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Ken Kutaragi

I can now officially say that I rubbed my ass against Ken Kutaragi's back atleast once in my life.

I really feel like I accomplished something today, being able to do this to 1 of the biggest names of the gaming industry~

Wah pro lah~

An inside joke for anyone who plays Gunbound~

[22:28] bboyforever2002: AND JESUS SAID TO THE ROMANS
[22:28] bboyforever2002: SHT DONT KILL ME
[22:28] Gattsu456: LOL
[22:28] Gattsu456: XD
[22:28] bboyforever2002: ROMAN: U THINK U WAH PRO SIA
[22:28] bboyforever2002: ROMAN: U THINK U PRO LA OF THE JEWS LA
[22:29] bboyforever2002: ROMAN: WELL LA I SHOW U LA
[22:29] bboyforever2002: ROMAN: *Backshot at 25 wind*
[22:29] bboyforever2002: ROMAN: I'M REAL PRO SIA WAH
[22:29] Gattsu456: *jesus respawns in 2 turns*
[22:30] bboyforever2002: LOLZ
[22:37] bboyforever2002: lol u pwn
[22:37] Gattsu456: Roman: "Backshot 10 wind"
[22:37] Gattsu456: Jesus: missssssssssssssssSSSssSSSs *change wind direction*
[22:37] bboyforever2002: LOL
[22:38] bboyforever2002: I will show u why
[22:38] bboyforever2002: they call me jew pro sia lah omg yes pro lah wah!
[22:38] bboyforever2002: JESUS: 90 Degree Shot 10 Wind *DUAL THROUGH FORCE*