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Top 11 most Annoying Video Game Characters.

Top 11 most Annoying Video Game Characters. Why top 11 ? Pphhh I dont owe you an explanation.



Yeah my first worning sign. Pretty serious this s not like my top 11 worst video game movies. This is my personal list of characters that I think are most annoying. You wont like it.



#11. Luigi - Super Mario

#10. Rose - Metal Gear Solid

#9. Tingle - Legend of Zelda

#8. Baby Mario - Yoshi's Island

#7. Daxter - Jak and Daxter

#6. Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

#5. Slippy Toad - Star Fox

#4. Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing

#3. The Dog from Duck Hunt

#2. Nozomi Harasaki - Shenmue

#1. Every **** character from every **** "Tales of" game

Top 11 Worst Video Game Movies in History

Top 11 Worst Video Game Movies in History. Why top 11 ? Because I am always one step above.

Why are video game movies doomed to suck? Video games have the potential to be just as good as a movie, both as a story telling and an entertainment device. The problem is these days, video game movies are made with one purpose in mind: feature length advertisements. Most, if not all, of the video game based movies that have come out so far have come out around the same time at the peak of their inspiration's popularity, just enough to squeeze a few more dollars out of the spoiled gamers' parents' pockets before their fickle minds move on to the next retina destroying video game title.

#11. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

#10. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

#9. Bloodrayne (2006)

#8. Double Dragon (1994)

#7. Wing Commander (1999)

#6. House of the Dead (2003)

#5. Alone in the Dark (2005)

#4. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)


#3. Doom (2005)

Doom is given credit for being the first true multiplayer FPS, one where you could be sitting next to the person you just shot in the back. While other games created the genre, Doom redefined it. Before Doom, FPS's were played in a linear manner shooting only computer generated enemies, but thanks to id Software we now have games like Counter-Strike and Halo. True, had Doom not done what it did, someone else would have, but we got it sooner than expected. Now to trying to make such an important game in the history of gaming into a movie would be quite a task and director Andrzej Bartkowiak thought he had the vision for the movie. He was ,however, sorely mistaken. It's never really clear which of the Doom games this is based off of. While the environment resembles that of Doom 3, the storyline doesn't go along at all with any of the games

#2. Street Fighter (1994)

Street Fighter is bad for a number of reasons. There's the script, the story, the acting, yada yada yada. Let's get to the heart of the matter. It takes one of the most beloved video game franchises ever and gives its fans a roundhouse kick to the head. It stars Jean Claude Van Damme playing the American Guile with a French accent, which is just confusing. But most of all, it was the great Raul Julia's last role in a major motion picture before his untimely death.

#1. Super Mario Bros. (1993)

One of the all time great games, a game that has a character so noticeable that pretty much everyone in the free world could probably say his name from just a little picture or description of the game. There have been so many off-shoots and remakes of this game that pretty soon one would think they will run out of ideas. This character is known as Mario, and he has been Nintendo's powerhouse character for nearly 20 years. We all know the story, save the princess, kill Koopa/Bowser, and have a happy little ending. Apparently the multiple directors of this movie, never played the game. While a play by play exactly of the game may get a little boring, the only similarity between the game and movie is the saving princess part. I don't remember Koopa having a plot to turn every human into a monkey, but I may have just skipped that part I guess. The movie itself is a decent one to watch if you have no desire to see the Mario Bros. storyline. Somehow they turned the cheery and fun world into a dark and depressing city run by an evil dictator who evolved from a T-Rex. Personally I think they could have done a better job of following the story, while still making it exciting.

Top 11 Stories in a Video Game

MY ONE list of the game who I think have the best storys.

Top 11 Storys in a Video Game. Why top 11 ? Because I am always one step above.

You probably already know that the list will be full with RPGs.

DONOT expect games like Kingdom Hearts, any of the new Final Fantasy or Tales games, Metal Gear Solid (NOTE: I DO NOT HATE Metal Gear Solid. I simply think the storyline is way too confusing, a confusing story dosnot mean that is good. Simply put the game is little overrated) and EarthBound, o man earthbound is soo bad the characters are annoying all of them are idiots, the story is laughable bad, the battle system is agh terrible, to the fans of earthbound go play RoboTrek is like EarthBound but is way way better the storyline is good, the characters are great and ....... its a Enix game of course THE GAME WILL BE GREAT.

OK lets start. The same rule as my last top 11. One game for a franchis.


#11. Breath of Fire IV (PSX)

Like previous games in the series, Breath of Fire IV takes place in a fantasy world inspired by both ****cal European and Japanese folklore. A number of races resembling humans and anthropomorphic animals populate the land, which carries a predominate medieval and sword and sorcery theme. The world itself is divided into two distinct cultural halves: the Western Fou Empire, modeled after feudal China and East Asia, and the Eastern Kingdoms, with areas resembling both Medieval Europe and Arabia. While both cultures remain at an uneasy alliance following years of turbulent war, the actions of several military officials threaten to once again pull the world apart. Watching over humanity are the Endless, immortal godlike beings who take the form of dragons and control the elements that sustain the world. Much of the plot deals with the central characters' interaction with the people and Endless who inhabit the world. Throughout the game the player will play as Ryu and occasionally play as the game's antagonist Fou-Lu. Fou-Lu is the first Emperor of the Fou Empire and is referred to as a god Emperor. He seeks to rule the world as a god, however, he needs Ryu to accomplish his goal.

#10. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (WII amd GC)

Set more than a century after the events of Ocarina of Time, the game begins with Link living and working as a ranch hand in Ordon Village. When monsters suddenly attack the village and kidnap the village children along with his close friend Ilia, Link pursues the attackers. A monster pulls him through the twilight entrance, where the powers of Twilight transform him into a wolf. The monster drags him off before he wakes up and imprisons him in Hyrule Castle. An imp-like creature named Midna appears and after helping Link escape his cell, guides him to Princess Zelda, who is locked away in a tower.Midna explains (after two Fused Shadows are found) that the Twilight King Zant is trying to change the Twilight Realm and Hyrule into a land of darkness using an evil power. Zant is a member of the Twili, a race of beings descended from magicians banished to the Twilight Realm by the great Light Spirits of Hyrule.

#9. Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

Final Fantasy VI takes place on a large, unnamed world. During the course of the game, its geography and landscape change due to various developments in the game's plot. During the first half of the game, the world is divided into two major continents and referred to as the World of Balance. The northern continent is punctuated by a series of mountain ranges and contains many of the locations accessible to the player. Halfway through the game, the world's geographical layout is altered, resulting in its two large continents splitting into several islands of various size situated around a larger continent at their center. This altered layout of the game's locations is referred to as the World of Ruin.In contrast to the medieval settings featured in previous Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy VI is set in a steampunk environment. The structure of society parallels that of the latter half of the 19th century, with opera and the fine arts serving as recurring motifs throughout the game, and a level of technology comparable to that of the Second Industrial Revolution.

#8. Vagrant Story (PSX)

is set in the fictitious city of Leá Monde, while the kingdom of Valendia is engulfed in civil war. Leá Monde is an old town with a history spanning more than two millennia. Located on an island surrounded by reefs, the walls have been the "witness of many battles" and are "stronger than the mightiest forts of Valendia". In its golden years, Leá Monde was a thriving community until an earthquake struck the town 25 years before the game, destroying the city and leaving the ground unstable.The Grand Cathedral and the Temple of Kiltia are at the center of the city. Beneath the ground is an abandoned mineshaft and limestone quarry, the darkened labyrinths of an "Undercity", and the dark Iron Maiden dungeon.The maze-like Snowfly Forest, named for the so-called snowflies that can be found within, grows around the city. Other locations include the Graylands, the setting for the prologue event; and Valnain, the city where the Valendia Knights of Peace's Headquarters is located. While Valendia and Leá Monde are fictitious, the game's scenery is inspired by real-life landscapes of the southwest of France, including the city of Saint-Émilion.

#7. Star Ocean (SNES)

Star Ocean tells the story of Ratix Farrence, a young Fellpool living in the town of Clatos on the underdeveloped planet of Roak. He is part of a group called the Clatos Brigade, a small organization of fighters who defend the town from thieves and robbers. Ratix himself is a swordsman, as is his friend Dorn Marto—who is also a member of the Brigade. One day, a strange disease that spreads by touch begins turning people in the northern city of Cool to stone. The town healer and father of Milly Kiliet—one of Ratix's best friends—goes to Cool to try and use his Crest Magic (Heraldry/Symbology) to defeat the disease, but ends up becoming infected himself. When this news comes to Milly, Ratix, and Dorn, they set off for Mt. Metox north of Cool to recover the Metox herb, a legendary herb said to cure any ailment. With this, they hope to cure the disease and save Milly's father. When they reach the summit where the herb grows, a mysterious light bursts from the ground and two people wearing odd clothes appear before them; a man with blue hair and a woman with blonde hair.

#6. Tales of Phantasia (SNES)

Tales of Phantasia begins by showing a heroic battle between four unknown warriors against an evil sorcerer, Dhaos, the outcome of which changed the fate of the world. The warriors were victorious, but Dhaos escaped through time. However, four different heroes are awaiting him: they seal the weakened Dhaos away using the power of two pendants, thus returning peace to the world.In the town of Toltus ten years after Dhaos had been sealed away, where a young swordsman named Cress Albane and his best friend Chester Burklight live. The town is destroyed by a dark knight named Mars and his soldiers, while Cless and Chester are out hunting in the forest. Every villager is killed in the attack, including Chester's sister and both of Cress's parents. While Chester mourns, Cress vows for revenge. He decides he will head to the town of Euclid, as his mother asked of him before she passed away. The two friends decide they will meet up later, in Euclid.Upon his arrival in Euclid, Cress is soon betrayed by his uncle and is thrown in jail, captured by Mars. The heirloom pendant entrusted to Cless by his father Miguel is taken away from him, but Cress does not know of its significance in holding Dhaos sealed, nor that his father was one of the four who sealed him away.

#5. Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Chrono Trigger begins with the 1000 A.D. Millennial Fair, where Crono and Marle sample Lucca's new teleportation device. Marle volunteers, but disappears through a strange portal when the machine reacts with her pendant. Crono asks to be sent through the machine to find her, and discovers he's traveled back 400 years. He meets Marle at Guardia Castle, and learns that a search party looking for the missing queen of that era found her instead. Marle then vanishes; Lucca arrives and claims that Marle's actually the princess of Guardia in 1000 A.D., and that since her ancestor was not rescued, Marle ceased to exist. With the help of a talking amphibian called Frog, Crono and Lucca rescue the real Queen, kidnapped by "Mystics" who worship the wizard Magus. Marle reappears and the group returns to 1000 A.D., where Crono is placed on trial for allegedly kidnapping Marle. He's sentenced to death, but breaks free from the prison. With Marle and Lucca, he flees the king, to nearby Guardia Forest, where they stumble into a time gate.

#4. Golden Sun (GBA)

The force of Alchemy was prevalent in Weyard's ancient past, allowing for the development of great civilizations, but this eventually gave way to worldwide conflict that had subsided only with the sealing away of Alchemy in the ancient past. The keys to unlocking Alchemy, a quartet of magic jewels named the Elemental Stars, have been hidden within the mountain shrine, Mt. Aleph, which in turn has been guarded by the town of Vale at the mountain's base over the ages. Three years prior to the start of the game in the game's prologue, however, Saturos and Menardi, along with a raiding party, raid Mt. Aleph with the intent to take the Elemental Stars for themselves, but fail to solve the riddles guarding them and are driven away by the mountain's trap, a magically generated thunderstorm and rock slide.

In the present, the teenaged adepts from Vale, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna, join Kraden in his research of Mt. Aleph, but this coincides with a second raid of the sanctum by Saturos and Menardi, who are now assisted by the adepts Felix and Alex, and they coerce Isaac into giving them three of the four stars.

#3. Valkyrie Profile (PSX)

In the village of Coriander, a 14-year old girl named Platina lives with her cruel parents. When the village falls upon hard times, her friend Lucian finds out that her parents are going to sell her into slavery so they run away together. The two accidentally wander into the Weeping Lily Meadow and Platina dies in Lucian's arms from the toxic pollen.Lenneth Valkyrie awakens in Asgard, where the god Odin and the goddess Freya give her the task of recruiting warriors from Midgard into the Einherjar for their war with the Vanir and the coming of Ragnarok. Her first recruits are the princess Jelanda and the mercenary Arngrim. After the arrogant Arngrim inadvertently embarrasses her father, Jelanda hatches an scheme for revenge but is kidnapped and transformed into a monster by a traitorous court minister. Lenneth appears and helps Arngrim kill the monster, claiming Jelanda as an Einherjar. Arngrim, having unknowingly aided Jelanda's captors, later kills the man responsible for her death, but commits suicide when he is to be arrested. Lenneth makes Arngrim an Einherjar at Jelanda's request but Odin and Freya find him lacking the personal qualities of an Einherjar and refuse to accept him into Valhalla so Arngrim remains at Lenneth's side.During Lenneth's travels, she meets but does not fight Brahms, lord of the undead and enemy of Odin who is in possession of her sister Silmeria (due to circumstances explained in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria) and the necromancer Lezard Valeth, who lures her to his tower. Lenneth discovers that he has been experimenting with half-elven homunculi for use as vessels to attain godhood.

#2. Terranigma (SNES)

In Terranigma, the Earth is portrayed as a hollow sphere that has both an external and internal face. Since the beginning of the Earth, the external Lightside, the overworld, stood for growth whereas the internal Darkside, the underworld, represented decline. Over the course of billions of years, these two forces came to be called Good and Evil. Regardless of the inner antagonism, rapid progress took root and primitive life forms evolved to plants, animals and humans. Technology and industry revolutionized the evolution, but the fight between Good and Evil was still taking place, more fiercely than ever. The conflict culminated in a final battle at the southernmost point of the overworld. However, neither of the two forces were victorious. The continents of the overworld submerged into the ocean and the underworld was sealed away.At the beginning of the first chapter of the game, "The outset", Ark is a troublemaker of a boy who lives in Crysta.

#1. Suikoden III (PS2)

The Trinity Sight System contains three chronological chapters per character. Players have the ability to switch characters and point of view after the end of each chapter.

Hugo is the son of Lucia, the chief of the Karaya Clan. He is sent to visit the Zexen capital to deliver a truce offer for the Clans, who had been clashing against Zexen recently. The visit goes wrong, and Hugo is forced to flee back to Karaya, only to find it in flames. His childhood friend, Lulu, is then slain by Chris Lightfellow. Eager for revenge and to help defend the Clans, Hugo travels the Grasslands, eventually reuniting with the other Karayans in exile at the Lizard Clan's Great Hollow. He learns from Lilly Pendragon of the Flame Champion's story, and eventually seeks out the Flame Champion for aid with the Clans set upon by both the Zexens and, in Chisha village, the Harmonians.

Chris Lightfellow is the Acting Captain of the Zexen Knights. Respected and revered as a hero, she is known as the 'Silver Maiden'. While she is dedicated to protecting her country and people, Chris finds herself increasingly frustrated with the Zexen Council, disagreeing with their methods. This dilemma only worsens as the conflict with the Grassland clans increases.Chris commands the Zexen forces against the Grassland clans early in the game, fighting them at the botched truce agreement, the Karaya village (where she kills Hugo's friend Lulu), and the Lizard's Great Hollow. At Iksay Village, where she helps fend off a combined assault by the Lizard and Karaya clans, she finds that her missing and assumed dead father Wyatt may still be alive. She sets off on a personal journey throughout the Grasslands to find him and whatever traces she can as to the nature of recent events. In doing so, Chris also comes to meet and learn more of the people she has been fighting.

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Top 20 favourite video games EDIT list

This is my top 20 list for my favourite video games EDIT list (this is my real list).Why top 20? Because.

The same rule as my last top 11. One game for a franchis.

Why em I doing another list on my favourite games? Because in the other one I just put even I dont know why i put those games in. Maybe because at the time i was bore and i really didnt think that much. Last week I start to think which are my really realy top favourite games of all time. This is the real list i put a lot of thought in it . Sooooooooooo...... Yeah.

#20.Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES)


#19.Breath of Fire 2 (SNES)


#18.Devil may Cry 3 (PS2)


#17.Spyro 2 (PSX)


#16.Contra III (SNES)


#15.Jade Empire (XBOX)


#14.Mega Men 2 (NES)


#13.Wild Arms (PSX)


#12.Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GEN)


#11.Tales of Phantasia (SNES)


#10.Disgaea 2 (PS2)


#9.Crash Bandicoot 3 (PSX)


#8.Super Mario World (SNES)


#7.Super Metroid (SNES)


#6.Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ARC)


#5.Shenmue 2 (XBOX)


#4.Final Fantasy 3/6 (SNES)


#3.The Legend of Zelda:A Link To the Past (SNES)


#2.Terranigma (SNES)


#1.Chrono Trigger (SNES)

The End