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Random thoughts

  • Just because there is snow on the ground, doesn't mean it's acceptable to park extremely crooked.
  • If you want the cashier's help during self scanning, press the button.  Don't expect the cashier to acknowledge if the cashier is doing something else.
  • If you see that I have just paid at the self scanning station, wait a minute or two so I can pack everything up.  What happens if I accidently take something that wasn't mine?
  • I am not error.
  • Take your trash to the dumpster right away.  Don't leave it outside your door for 2+ hours.

Bowling Green State University

this fall, I'll be attending BGSU for my masters degree in Music History. It's a 2 year program, so.....I'll be out of there by the time I am 25. Then I am possibly going to get a doctorate, so hopefully I am done with school by the time I am 30.

I feel like a teenager again

I graduated this year wiith for my undergrad degree, and now it's time to search for a graduate school. So I have to do this process all over again.....how fun........and also take more stupid standardized tests like the GRE. I thought going to college got rid of stupid college entry tests.........Oh well, life goes on, and I'll find somewhere to go.