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I'll admit it is rare that I find myself back on a PS2 game but it is good to have for the sake of it. But to be fair if you wanted it to be backwards compatible why didn't you buy the 60gb! Wouldn't hurt for a little research before deciding. I've always thought the only real reason for the 40gb existing is so retards will stop saying the PS3 sucks because its too expensive (even though it's the same price of the 360 if 4 years of xbox live was included) I wouldn't consider getting the 40gb.
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From what I saw on the demo PGR3 seemed just as good, and the surroundings felt pretty boring compared to 3? Ah well it is worth getting just for the online play... its not like they've done something stupid like put motorbikes on.
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Although Halo 1 had a great campaign Halo 2 was much better on xbox live, Halo is nothing without its online gameplay.
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I still find myself playing GBA games on the DS, I guess its because there are a lot more classics that you don't mind replaying, that and I prefer the cute pixelated sprites to the annoying blocky graphics you usually find on the DS. Come to think of it all the DS games I play where on the GBA, good old GBA.
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The PGR series did seem pretty boring at times but it is probably the most realistic racing game there is, but why the hell did they stick motorbikes on it! Just seems like a weak attempt to get more sales from squeaky little kids to me. The day I get beat in a Lamborghini by a stupid biker is the day I die.
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I never liked GTA, because it is boring and I find myself working with characters I want to kill if I met them in real life, Halo on the other hand is the greatest thing ever, I wont rant about it, Halo speaks for itself.

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I hate most people on xbox live, but you can't just ignore using the head set because you get some good people every once in a while who use it for tactics. You get the retards that swear all the time just because they didn't kill you, the creepy people that think the head set is used for karaoke, the squeaky 5 year olds, and worst of all the freaks that has their stupid voice mask on and keep breathing heavily, I don't wanna know what their doing!


The turning people off option is a good idea but that means having to spend 2 minutes getting shot.

I tend to play with my real friends on xbox live on most games, seems alot more fun. 

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This game bored me to death! Every little thing about it I hated. Thank God I borrowed it from a friend because I didn't want to waste a single penny on that crap. Must admit the graphics seemed rather impressive for an RPG but the action in it made me cry myself to sleep. This game taught me I'd do anything to get my hands on easy basic achievements.
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FF12 is the obvious choice but I couldn't get into it. You should look into Disgaea, I doubt it is the typ of RPG you have in mind but I think it is one of the greatest games ever.
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Well... It's... ummmm?

ok what the hell is that? I should of guessed the Wii was going to do some thing like that, I guess it's cheaper but not as practicle.

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