (I don´t know if the name will be this), that should come in the end of July. This news was taken from a French magazine. But it´s not official, so, let´s sit and wait to E3.

The Xbox360 is almost perfect. Not anymore. People are talking that Microsoft is going to put a movement capter on it, like the PS3 and WII controller. But that´s all we know, we´ll have to wait to E3, again.

Well, that´s it. Now I´m imagining myself playing The Darkness with movements on 360. And I think I´m not the only one.